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50 Trendy Halloween Witch Costume Ideas for Women that will Turn Heads

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Many Halloween witch costumes start with basic black but some of the best Halloween witch costume ideas for women spice things up with loads of color. From green and purple accents to the more traditional black and orange, the range of women’s witch costumes is quite diverse. Modern Halloween witch costumes in 2019 encourage you to express your inner Endora to its fullest. Maybe you want to be a funny witch, a cool witch or the awesome evil queen. The choice really is up to you.

The fabrics today are luxurious, as well. Lovely, soft velveteen is often paired with shimmering satin in bold colors. Sheer overlays accentuate the subtle iridescent sheen of the underlayer. Dramatic bell sleeves add mystery and movement as you glide through the night.

All sorts of women’s witch costumes encourage our deepest selves to come forward, if only briefly. Fairytale evil queens are quite popular, thanks to all that is Disney. Maleficent may be popular because as women gain more power in the real world, they want the ability to express themselves fully during playtime.

Unleashing your hidden dark side with a costume is a great way to remind people that they may not know all sides of you. Maybe you are a strong boss when at the day job, and you want to give that side of yourself a night off. Good fairy-queens’ guises might be the best witch costume choice to remind yourself that you are soft and sweet at the core.

All costumes show the world a different side of us. Whenever and however we choose to express those alternative personalities that we all have, today’s costume choices are far and beyond better than what was available in the past. Hopefully, you will be inspired to conjure up your other side to come out and play.

50 of the Sexiest Witch Costume Ideas for Women to Try this Halloween

Perfect and Elegant Purple Hooded Velvet Cape

Wrap your witchy intensity in purple velvet showing the world that witches can be classy and sleek. A beautiful, full-length cape will not only show your up-scale style but will help you stay warm while seeking neighborhood treats. Luxurious crushed velvet will help enhance that air of mystery so important for any good, or bad, witch. Feel free to explore all your special powers while cloaked in this perfect accessory.

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Pretty in Fuchsia Witch’s Brew Costume

Boil, boil, toil, and trouble, indeed. A cute fuchsia three-piece ensemble will help you channel your inner Samantha. You are sure to bewitch everyone at the annual Halloween bash in this nip-waist coat and knee-length skirt. The sassy buckled hat is so unique that you will be the envy of the entire coven. The hat and bell-sleeved velvet coat have fun faux fur trim in matching fuchsia pink. Make your night more magical while expressing your colorful inner witch.

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Great and Classic Basic Black Witch Costume

Everyone needs a little black dress, even a witch. You cannot go wrong with a full-length black witch’s dress. Cut in at the waist, this witch costume idea for ladies will have you feeling your sorceress vibe! This costume comes with a belt and very pointy hat all perfect for scaring up some neighborhood trouble. The best witch costume is the standard and traditional. Why fix what is not broken? Classic black witch costumes are classic for a reason, they are scary. Embrace your traditional Wicked Witch of West. Black is always in style, my pretty.

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Unique, Sexy and Sleeveless Witch Costume

Just because it is a little chilly out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show a little shoulder. Be at your most beguiling in this sexy short, but oh so cute, adult witch costume. Belted at the waist, this style flatters your figure. With a belt and hat included, your only decision will be how much trouble you want to stir up at the All Hallows Eve party. Casting spells will be so easy when you feel seductive and sassy.

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Sleeping Beauty-Inspired Colorful Witch Costume

If you have to create a stir in mind, then consider this awesome full-length witch’s dress. With caftan-styling, you will certainly have all the other party guests spellbound when you glide through the room to refresh yourself with the local witch’s brew. The pink and blue accent colors are a special touch that livens up an already interesting choice. Even a witch appreciates being comfortable with so many treats to nibble. Go ahead, cast your best, but gentle, maleficent curse.

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Green with Envy Wicked Witch Costume

There is a reason the Wicked Witch of the West was so scary. She had the deepest green skin and the greatest scary witch outfit. Instead of wearing a green face opt for some green accents on your costume idea. Very feminine with puffy upper sleeves and a green satin-lined cape, the lovely dropped V-shaped piping at the waist is a shapely detail to enhance any figure. The tall witch’s hat is the perfect topper. Just add a cute broom and you are ready to fly.

