Best Halloween Pirate Costume Ideas For Men

50 Unique Pirate Costumes for Men that are Perfect for Halloween

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The search for the best Halloween pirate costume ideas for men can be a challenging one. There are so many different shops and online websites that sell Halloween costumes, it can be hard to know where to begin. Also, some stores only sell during the Halloween season, while others sell costumes year-round. If you only look through a few different stores or websites, you could miss out on an extensive selection of costumes. The same is true if you are looking at businesses that are not as active or do not carry as much stock in the off-season.

The other challenge with finding a pirate Halloween costume is that there are so many different styles, and then multiple versions of each type of pirate. There are tattered pirate costumes with ragged edges and royal pirates with a more uniform appearance. If you want to go for a scarier option, you can dress as a ghost pirate or a cutthroat pirate. For those who want a powerful pirate look, you can go for the Captain theme, complete with an intricate jacket and fancy hat. If Captain Hook, Blackbeard, Longfellow, or Jack Sparrow are your inspiration, there are plenty of costumes available that are modeled off of these legendary figures and characters.

Narrowing down the specific costume you want and then finding a version you like in stock at an online retailer can be time-consuming and challenging. Fortunately, we are here to help. We have searched far and wide across the internet for the best Halloween pirate costume ideas for men and compiled a list of our top 50 outfits. This list will help you decide on the perfect pirate costume for you and help you figure out where to purchase it.

50 Awesome Halloween Pirate Costumes for Men

Deluxe Pirate Wench Plus Size Costume

For a funny costume idea, look no further than this pirate wench costume. The plus-size outfit features a dress made of satin and velvet, with puffy sleeves and the classic white and black striped skirt overlay and matching hat. No pirate wench costume would be complete without a shaping external corset. When choosing your outfit for Halloween, remember that anyone can be a pirate, but it takes a real man to be the pirate wench.

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Tattered Pirate Costume with Belt

One of the classic Halloween costumes for men is the tattered pirate costume. This plus size version features black and red striped pants and a white shirt, both with ragged edging. A black waistcoat, red belt, and black and red striped headscarf tie the whole look together. You can further customize the outfit by purchasing a sword or heavy black shoes or tall boots.

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Captain Blackheart Red Pirate Costume

If you want to be the best-dressed pirate at the Halloween party, let Captain Blackheart be your muse. The bright red poplin jacket is knee-length and is accented by gold piping on the chest and sleeves. The ensemble is accentuated by a white ruffly ascot, a red tricorner hat with gold piping, and a thick black belt. Add on a long black curly wig, tall cuffed boots, and a sword or pistol to complete the look and elevate your costume.

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Captain Sterling Blackskull Halloween Costume

This costume is a great choice for you if you’re looking for a pirate Halloween outfit for men that is a bit edgier. The traditional black and white striped pants are paired with a unique thigh-length coat covered with black and silver skulls and held together with a black sash. The outfit is completed with a black tricorner hat, and you can add a sword or big black boots to intimidate any other pirate imposters or treasure stealers you encounter.

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Scary Ghost Pirate Skeleton Costume

For a scarier take on the classic corsair outfit, this awesome ghost pirate costume will not disappoint. The base of this costume is a skeleton shirt vest, arm coverings with gloves, and a skull mask. The skeletal base is dressed in traditional pirate garb, including pants, waistcoat, and jacket, that are appropriately weathered to give the impression that you’ve been at the bottom of the sea for quite some time. This deathly getup is guaranteed to frighten anyone.

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Rough Waters Pirate Halloween Costume

A men’s pirate Halloween costume is a typical outfit for the holiday and this classic take is one of the best. The price and style are also appropriate for an older boy’s pirate Halloween costume. Featuring a red and white striped shirt with long white sleeves with tatters at the end, the costume is completed with plain black pants and a matching vest. A red sash and headscarf to tie the outfit together, this costume can only be topped by adding an eyepatch and a sword.

