50 Indulgent Nutella Dessert Recipes You’ll Go Crazy For

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


If you’re a fan of all things chocolate and hazelnut, then these Nutella dessert recipes are sure to entice. You’ll be amazed at how many different uses there are for versatile chocolate spread, and this collection rounds up fifty of the best Nutella desserts and treats on the web.

The 50 Best Desserts to Make With Nutella

50 Indulgent Nutella Dessert Recipes You'll Go Crazy For

There are all kinds of options for you to choose from, and deciding what to make first is sure to be a challenge. Nutella flavored cookies, frosty popsicles, decadent cheesecakes, fancy macarons, pancakes, hot cocoa, tasty cupcakes, and fudgy brownies–recipes for all of these and more can be found right here, and they’re sure to become new family favorite in no time.

1. Nutella Stuffed Pancakes

Detailed recipe and credit – recipetineats.com

Warm and fluffy homemade pancakes oozing with Nutella? Talk about irresistible! These would be amazing for breakfast, brunch, or even dessert! And with all the gooey chocolate filling inside, they really don’t even need the traditional topping of butter and syrup. But the best part is that there’s no frustrating mess while you try to smear chocolate spread on half-cooked pancakes batter. Instead, this brilliantly clever Nutella recipe uses frozen discs of Nutella for a super easy cooking experience.

2. Nutella Stuffed Browned Butter Blondies

Detailed recipe and credit – thefoodcharlatan.com

Sure, some people may think that blondies aren’t as awesome as brownies. Until they see this recipe, that is. Who could resist a chewy bar oozing with chocolate hazelnut spread? The browned butter in this recipe helps lend a nutty, toasty flavor which complements the hazelnut notes of Nutella beautifully. Dollops of Nutella are nestled throughout the batter before cooking to create an incredibly rich treat with a slightly-crisp top layer and a gooey, chewy center. And if that isn’t enough, topping it with a scoop of ice cream would take this dessert idea to a whole new level of amazing.

3. Nutella and Banana Stuffed Crescent Rolls

Detailed recipe and credit – thefoodcharlatan.com

These amazing little treats are made with just five simple ingredients. Because they use pre-made crescent roll dough, these Nutella and banana stuffed crescent rolls are perfect for times when you’re pressed for time. There’s no need to settle for something boring or less-than decadent chocolate dessert just because you’re too busy to spend hours in the kitchen making a super-complicated dessert. The simple recipe is one that will only take you ten minutes or less to prepare. With a little assistance and supervision around the oven, even kids can help with this crowd-pleasing recipe.

4. Nutella Fudge Brownies

Detailed recipe and credit – lifeloveandsugar.com

How’s this for an amazing, triple-layer triple-chocolate brownie and fudge dessert idea? Rich and gooey brownies form the first layer of this amazing treat, and then they’re covered with an incredibly indulgent layer of fudge. And this isn’t just any fudge–it’s Nutella fudge! And if that isn’t enough chocolate to satisfy your cocoa cravings, there is yet another layer of chocolate on top of the Nutella fudge. Yeah, this is one awesomely rich bar. Whether you make these to share at a party of to indulge in by yourself, they’re well worth the effort–and go great with a tall glass of cold milk.

5. Nutella Stuffed Sugar Cookies

Detailed recipe and credit – homemadehooplah.com

These cookies look deceptively simple at first glance, and the timeless sugar cookie may even appear to be a basic stand-by sort of cookie. But one bite into these cookies will show anyone that while they should indeed be a stand-by sort of cookie, there is nothing basic about these Nutella stuffed beauties. With creamy Nutella filling in every single bite these cookies may even be able to upstage your favorite chocolate chip cookies. Because Nutella makes everything even better, right?

6. Nutella Stuffed Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookies

Detailed recipe and credit – cafedelites.com

If you’ve never baked chocolate chip cookies in a skillet or pie dish before, then you’ve been missing out. You see, it’s easy to overcook regular cookies, which means you end up with a cookie that is all crunch and no chew. But when you put the cookie dough in a single dish and bake it into one giant cookie, you end up with a cookie experience that’s soft and chewy and full of pure amazing-ness. And if that isn’t good enough, then you can take it up another level with this incredible recipe, which adds a layer of Nutella to your huge, gooey chocolate-filled skillet cookie. Topped with ice cream, this is one of the best dessert recipes you’ll ever encounter.

