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50 Popular and Best Pirate Costume Accessories to Sail the Seven Seas

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Whether you’re getting ready for Halloween or going to a costume party as a pirate, finding the best pirate accessories can be a bit challenging, even more so depending on what kind of pirate you’re dressing up as. Whether it’s a hardcore rebellious type, the flashy captain type, or the alluring and mature type, there are many different accessories out there for you to choose from.

There are many different types of accessories that can be used along with a costume that you may have or help you make up a costume from nothing. If you’re looking for one simple accessory that can help you get a pirate costume together in a short timeframe, then you might want to consider a printed shirt/dress since they can be more affordable. Of course, if you want a more realistic/classic look, you may want to consider getting most of the individual pieces. While it can usually be more expensive, it will certainly get you more compliments and make you feel more like a true buccaneer. Some of the more popular and affordable accessories are usually the bandanas, wigs, and jewelry, but the ones that will really up the level of authenticity are the prop guns, holsters, sashes, and fake tattoos; and some of the best can be found below.

50 Affordable and Best Pirate Costume Accessories for Treasure Hunters

White Ruffled Blouse for Women with Cuffs

This simple yet elegant blouse has a v-neckline, elastic bands to highlight the cuffs, and a ruffled collar that gives it a pirate/renaissance look that is fitting for any female rebel-sailor. The length varies for each size but usually stops mid-thigh, making it ideal for accenting a corset.

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Classy and Royal Golden Hook

Befitting for a treasure-loving pirate, this golden hook has many intricate and distinct designs throughout the body. At the base is an attached cuff of brown fabric that hides the wearer’s hand that would go underneath a long-sleeved shirt, hiding the wearer’s hand more subtly than a simpler hook would.

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Striped Poncho Dress with Bandana

Somewhat sheer, this poncho dress has a simple printed striped design on the top and an all-black design with a cute, printed belt and red skull and crossbones on the bottom. The dress also comes with a simple red bandana sash that matches the skull and crossbones.

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Braided Wig and Bandana with Beads

With the frizzy and wild style of this wig, the wearer will surely look like a mangy pirate that cares more for gold than he does his hair. The beads and the red bandana give the wearer a slight Jack-Sparrow look, too; minus the larger than average braids.

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Brown Boot Cover Tops with Laces

Made of 100% faux leather, these boot covers can make boots and possibly any shoes look like they are worn on a pair of strong sea legs. While they only come in one size at the moment, the small details like the brown laces and golden buttons make it hard to compete with, especially since they cancel out the need to buy a pair of boots.

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Mature Female Hat with Lace and Ribbons

All black with matching lace, red ribbon, and red trim, this hat screams confidence with any female pirate edging to conquer a ship. It gives a sassy and somewhat alluring look with the bow, but the size and style gives the wearer a sense of demanding respect from her sailors.

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Old-fashioned Silver Pistol Prop

With a slightly aged look about the ‘steel’, this prop pistol is designed to look like a flintlock from the 1600s and is about a foot long. In fact, it’s specially licensed and designed after the pistol Jack Sparrow uses.

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Striped Tights for Plus-sizes

Looking very similar to the wicked witch’s tights from The Wizard of Oz, these tights are specially made for plus-sized women which aren’t exactly easy to find, making them quite rare. They can go great with many dresses and shoes, whether going for a sexy, wicked, or cute look.

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Red and Gold Captain’s Hat

Looking like a simplified, red Jack Sparrow hat, this looks a little more regal with the unique gold trim wrapped around the rim of the hat. The design is based on a tricorne hat from the 17th century, keeping with the classic pirate design.

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Brown and Gold Treasure Chest Purse

A cute and classy purse in the shape of a treasure chest, it’s a bit surprising how detailed this is. On one side, there is a brass chain that can be detached, there are golden buttons accenting the chest, and there is a velcro strap with a golden skull and crossbones to keep with the theme.

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Dreadlocks Wig and Bandana for Kids

This is another wig that looks similar to Jack Sparrow’s hair, but between the dreadlocks, extra-long hair, and ribbons on the bottom, it looks more like an original style. It also has a few strings and beads wrapped around a lock or two as accents.

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Dirty Blonde Wig with Beads and Ribbons for Women

Looking a little more innocent and cute than some of the other wigs out there, this dirty blonde/light brown wig is a little past shoulder length, has accenting bead strings, and two brown bows/ribbons on each side; fitting for a cute pirate.

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Dreadlock Wig with Black and Maroon Bandana

One of the most authentically Jack Sparrow-looking wigs available, it’s complete with the maroon bandana, few string beads on one side, and stick on the other side. There are also a few small braids in the front too and would look great with a real or fake goatee.