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Shipwreck Captain Pirate Plus Size Costume

This outfit is the best Halloween pirate costume for men who want a more dashing and dreamy take on the classic. This set comes with all of the essentials needed to turn the ladies’ heads, including a pair of snug-fitting pants, a white collared shirt, and a long sleek jacket with gold buttons and accents. A brown belt fitted over a red sash and a red-feathered black tricorner hat put the finishing touches on this handsome costume. The only way to improve this outfit is with a sassy parrot on your shoulder.

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Royal Pirate Captain Black and Gold Jacket

For the fanciest and best pirate costume that indicates your pillaging and treasure-finding success, you will want to choose this jacket. Unlike the typical tattered and worn appearance you see with pirate costumes, this regal black and gold jacket has thick cuffs and bright golden buttons. Pair it with fitted pants, a feathered hat, and a sword, of course, and you will capture the attention of everyone, including the pirate wench you have your eye on.

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Zombie Pirate Plus Size Costume

If you are struggling between choosing to dress as a zombie or a pirate, you are in luck with this costume. The bottom of this outfit, white and black striped pants with tatterd cuffs, is classic pirate dress. The top, however, is a unique mix of zombie skeleton shirt, hands, and mask, and seaworthy bandana. Add in an eye patch and sword and you can easily take home a prize for scariest Halloween costume for men.

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Scallywag Pirate Adult Halloween Costume

This is the best pirate Halloween costume for men that want to convey that they may be there to steal your goods, but their mischevious ways will also steal your heart. The playful pirate outfit is a comprehensive ensemble including everything you need to make the ladies swoon. The main outfit is comprised of blue and black striped pants, and a well-fitted shirt and vest combination. The boot covers, headscarf, and waist scarf and belt bring the dashing look together.

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Rum Pirate Men’s Adult Costume

For anyone who wants to invoke the spirit of the rum-drinking pirate, especially those that grace the spirit bottles, this is the top outfit idea for you. Blue sailor’s pants are visible beneath the thigh-length bright red jacket with gold buttons and detailing. Add in a white puffy shirt, a red tricorner hat, and a large sword to fend off anyone getting a little too close to your rum supply.

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Shipwrecked Pirate Costume with Skulls

If you are searching for a cheap pirate costume option that won’t put you in the spotlight, this ensemble is perfect for you. The set comes with everything you need to pull off a pirate look, including striped pants, a long-sleeved white shirt with tattered cuffs, and a black open vest. The outfit is completed with maroon and white skull patterned sash and headscarf. This costume could also be appropriate as a boy’s pirate costume.

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Assassin’s Creed Edward Kenway Costume

For a different take on a pirate Halloween outfit for men, this familiar video game version is a cool choice. The main character from Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag is the inspiration for this fun outfit. The pirate assassin wears fitted brown pants with built-in boot tops. He also has a long brown, white and blue tunic with an attached vest and hood. This cool and unique pirate outfit will impress all of your fellow partygoers.

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Cutthroat Plus Size Pirate Costume

As you shop for the best pirate costume, you might decide that you want to go bold and cutthroat with your choice. This outfit includes red and black striped pants, a white shirt with black fitted vest, and black wrist wraps that give the outfit a more sinister vibe. To complete the look, the outfit includes black boot tops, belt, and red headscarf. Even the other pirates will keep their distance when they see you in this costume.

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Polyester Plus Size Pirate Costume

If you are in search of a classic pirate costume for a plus-size body, this is a good option for a complete outfit. The two-toned brown striped pants tuck into the boot covers and are belted with a sash. A white shirt with a built-in waistcoat has classic tattered sleeve edges and there is a headscarf that matches the sash ties around the head. You can also purchase a sword to complete your look.

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High Seas Adventure Pirate Costume

This is the best pirate Halloween costume for men who want to dress like Jack Sparrow. You can pair your own pants with the included puffy white long-sleeved shirt with an attached brown faux leather waistcoat. The coordinating headscarf and waist ties have a black and white skull and crossbones pattern that lets everyone know that your allegiance stands with a life on the high seas.