7. Nutella Cookie Cups

Detailed recipe and credit – cakescottage.com

There’s something about bite-sized desserts that makes them seem super appealing. These cute cookie cups are a bit like tiny little miniature Nutella pies – but with an amazing cookie crust. They also give you an easy control over portions, which makes them an easy choice for birthday parties, potluck meals, holiday events and pretty much every party ever. Bite into one of these and you’re greeted with a mouthful of tasty cookie and a dollop of pure Nutella. What’s not to love?

8. Nutella S’mores Bars

Detailed recipe and credit – theviewfromgreatisland.com

Ah, S’mores. The traditional campfire treat holds many memories, and the perfect trio of flavors is a combination which has withstood the test of time. But sometimes a s’more craving hits at a time when starting a campfire and roasting marshmallows isn’t always practical. So what do you do? Make these bars, of course! The outside layers of this recipe feature a crust filled with graham crackers. It captures the simple and appealing flavor of the crackers and takes them to another level. Then there’s the chocolate, which has been upgraded from a simple, melted milk chocolate bar to a layer of Nutella, and a layer of gooey melted marshmallow completes these tasty bars.

9. Nutella Cheesecake

Detailed recipe and credit – omgchocolatedesserts.com

Calling all fans of cheesecake: here’s a recipe for you! This is a simple no-bake cheesecake recipe, but what sets it apart is the fact that it’s a Nutella cheesecake! The nutty, chocolate spread is mixed with cream cheese and poured over a graham cracker crust to create a stunning chocolate dessert. A topping of chopped hazelnuts reinforces the nutty flavor, and makes the cake look like a professionally made dessert. This Nutella dessert recipe is a great choice if you’re hoping to impress and indulge yourself, your family, or your fortunate dinner guests.

10. Nutella Hot Chocolate

Detailed recipe and credit – cafedelites.com

When it’s cold and wintry outside, a steaming hot cup of cocoa is one of the best things ever. It’s a perfect pick-me-up after braving the elements and chilly outdoors, and also makes for a wonderful treat when the weather is bad enough to keep you from venturing outside of your cozy house. This version of hot chocolate features a creamy Nutella base, and for a special bit of awesomeness it’s got chocolate chips and chopped hazelnuts topping the beverage along with your traditional marshmallows. This frothy Nutella drink is sure to please.

11. Soft & Chewy Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Detailed recipe and credit – goodmorningcali.com

How does a giant chocolate chip cookie stuffed with Nutella sound? Like one of the best ideas ever? Of course it does! These enormous cookies have two types of chocolate: chocolate chips, and a melt-y Nutella center. They’re satisfyingly large, and they’re pretty much begging for a cold glass of milk to go along with them. The cookie itself isn’t too sweet, which means that the Nutella adds just enough sweetness without overpowering the other flavors. The soft and chewy texture is perfect for sinking your teeth into, and the recipe has cornstarch to keep them from drying out and hardening right away. This is definitely a Nutella recipe you’ll want to save.

12. Nutella Lava Cupcakes

Detailed recipe and credit – cleobuttera.com

These cupcakes are simply amazing. First, you’ve got a moist-but-light chocolate cupcake. It’s topped with a Nutella frosting. And this frosting isn’t simply a buttercream frosting with a token amount of Nutella–no, this frosting was designed to let the Nutella flavor dominate and shine, making this one of the best dessert recipes you’ll make. If you’re a fan of Nutella, which is made of chocolate and hazelnuts, then you’re probably a fan of the chocolate-hazelnut Ferrero Rocher candies, too. And these cupcakes are topped with–you guessed it–Ferrero Rocher candies and a milk-thinned drizzle of Nutella. Bite into this fabulous Nutella cupcake and you’ll find that there’s even more–inside is a liquid lava center of even more Nutella.

13. Nutella Cool Whip Popsicle

Detailed recipe and credit – bigbearswife.com

Three simple ingredients are all you need to make these popsicles, which require almost no effort to make at all. They’re perfect for hot, summer days when icy treats are most appropriate, but these are tasty enough that you may find yourself craving them during cooler months, too. These are a crowd pleasing type of popsicle which both kids and adults can appreciate, and the amount of hands-on time required is minimal enough to make these a frequent treat. Just remember to make them ahead of time, since they’ll need to be in the freezer for at least six hours.