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Simple White Shirt for Men

For men, it can’t get much simpler than this with the plain, white shirt that has a large collar and drawstring at the neck. It also comes with a faux leather waist belt that is black with a brass-colored buckle.

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Classically Aged Pirate Hook that is Unisex

With a silver-aged hook that is 6-inches long, the hook can be held within the 5.5-inch cuff, which has a gold-aged hook, where the handgrip is. It has a very Captain Hook-look to it, even more so with skull and crossbones all around the cuff.

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Red Ruffled Shirt for Men

Looking very similar to the shirt of a matador, this flashy, red satin shirt can be ideal for any flashy and fancy pirates out there. It’s complete with silver buttons, elastic cuffs, and two large ruffles on each side of the shirt beside the buttons.

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Sexy Realistic T-shirt for Women

Another printed t-shirt, this one’s design makes it look like the wearer is a grey jacket, red shirt with a white collar, and a blue sash/mini skirt with a brown belt and silver pistol tucked in the belt.

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Maroon Bandana with Dreadlocks for Adults

Another wig that resembles the style of Jack Sparrow, this wig is actually a little lighter, bordering on dirty blonde or light brown, and is extra long, being around chest length. The bandana is wrapped around the entire wig unlike the typical Jack Sparrow look too.

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Realistic Printed Pirate T-shirt for Men

Similar to the previously printed shirt, this makes the wearer look like he is wearing a red and tan jacket, a ruffled white shirt underneath, some exposed chest hair, and accessories like gun holsters, belts, and a sword handle.

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Cute Parrot Bracelet for Women

Designed to look like a small parrot is standing on the wearer’s wrist, the parrot is mostly pastel colors; red on the head and shoulders, tan on the back, black/dark brown on the wings tips and turquoise for the underbelly. It’s also light-weight, making it less irritating on the wrist and skin.

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Brown Bandana with Netting with Gold Beads

With a color of looking like a brownish camo, this bandana goes around the entire cap of the head and has a tail hanging off to one side and a thin, mesh piece matching the pattern of the bandana with a string of goldens beads hanging down. Unlike many of the beads that are usually used in wigs like these, these are long and oval-shaped, standing out much more.

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Ivory Skull Style Necklace with Bones

A long string necklace with bones that go down all the way down to meet a skull with the black strings hanging down from the chin of the skull. The necklace comes in one size that is about 40-inches long, so it can definitely be one to stand out.

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Gag Lobster Hat for Adults

A little less serious of a pirate accessory, this can be a great hat to bring a lot of laughs, especially with the large pincers, whiskers, eyes, and tail. The hat is so big that it can nearly always either start a conversation or be a funny first impression. Although not many accessories are comedic as this, it can still be used along with most accessories.

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Shoulder Three-Piece Gun Holder with Prop Guns

A nice addition to a detailed costume, this 3-piece gun holster is a walnut-brown shade with silver buckles and is meant to be wrapped around the shoulder like a messenger bag. It also comes with 3 small toy pistols, too.

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Extra Long Simple Black Sash

Great for both men and women, this sash is black, 8 feet long and 7 inches wide, making it ideal for a waist sash over any simple shirt to add a sense of rebellion to the outfit. A good use for it could be with a ruffled shirt or a simple dress.

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Regal Satin Ruffled Shirt for Men

Having the same design as its red satin counterpart, this white satin shirt has a more regal look, especially with the gold, not silver, buttons. The collar is also more raised to roughly chin height.

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Elegant White Ruffled Shirt for Women

This blouse has no sleeves/straps, ruffled all-around collar and cuffs with lace, and a pirate-themed cut at the ends of the shirt. Because of the design, it would make an excellent blouse to go with a corset or sash.

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Large Captain Hook Styled Wig

One of the most identical Captain Hook wigs out there, the curliness and puffiness of this wig can make anyone look like the codfish himself. While it doesn’t come with a mustache, it’s much longer than many other wigs out there.

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Brown Sailor’s Jacket with Gold Buttons

Made of polyester, this walnut/penny colored jacket has sharp cuffs and collar, having many golden buttons across the top and cuffs for an ideal pirate look. Be warned, it only comes in a large and does not come with any accessories.

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Slip-on Tattoo Sleeve with Treasure Map

For those scurvy rats who want to look as tough and intimidating as possible, this slip-on tattoo sleeve is complete with many nautical and pirate designs all around. The seams can be hidden easily underneath a t-shirt’s sleeve and a bracelet, glove, or fake hook.

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Modern Skull and Crossbones Dress with Sequins

For the modern girl who wants to look chic and sexy, this thigh-length dress is entirely covered in black sequins, excluding the white skull and crossbones design that is wearing a red bandana.

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Light and Dark Brown Captain Jack Sparrow Hat

Copyrighted by Disney, this hat is nearly exactly like the hat of Captain Jack Sparrow himself, though is a few shades lighter than the actual hat. It’s also made of a realist faux leather and has an elastic adjustment for a more comfortable fit.