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Pillaging Pirate Men’s Halloween Costume

For those who want a more colorful and less serious costume idea, this pirate outfit is a great choice. The long black pants and bright blue and white striped shirt both have classic tattered edging at the cuffs. A vibrant red sash and matching headscarf tie the whole outfit together and give it an extra pop of color. This outfit is a fun and unique alternative to the more intimidating pirate costumes. It would also be appropriate to be used as a boy’s pirate costume.

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Distinguished Pirate Jacket Halloween Costume

If you want a men’s pirate Halloween costume that has a more distinguished flair, this outfit is the best choice. The black fitted jacket is thigh length with prominent cuffs. Silver buttons and trim give this overcoat a rich and important appearance. Pair it with a high-collared shirt, tricorner hat, tall boots, and a sword to let everyone know that you are not a pirate to be messed with.

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Ruthless Pirate Men’s Halloween Costume

The best Halloween pirate costume for men is one that shows your status in the pecking order of corsairs. The deep red knee-length jacket is accented with gold piping and buttons to give a regal and no-nonsense look. Add on a matching feathered tricorner hat and a pistol or sword to show that you mean business. This outfit will let everyone know that you are top dog and not to be messed with.

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Jack Sparrow Pirate Halloween Costume

For the best pirate costume, you cannot go wrong with a Jack Sparrow outfit. The loose black pants are paired with a long-sleeved white shirt with an attached blue vest and two belts that tie loosely around the hips. A red headscarf completes the included ensemble though you can add a tricorner hat, wig or sword. Everyone will know to stay clear of this rugged and dangerous pirate.

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Complete Outfit for Cutthroat Pirate

If you need a classic and simple outfit idea for a pirate costume, this is an inexpensive option. The black and red pants pair perfectly with the white puffy shirt and attached black faux leather vest and matching removable wrist cuffs. A large belt with a prominent silver buckle accentuates the waist and a red headscarf a faux leather boot tops complete the look.

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Black Pirate Jacket with Pockets

For a suave outfit idea for Halloween, this pirate jacket is an awesome choice. The long black jacket is fitted and stylish, with silver piping and skull-shaped buttons. This jacket also has pockets sewn in to easily carry your phone, wallet, or the ladies’ phone numbers. Add on a matching tricorner hat, boots, and grab a cutlass for an unmatched Halloween outfit.

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Pirate Ghost Men’s Halloween Costume

This costume idea puts a fun and unique twist on the traditional pirate Halloween outfit. The base of the costume is traditional pirate garb, including burnt orange tattered pants and a matching tied sash belt around a bright red jacket. However, underneath the black hat with skull and crossbones sits a skeleton mask, transforming an otherwise mild costume into a scary ghost pirate. This is a good choice if you want to avoid matching anyone else.

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Ruthless Rogue Men’s Pirate Costume

Do you want a Halloween costume with more of a bad guy vibe? This outfit definitely lets everyone know that you are a ruthless pirate who doesn’t always follow the rules. The red and black striped pants pair perfectly with the black puffy-sleeved shirt and attached faux leather vest. The black leather-like belt and wrist wraps give the costume an edgier look, as does the black and red headscarf.

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Captain John Longfellow Pirate Costume

If you want an outfit that will separate a men’s and the boy’s pirate costume, this is definitely it. Captain John Longfellow has a history of trying to impress the ladies, and this costume reflects that. A tricorner hat is included with this outfit that features a long brown jacket with an embroidered belt that reads “Captain Jack Longfellow” that sits atop red and black striped pants. If you really want to get funny and risque with your costume for an adult party, this outfit also includes a certain appendage that will really enhance the ensemble.

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Adult Cutthroat Halloween Pirate Costume

For a serious pirate Halloween costume, this cutthroat version is a perfect choice. The red and black striped pants with boot cuffs tuck easily onto any tall pair of boots. A white puffy shirt sits underneath a black faux leather vest and has matching wrist wraps. A wide belt with a silver buckle wraps around your waist and a black and red headscarf completes the ensemble.