14. Quick and Easy Nutella Mousse

Detailed recipe and credit – thestayathomechef.com

This fast recipe takes just minutes from pulling out the ingredients to indulging, which is perfect for last-minute dessert needs or any sudden Nutella cravings. You’ll only need three ingredients and five minutes or less to prepare it. Using a piping bag to pipe it into glasses makes it look super-fancy and far more labor-intensive than it really was for you to make. If you don’t need it right away, this fluffy Nutella dessert recipe can also be stored in the fridge until you’re ready to indulge.

15. No Bake Nutella Cheesecake

Detailed recipe and credit – lifeloveandsugar.com

This show-stopping cheesecake has everything a chocolate lover could ever ask for. The crust is made of Oreo cookies and melted butter. The no-bake cheesecake itself is made up of Nutella, cool whip, cream cheese, and some extra cocoa powder to add to the chocolate flavor. Then it’s topped with even more chocolate in the form of a Nutella ganache. Finally, the finishing touch comes from chopped Ferrero Rocher candies which lend more chocolate and hazelnut notes to this incredible cheesecake. The hardest part is either going to be waiting for the cheesecake to firm up in the fridge, or convincing yourself to share it with others.

16. Nutella Fudge

Detailed recipe and credit – wineandglue.com

Even if you cut this fudge into super-small squares and ration it carefully, you’re probably not going to come close to testing the four-week shelf life of this rich Nutella fudge. Homemade fudge is a super easy dessert to make, and this four-ingredient recipe is a cinch to whip up. Melt all of the ingredients together, chill for four hours, and enjoy. This rich Nutella dessert is perfect for the holidays, and there’s also nothing to keep you from enjoying it every day!

17. 4 Ingredient Molten Nutella Lava Mug Cake

Detailed recipe and credit – kirbiecravings.com

One mug. Four simple ingredients. Twenty minutes from start to finish. That’s all it takes to make this single-serving molten lava mug cake for yourself to enjoy. This is perfect if you’re craving a Nutella-flavored cake right now but you don’t wish to spend hours creating a full-size cake, or you just don’t need to have enough food for a crowd. Either way, this mug cake is awesome. It uses the oven instead of the microwave to ensure a tender texture, and the end result is worth the extra time it takes to bake. This is great by itself, and it would also be awesome with a topping of whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

18. Nutella Brownies

Detailed recipe and credit – sallysbakingaddiction.com

Here’s a brownie recipe you’ll love. The chocolate flavor doesn’t come from melted chocolate or cocoa powder. Instead, it all derived from the spreadable goodness of Nutella. Because this is a one-bowl recipe, baking it isn’t going to generate a gigantic mess in your kitchen–but it will satisfy your chocolate cravings. Nutella both mixed into the brownie batter and swirled on top, giving you two layers of Nutella-based goodness. A sprinkle of sea salt helps tone down the sweetness, and the option of stirring in extra chocolate in the form of chocolate chips is tantalizingly delicious.

19. Nutella Lava Cookies

Detailed recipe and credit – gastrosenses.com

We’ve already covered amazing recipes for Nutella Stuffed Sugar Cookies and Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. But for those who can’t say “no” to more chocolate, here’s a recipe with a triple-dose of chocolate goodness. These homemade cookies feature a soft and plump chocolate cookie. This cookie is studded with chocolate chips, and then stuffed with a lava center of Nutella. A bit of sea salt on top provides a lovely contrast, and a tall glass of cold milk on the side is almost a requirement for this chocoholic-style Nutella recipe.

20. Nutella Swirled Pumpkin Bread

Detailed recipe and credit – gatherforbread.com

Pumpkin flavor is a favorite autumn treat, and for good reason. In this Nutella dessert recipe, you’ll find that pumpkin doesn’t need to be paired exclusively with cinnamon and other spices, or with a cream cheese frosting. If you haven’t already tried it, you’ll be glad to hear that it also goes wonderfully with chocolate. This quick bread recipe has beautiful Nutella swirls on top to create a loaf you’ll love. The homemade slices are moist and sweet, and who’s to stop you from spreading more Nutella on top as you enjoy them?

21. Nutella Therapy Cookies

Detailed recipe and credit – cleobuttera.com

Here’s a triple-chocolate cookie that’s sure to please. With a gooey Nutella center inside of a chocolate-chip-filled chocolate cookie, there’s no way that making this cookie could be a bad decision. Wondering why they’re called “Therapy” Cookies? According to the author these chocolate-stuffed morsels “have proven to be instant spirit lifters”. The best way to decide the truth of that claim probably involves baking these indulgent little treats, and we’re sure someone is willing to head to their kitchen and do just that. For science, of course.