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Black Satin Shirt for Men with Ruffles

The black version of the red and white shirts mentioned before, this design has gold buttons just like the white one but gives off more of a rebellious feel. Unlike the white shirt, the collar doesn’t go up to the chin.

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Brown Dress Raincoat with Belt for Women

One of the few dresses that is fit for a female captain, this dress is designed to look like a trench coat-like jacket complete with a fake corset and a faux leather belt with a gold belt buckle that matches the gold trim of the dress.

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Gun Holsters with Sword Holders

This double gun, over the shoulder, holster also has a scabbard with several buckles. While it doesn’t come with guns like the other holster, it does have more studs and decorations than the other holster, giving it a more authentic look.

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Black and White Pirate Kit for Men

One of the multi-item accessories, this kit comes with a hat, waistcoat, and belt that are all black with skull and crossbones designs with white accents. While it doesn’t look as authentic as the other choices, it’s one of the more affordable ones.

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Thick and Long Silver Beard

When trying to go for a pre-Pirate’s of the Caribean Davy Jones’s, then this might be the best wig to go for. It’s one of the biggest, thickest, and greyish beards out there and is still pretty affordable.

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Faux Leather Black Lace-up Knee-high Boots

Another sexy add another bout of edginess to any mature female pirate costume. Between the high heels, full laces, and the shiny faux leather, these boots will be able to kick anyone off of the captain’s ship.

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Thick and Curly Realistic Brown Beard

For the shaggy looking sea rebel out there, this thick and curly brown beard is as wild as many of the old renaissance pirates in all of the 7 seas. Unlike the other beard, it’s more long length-wise than it’s wide-wise.

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Long Brown Wig with Beads and Bandana

One of the few, long-haired wigs for men and/or women, this wig’s hair goes down to the chest with its long burgundy-brown locks underneath a matching bandana with a tail down one side. It also has a few braids with beads throughout them.

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Wig with Bandana and Beads for Women

Another Jack Sparrow wig, this one is specially made to be more alluring for any female pirates to look like a sexy female Jack. It has fewer dreadlocks, a single string of beads, and a hole out of the bandana where a bundle of hair pours out, giving it a more feminine look.

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Drawstring Skull and Crossbones Pouch

Made of faux suede material on the outside and black satin on the outside, this pouch can be used to hold some real coins for a more realistic look while the skull and crossbones design on the face of the pouch reminds onlookers of the wearer’s pirate status.

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Simple and Manly Printed T-shirt

The last printed t-shirt on this list, this pattern looks similar to the other male shirt but is a little more simplistic with the white ‘undershirt’, maroon vest, and a few accessories like several belts, pirates necklaces.

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Elegant Captains Hat with Lace and Feather

This hat looks remarkably close to that of Captain Hook’s, making it a well-considered choice for the earlier mentioned wig. It’s the classic, bright red with the trim being covered in a large white lace and topped with an overly large white feather just like the Black Stache’s.

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Jacquard Jacket with Cuffs for Women

Although it doesn’t come with the dress or hat, this jacquard jacket is a very rare find, especially for the high quality and detail it has between the pattern, trim, and buttons.

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V-cut Ruffled White Blouse for Women

Possibly the simplest white blouse for a female pirate, this shirt is a little see-through and could be worn well with a corset or jacket. It’s also pretty long as it can reach down to the upper to mid-thigh depending on the size.

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Long and Thick Red Beard with Mustache

Very similar to the large, grey beard mentioned previously, this beard is less of red color and more of a copper one. It too has a large and overlapping mustache that goes over the beard too.

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Tiny Pirate Hat on a Headband

Another cute addition to the innocent or adorable-looking pirate girl, this hat can be described as a tea-cup size, but it’s actually attached to a headband so that the wearer doesn’t have to deal with a string or adjusting the hat constantly.

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Brunette Wig with Brown Bandana and Beads

One of the only extra-long wigs for women, this wig is toffee colored with a similarly matching bandana over top, the ends/tail falling behind the wearers head. In the front, there are a few lone braids with silver and gold beads along them.

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Mustache and Braided Goatee with Beads

The last item on the list, this mustache/goatee set can go well with many of the wigs seen earlier, or it can be used without a wig too if the wearer has longer than average hair. The goatee has two lone braids each with a bead and elastic hair tie.

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50 Classical and Best Pirate Costume Accessories to Conquer Davy Jones

Those are 50 of the best pirate costume accessories that you can get without breaking the bank, regardless if you’re trying to look cute, hardcore, alluring, regal, or commanding. While some of them can be cheaper in regards to the quality or more expensive than most of the other choices, it all depends on how much you want to look like a genuine pirate.

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