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Men’s Zombie Pirate Halloween Costume

This outfit is a unique twist on the ensemble that is typically seen in a men’s pirate Halloween costume. While the striped and tattered pants included in this costume are typical pirate wear, the shirt gives it a zombie twist with a skeletal image on the chest. A bandana and eye patch round out the included items, though you will likely want to invest in makeup to give your skin a more zombie-like appearance.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Realistic Costume

If you are a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and want a high-quality Jack Sparrow outfit, this is the best pirate Halloween costume for men. The incredibly detailed ensemble includes loose brown pants, a white shirt and long blue vest that sit underneath a brown open jacket with blue detailing. Two belts, including one with a sword holder, cinch around the waist along with a colorful sash. If you do your makeup just right, you will convince everyone that you are Jack Sparrow come to life.

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High Seas Buccaneer Halloween Costume

For a classic Halloween costume for men, this complete Buccaneer outfit is an ideal option. This standard outfit could also be used as a boy’s pirate Halloween costume. It comes with a white shirt and brown velvet waistcoat that cinches with a brown belt with a silver buckle. The brown and red striped loose-fitting pants have attached boot covers that fit into any pair of tall boots. A headscarf, hat and eye patch complete the quintessential pirate look.

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Grand Heritage Caribbean Pirate Costume

This detailed and layered ensemble is a far cry from any boy’s pirate Halloween costume that you might have worn as a kid. The intricate brown knee-length jacket has black faux leather cuffs and detailing. Underneath, a white shirt and black faux leather vest are attached to the jacket. A black and gray feathered hat, red sash with gold tassel edging, and brown boot covers complete the set.

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Scallywag Pirate Men’s Halloween Costume

If you want a sleek and fitted pirate Halloween costume for men that emanates a bad boy vibe, this outfit idea is just right for you. The complete costume includes blue and grey striped pants paired with a light blue long-sleeved shirt that is attached to a black silk vest. A red sash and black belt wrap around the waist, while a red headscarf finishes off the whole look. You’ll attract any cute pirate wench with this ensemble.

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Captain Hook Halloween Pirate Costume

Captain Hook is one of the most notable pirate leaders in the fiction genre. If you want to adopt his commanding and villainous vibe, this pirate Halloween outfit for men is a great choice. The iconic bold red jacket with gold detailing and lace-trimmed ascot stand out among other pirate costumes. Black pants, a black and gold striped scarf, and regal tricorner hat round out the look. Of course, you will need the quintessential hook to truly pull off this costume.

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Valiant Corsair Adult Halloween Costume

For a different take on the classic pirate look, this corsair costume has a unique and comfortable style. A gray lace-up neck shirt sits atop a pair of black velvet pants and is cinched at the waist with a black belt with gold detailing. The knee-length red jacket has gold braiding details at the seams. A red headscarf and tall black boots with red lining finish off the costume.

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Plus size Ruthless Rogue Pirate Costume

If you are in need of a larger outfit, this men’s pirate Halloween costume is a great choice. The red and black ensemble gives off an edgy and dark vibe, from the black and red striped pants to the black long-sleeved shirt and attached black vest with wrist wraps. The red and black headscarf and black boot covers pull the whole outfit together. Add on an eyepatch, sword, or long-haired wig and you will be the best-dressed pirate at the party.

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Pirate of the Seven Seas Costume

This costume offers you a pirate who can pillage and keep an immaculate and coordinated outfit. The black shirt has a built-in red sash with a skull and crossbones emblem on it and tucks nicely into the blue fitted pants. A black belt sits at the hips and a black and red cape hangs from the shoulders. Add on an eye patch or pistol holsters to increase your danger factor.

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Handsome Pirate Jacket Men’s Costume

For a modern take on the pirate Halloween outfit, check out this costume idea. The brown brocade jacket is beautifully embroidered with leaf patterns and has a luxurious texture and appearance. The sleeves have wide cuffs at the end and there are bronze buttons lining the entirety of both sides of the jacket opening. This costume allows you to take on the mystique of a pirate while dressing handsomely, and every cute maiden will be sure to take notice.