22. Healthy 3-Ingredient Paleo Nutella Fudge Cups

Detailed recipe and credit – thebigmansworld.com

Who says chocolate fudge has to be bad for you? These guilt-free fudge cups feature homemade chocolate hazelnut butter in a treat you can enjoy while staying healthy. The three ingredient recipe is fast and easy to make, and should be ready for you to consume in just five minutes. These treats are free of dairy, white sugar, and flour, making it a great vegan, paleo, and naturally gluten-free way to indulge in all of your Nutella cravings. Next time you’re tempted to grab a candy bar to satisfy your chocolate cravings, grab your muffin tin and make these indulgent fudge cups instead.

23. Dessert Crescent Rolls

Detailed recipe and credit – iheartnaptime.net

With just four simple ingredients, these crescent rolls are a breeze to make.These are perfect anytime you’re craving a warm, buttery dessert oozing with Nutella and peanut butter. With minimal effort necessary and simple steps which won’t totally mess up your kitchen, these are the type of dessert you can make anytime. In fact, they’d make an easy and indulgent holiday brunch option or weekend breakfast which would pair beautifully with your favorite coffee beverage.

24. Nutella Bread Pudding

Detailed recipe and credit – anightowlblog.com

Have you got any leftover croissants (or other bread) growing stale as they sit in your kitchen? Well, it’s time to give them a second chance at awesomeness by making them into a stunning Nutella bread pudding. You’ll start by making Nutella sandwiches with your bread, and then pour a creamy custard mixture on top of that. The custard is soaked up by the bread in classic bread pudding tradition, and the swirls of chocolate only add to the lusciousness. Serve this Nutella recipe warm for a comforting dessert or brunch feast.

25. Peanut Butter and Nutella Blondies

Detailed recipe and credit – relish.com

These peanut butter blondies have a thick layer of Nutella in the middle, oozing out and making these bars go from basic to amazing. They’re a snap to make, and the recipe only requires you to use one bowl for mixing. The flavors of peanut butter and Nutella pair wonderfully, with flavors that manage to simultaneously contrast and complement each other. The fudgy layers of blondie are moist and chewy, while the layer of Nutella is gooey and bursting with sweet, chocolate flavor in this deceptively-simple looking bar.

26. Salted Caramel Stuffed Nutella Chocolate Cups

Detailed recipe and credit – bromabakery.com

In this Nutella dessert recipe you’ll create your own salted caramel with four simple ingredients. Combining Nutella with regular chocolate provides enough structure to form the outside layer of these chocolate cups, and then they’re stuffed with the newly-made salted caramel and topped with another layer of chocolate. Sprinkle these rich delights with a bit of flaked sea salt and chill until they’re set.

27. Nutella Bonbons

Detailed recipe and credit – bonbonbreak.com

Four ingredients are all you’ll need to mix up these Nutella desserts. Nutella flavors the creamy center filling of these homemade candies, and a coating of pure chocolate makes up the outside layer. The recipe suggests a simple garnish of sea salt on top, but sprinkling or rolling these bonbons in another layer of tastiness is also possible. You could use coconut, chopped nuts, cocoa powder, nonpareils, or powdered sugar for a fun twist on this easy recipe.

28. Nutella Stuffed Peanut Butter Blondies

Detailed recipe and credit – readytoyumble.com

These blondies are stuffed with all the best ingredients for a melt-in-your-mouth experience you’ll love. There’s browned butter adding lovely notes of complexity and peanut butter for it’s awesome flavor. Nutella adds chocolate notes in molten center layer. Brown sugar takes the gooey, fudgy factor up a notch, while cream cheese keeps the blondies incredibly tender. This Nutella recipe will stay moist, tender, and chewy for days. If you can make them last that long without eating them, that is.

29. Salted Pretzel Nutella Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Detailed recipe and credit – halfbakedharvest.com

Who says ice cream sandwiches are just for kids? Crispy pretzels, Nutella, salted chocolate chip cookies, and a scoop of ice cream in your flavor of choice make this one of the best dessert recipes you’ll find anywhere. The thick, chewy chocolate chip cookies are studded with crushed pretzel bits and then topped with another whole pretzel and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt. After baking, these glorious cookies are then spread with a thick layer of pure Nutella, and then two of the are used to surround a scoop of ice cream. This recipe only takes forty minutes from start to finish, and makes a great summer treat for the whole family.

30. Crockpot Nutella Hot Chocolate

Detailed recipe and credit – showmetheyummy.com

Mix up a batch of this before you head out and leave it in your crockpot to cook. When you get back, you’ll have an awesome hot beverage which is all ready to drink, and which will stay hot as long as you need. This creamy recipe has condensed milk and Nutella to make a rich, thick, and satisfying cup of hot chocolate that you’re sure to love. Drink it plain or top with a bit of whipped cream or marshmallows, whichever suits your fancy.

31. Nutella Stuffed Pancake Poppers Recipe

Detailed recipe and credit – pepperbowl.com

This recipe uses a cake pop maker to create bite-sized pancakes stuffed with a bit of Nutella in the center. This fun idea turns Nutella stuffed pancakes into finger food, making them perfect for breakfast, for snacking, or packing in a lunch box. Using pancake mix makes this a fast recipe to cook, although there’s nothing to stop you from using your favorite homemade pancake recipe instead if you prefer. Serve these plain or with any of your favorite pancake toppings for a simple and appealing breakfast.

32. Salted Nutella Caramel Butter Bars

Detailed recipe and credit – thedomesticrebel.com

Two layers of buttery, rich shortbread filled with chocolate chips surround a filling made of both creamy caramel sauce and Nutella. The delicate, crispy, flakiness of the shortbread complements the gooey sweetness of the thick and fudgy filling, and a bit of salt on top balances the flavor to create a bar which is an awesome dessert idea for you to consider. These sweet bars would make a great addition to any potluck or party gathering, and would pair perfectly with a tall, cold drink of milk on the side or a scoop of ice cream served on top.

33. Cinnamon Sugar Nutella Quesadilla

Detailed recipe and credit – halfbakedharvest.com

Tortillas are generally thought of as vehicles for bringing meats, cheese, and other savory foods to your mouth. But thankfully, there’s no rule prohibiting the use of tortillas in chocolate dessert recipes! This simple and delicious recipe was created when a lack of bread happened to prevent the after-school tradition of a Nutella sandwich. Substituting a tortilla for the bread resulted in this tasty dessert idea, and a yummy new recipe was born. These are briefly heated on the stove to warm the chocolate and make the tortilla more tender, and then they’re sprinkled with a cinnamon and sugar mixture before serving.

34. Biscotti Veloci Alla Nutella

Detailed recipe and credit – blog.giallozafferano.it

Want a super easy cookie recipe? This one has a mere four ingredients which are used to create delicious Nutella cookies. They’re then finished off with a dusting of powdered sugar and a piped swirl of pure Nutella. If you don’t care about appearances, then smearing a layer of Nutella on instead of piping it is totally acceptable. But if you do choose to use an icing tip, the completed cookie has an elegant look and and incredibly delectable taste which makes it seem far more complicated than it actually was to make.

35. Nutella Baked Brie

Detailed recipe and credit – basilandbubbly.com

Calling all brie fans! This cheese and chocolate dessert has blended sweet and savory flavors in a way that you’ll love. An entire round of brie is topped with a layer of Nutella and sliced almonds, then baked until the cheese and Nutella have melted into a glorious, lava-like filling. More Nutella and sliced almonds on top finish up this Nutella recipe. This takes both Nutella and a round of brie cheese to a whole new level, offering you a treat that’s perfect for anything from a brunch to a romantic dinner.

36. Banana Nutella Cupcakes

Detailed recipe and credit – mybakingaddiction.com

These cheerful cupcakes are one of the best dessert recipes ever for anyone who loves bananas and chocolate. The cupcake batter is reminiscent of banana bread recipes, but by cooking it in a muffin tin you’ll be creating little portion-sized banana cakes. Fluffy buttercream frosting flavored with Nutella tops these tasty cupcakes, and adding banana slices and chocolate sprinkles for garnish helps reinforce the chocolate and banana flavors. If you like cupcakes but find that traditional flavor combinations can seem boring or cliche after a while, then this unique combination of Nutella and banana will give you a new refreshing option to consider.