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Blackbeard the Pirate Halloween Costume

One of the most notorious pirates on the sea, Blackbeard was a fearsome and powerful man. This costume captures the prestige of this legendary corsair with its grand appearance. A dramatic knee-length gray coat sits over a black shirt with ruffles at the neck and black fitted pants. The ensemble also comes with a black tricorner hat and a black belt with a silver buckle. You will want to pick up a beard and a weapon of your choice to really play the part.

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Men’s Blackbeard Pirate Halloween Costume

For another take on Blackbeard, this costume idea is equally as impressive. The knee-length jacket comes in an intimidating black with silver detailing that gives it a fancy and important look. A white jabot provides the illusion of a shirt and the red sash and headscarf both give a pop of color to the outfit. A hat and weapon holster with pistols will tie the whole costume together.

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Complete Men’s Corsair Halloween Costume

While most sets only include only a few pieces and require you to separately purchase the rest, this best Halloween pirate costume for men has every item you need for the complete outfit. Brown patterned pants are tucked into mid-calf length boots with large cuffs. On the top, a brown shirt with puffy sleeves sits below a white and brown striped waistcoat that cinches at the waist with a red sash. To finish off the outfit, a fancy brown tricorner hat, leg pieces, and an eye patch are included with the package instead of being sold separately.

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Captain Jack Sparrow Deluxe Costume

If you are looking for an enhanced and fancier version of a Jack Sparrow costume, this outfit is the one for you. Brown fitted pants come with attached boot tops for flare. The brown textured jacket has large cuffs and brown buttons accenting the sleeves and lining one side of the opening. A blue and brown paisley tunic, red headscarf, and brown hat all complete the look and lend a more sophisticated look to this version of Jack Sparrow.

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Plus Size French Pirate Costume

For a sophisticated twist on a traditional Halloween costume for men, this French pirate outfit will deliver. The plus-size stylish wine and gold-colored jacket has a regal design and a luxurious texture. The black cuffs and matching black strips of velvet on either side of the center front are accepted with rows of gold buttons down each section. Pair with a fitted shirt and pants and a fancy feathered hat to turn everyone’s head.

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Plus Size Blackbeard Pirate Costume

This pirate costume channels the spirit of Blackbeard in a roomier plus size fit. The distinctive knee-length faux linen black jacket features an embroidered look on the sleeves and brocade lapels. A jabot secures around the neck to give the illusion of a ruffled shirt underneath. The outfit is completed with a deep red waist sash, black cross belt, and a black feathered tricorner hat to let everyone know you mean business and are not to be messed with.

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Shipmate Pirate Men’s Halloween Costume

If you are searching for a minimalist pirate outfit, look no further than this costume. Black fitted pants are secured with a thick black belt and gold buckle. The black long-sleeved shirt with black faux leather center front detailing is tucked into the pants. A matching black faux leather shoulder guard sits across the top of the shirt. This costume even comes with a coordinating sword belt to keep your hands free for drinking, eating, and swiping treasure.

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Pirate Trench Coat Men’s Costume

For either a standalone Halloween costume or an add-on to another pirate costume, this trench coat will let everyone know that you mean sea-faring business. Resting at ankle length, the black faux leather jacket has gold stitching on the wide cuffs and on the collar and lapels. Running down each side of the center front are 12 gold buttons. You can wear this with an all-black ensemble or as a supplement to another pirate outfit for a more unique and enhanced costume.

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Miscreant Men’s Pirate Halloween Costume

This Halloween outfit lets others know that you mean serious pirate business. The completely black ensemble features a puffy black shirt covered with a black faux leather waistcoat. Eyelet snap fasteners line the edge of the short sleeves on the waistcoat and run down both sides of the chest. Black straight-leg pants and a black belt with a skull and crossbones buckle complete the miscreant pirate look.

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50 Cool Pirate Men Costumes for Halloween

There are so many different styles of pirate costumes and places to purchase Halloween outfits. You can go as a daring buccaneer, a flirtatious scallywag, or a powerful captain. There are also many options to mix and match styles and for add-on items to enhance or tweak any costume you find. This list of the best Halloween pirate costume ideas for men has something for everyone and will help you find the perfect outfit for you.

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