37. Easy Puff Pastry Nutella Twists

Detailed recipe and credit – tryanythingonceculinary.com

Here’s an elegant and easy Nutella dessert recipe to try. This dessert recipe uses strips of puff pastry and a jar of Nutella to create long twists. Beautiful to look at and delicious to eat, these are great with beverages like coffee or hot chocolate. Dipping them in cocoa or coffee is optional, but a great idea. They’re surprisingly simple to make, requiring just ten minutes of effort and another twenty minutes to bake, so as long as your puff pastry is thawed these can be made in just a half hour from start to finish.

38. Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles

Detailed recipe and credit – sweetestmenu.com

Made with both Nutella and a tasty dark chocolate ganache, these truffles are an awesome way to get your Nutella fix. If you’ve ever been tempted to eat Nutella plain with a spoon, then these are definitely going to be your sort of candy. They’re quick to make and only require four ingredients, so you’ll be able to fulfill those chocolate cravings fast. Rolling them in hazelnuts gives these truffles a nice amount of texture and some appealing crunchiness, and also makes it easier to store and handle them without encountering a mess.

39. Big Banana Bundt Cake with Nutella Ganache

Detailed recipe and credit – sweetestmenu.com

Need a quick way to use up any ripe bananas sitting around your kitchen? This rich banana bundt cake is a perfect solution for avoiding overly-ripe fruit. Warm notes of cinnamon and nutmeg add another layer of flavor to the cake, and a Nutella ganache poured on top of the bundt cake finishes up the amazing combination of flavors in this Nutella dessert recipe.

40. Nutella Stuffed Cookie Cups

Detailed recipe and credit – sweetestmenu.com

Full of melt-y, gooey deliciousness right after these are pulled out of the oven and soft for days afterward, these cookie cups are awesome. Nutella desserts tend to have a lot of fudgy and gooey bonuses and these Nutella stuffed cookie cups are no exception. Freezing small spoonfuls of Nutella makes them firm enough to handle, and makes it super easy to stuff your cookie dough with chocolate filling. Baking these in a muffin tin keeps them from spreading flat and keeps them tall and round. While these may look plain at first glance, biting into them reveals their true delightfulness.

41. Healthy 3-Ingredient Paleo Nutella Cups

Detailed recipe and credit – thebigmansworld.com

Store bought Nutella may not be a healthy paleo treat, but these chocolate and hazelnut butter cups can fulfill all your cravings in a healthy way. Blending up hazelnuts and adding cocoa powder and stevia or other natural sweeteners creates a homemade Nutella-esque spread. Melt some paleo chocolate to create the outside of the cup, and simply fill it with the homemade Nutella. Adding a handful of chopped nuts adds some crunch, but if you prefer a smooth texture these can be left out. These can be made to be sugar-free and are also dairy-free, gluten-free, and paleo.

42. Nutella Coffee Milkshake

Detailed recipe and credit – simplystacie.net

This mocha milkshake combines chocolate, coffee, and hazelnut flavors in a single indulgent beverage. This refreshing and chilly treat is made with only three ingredients, plus whipped cream and chocolate shavings for the topping. This is a coffee recipe that can be enjoyed as a dessert, an afternoon pick-me-up snack, or even for a super decadent breakfast beverage. This dessert idea is great for a hot summer day and offers a refreshing option to add to your menu.

43. Nutella Swirl Cupcakes

Detailed recipe and credit – mayakitchenette.com

With Nutella swirled directly into the batter, these cupcakes really don’t even need to be frosted. Although, of course, there’s nothing to stop you from frosting them if you’d like to do so! The baking process for this Nutella dessert recipe only uses one bowl, creating minimal mess and making it easy to clean up your kitchen after you’re done baking. The short list of ingredients makes it a fast recipe as well. The marbled effect caused by swirling in the Nutella is surprisingly decorative, and the cupcakes turn out rich and moist. These would be perfect served with milk, coffee, or any of your favorite beverages.

44. 3-Ingredient Nutella Truffles

Detailed recipe and credit – crazyforcrust.com

What do you get when you combine America’s favorite cookie with chocolate and the wonderful spread known as Nutella? You get this incredible truffle! If you think that Nutella desserts should be easy to make, full of chocolate, and come in candy form then this Nutella recipe is just what you ordered. The only tools needed for this are a food processor and a microwave, so you can make these even if your stove is on the fritz. Add a sprinkling of nonpareils or roll these in chopped nuts for an extra bit of flair. Keep them for yourself, give them as gifts, or bring them to a party and watch them disappear.

45. Vegan Nutella Brownies

Detailed recipe and credit – thealmondeater.com

Healthy brownies? Sure, it’s tempting to raise an eyebrow and look skeptical, but these gooey bar actually manages to give you a chocolate treat which is almost as good for you as a salad. These raw (that means they’re no bake, folks!), vegan bars are free of dairy and white sugar, and they’re stuffed with hazelnuts and cacao to create a Nutella-like brownie. A healthy frosting made of avocados adorns the tops, and a sprinkling of more nuts makes them easier to handle. These quick-to-make and nutritious-to-eat bars are a great guilt-free way to get your Nutella fix today.

46. Oreo Nutella Truffles

Detailed recipe and credit – sugarspunrun.com

Just the photos of these amazing Nutella candies are enough to make one start drooling, and reading through the four ingredient recipe will only make you feel even more hungry. These Oreo Nutella candies make an incredible bite sized treat that you’ll love, and they’re easy to make besides. The only hard part about making these is self-restraint, but you really should finish making these before you stuff the chocolate mixture into your mouth. Then again, there’s no real rule saying you can’t do so–but the finished product is worth the wait.

47)Nutella-Pretzel Truffles

Detailed recipe and credit – browneyedbaker.com

Any fan of the sweet and salty flavor combination will find that Nutella desserts have plenty of options for them, and this is one of them. Instead of just dipping pretzels into Nutella for an impulsive snack, you can make these truffles, which are stuffed with pretzels and Nutella. These are made by crushing pretzels and combining them with a brown sugar, butter and Nutella mixture. This combination of yum is then rolled into little balls, which are then dipped in melted chocolate and allowed to cool. All that’s left to do after that is to enjoy!

48. Fudgy Nutella Chocolate Cake

Detailed recipe and credit – atreatsaffair.com

Here’s a recipe with a creamy and delicious frosting layer which is baked right on top of the cake. A box of cake mix makes this a super easy recipe to bake. The thin cake layer uses only three ingredients, and is then pressed into a 9 x 13 baking dish. Then the creamy filling layer is created, and with ample amounts of both Nutella and cream cheese it is wonderfully reminiscent of a Nutella flavored cheesecake. This chocolate butter cake is a Nutella dessert recipe that’s sure to earn a place in your family traditions year after year.

49. Nutella Crumble Cake Bars

Detailed recipe and credit – crazyforcrust.com

This cake and bar mashup mimics the flavor of traditional yellow cake with chocolate frosting, but in bar form. Using cake mix makes this an easy four ingredient recipe which gives you maximum results for minimal effort. The center layer is made up of pure Nutella, and the top layer of cake is dropped on in small blobs to allow the chocolate to show through, making this a tasty recipe which is also appealing to look at. The creator of this recipe made it for a birthday, but it would be great for any event or for a yummy everyday treat.

50. Nutella Macarons

Detailed recipe and credit – instructables.com

Making macarons requires some precise measuring and careful baking techniques, but the rewarding final product is worth it. These lovely macarons are lightly flavored with chocolate, and then filled with a rich Nutella ganache. This Nutella dessert recipe requires more effort than some of the other Nutella desserts featured here, but the impressively stunning final product makes this a recipe you’ll want to try. Make these to enjoy by yourself or to wow your friends, coworkers, and significant other with your awesome skills.

50 Amazing Nutella Dessert Recipes You Should Try

Our list ends here, and now is the perfect time to select your favorite recipe from this collection and try it out right away. If you love chocolate desserts then it might be hard to choose just one, but with so many quick and easy recipes on this list you don’t have to limit yourself.

This list may have convinced you that the best dessert recipes are stuffed with loads of Nutella, if you weren’t already sure of that fact. There are so many awesome choices here, with recipes appropriate for every season, event, and time of day. Nutella goes with so many other awesome flavors, and can be incorporated into a ton of different types of desserts.

So go ahead and grab the jar of Nutella out of your cupboard. Start mixing up an indulgent treat for yourself to enjoy or to share with your friends and family. And don’t forget to come back to this list again and again to try some of other the awesome options for Nutella desserts, because these really are too amazing to just choose one.

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Andy focuses on getting readers familiar with the latest and trendiest hairstyles. There’s pretty much no style she has yet to try, and her mission is to help everyone find the perfect look they seek. When Andy is not gushing about hairstyles, she spends most of her time reading through her giant collection of sci-fi books or watching old Star Trek shows. See all articles from Andy.