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Cool Fairytale Witch’s Outfit with Stand-up Collar

The standard witch’s dress is just not your style. Be a show-stopping spell-caster in this awesome fairytale-inspired costume. Black with a purple lace center accent, the stand-up collar is attached. At the flattering cinched-waist is a faux-diamond brooch and the cape accessory has a cold-shoulder and cool pleating. The cape is lined with red satin to showcase your inner fire. Instead of a hat, you will stand out with the crown you deserve. Remind them all that you rule the night.

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Purple Moon and Stars Overlay Witch’s Dress

Such a unique take on the popular witch’s outfit. A cinch-waist black dress lies under a sheer overlay with flocked-purple moon and stars. A large purple sash weaves around the waist. The elbow-length sleeves drop into a train off each arm. Topped off with a floppy witch hat of faux suede, you are sure to hold everyone under your spell for the entire evening. Halloween will be yours to control when you step out in such a fetching and alluring women’s witch costume.

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Sexy Glinda the Good Witch Costume

Glinda showed us all that good does trump bad, in the end. This adult witch costume lets everyone know that you can be good and sexy at the same time. Soft and satiny pink with a crown, this is a top choice for those spellcasters who want to add a little princess to their witchy flavor. Sweet and girly with puffy sleeves and a tall silver crown you will have everyone talking about how you sparkled with shiny goodness.

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Perfect Puffed-Sleeve Detail Witch Outfit

Black witch costumes are popular for a reason, there is no confusion about who you are trying to be. The key to making a black costume unique is the details. With a button front and puffed-sleeves, the look of this costume is elegant and understated. The shirt-waist is flattering and very female. The dress and petticoat combination means casting many swishy spells all night. The drop-front hat has a black tulle bow adding a special detail to set this costume idea ahead of the rest.

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Darkness with Sparkle Mistress Witch Costume

A high-low hemline and tons of sparkle give this sassy costume idea a real twist. Elbow length sleeves are finished in a sheer drop detail that will be noticed as you wave your wand and do your magic. With a tucked-waist, this flattering adult witch costume will have heads turning at that special get-together. The bust is accentuated with an eye-catching glittered-satin inlay. Topped off with a unique hat, let the magic begin.

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Cool Long Cape with Quilted Red Lining

Simply stunning, this cape will turn any simple women’s witch costume into a showstopper. You could also wear this during Halloween reading hour at the local library. The kids will be spellbound by this elegant look and hanging on every witchy word. For extra mystery, the cape comes with an attached hood. Even witches need to stay warm as they walk through the woods on chilly autumn nights with spellcasting on their minds.

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Best Black Wicked Witch Costume

Very traditional and very scary, this witch costume idea for ladies is a classic. From the train on the hat to the buttons on the bodice and the fun puffed sleeves, this top choice even comes with long nails to help create an extra fright. Get those flying monkeys ready because this costume screams, “I’ll get you, my pretty.” This is the best choice for creating shivering spines in all who cross your path.

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Funny, Boho Witch Costume Idea

Don’t be afraid to let your wig down and have some fun. Colorful is a good choice for the playful witch with a unique style. The violet satin bodice is adorned with a delicate flower motif and ribbon lacing detail. Fitted at the waist with a full skirt, the crinkled detail shows off the sheen of the blue, gold and red satin. Boho-inspired crocheted sleeves add the best airy finish. Made to cast whimsical spells only, this cute dress just says fun.

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Pretty Black Two-Piece Witch Outfit

A great mix and match choice. Having a separate skirt and blouse means you could mix in items from your own wardrobe to change up the look year after year. Always in style, this is a good, basic witch Halloween costume that can be dressed up with some sparkling gems for the fancy Halloween ball or worn as is for the more casual monster bash. Whatever your style, this might be the top choice for that nightly broom ride.

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Bossy Colorful Salem Wench Costume

Show them who has the most powerful hocus pocus in this cute and fitted witch costume idea. A green velvet dress is accented with a dark green and gold brocade bodice with lacing detail. The fitted waist flares into a knee-length full skirt of green velvet with a blue satin insert. Everything is accented with purple sequin trim and royal purple side bustles. Finished with an outrageous red wig there will be no doubt who oversees deciding what spell to cast on whom and when.

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Unique Queen of Darkness Costume

The only match for a wicked witch is an evil queen. An elegant tea-length purple dress with a black velvet shoulder detail is paired with an attached cape. The cape has a red satin lining and the waist is highlighted with a gold satin rope belt. A gold crown finishes off this evil look to perfection. Make sure all your poison apples are ready for biting. Remember, you are the fairest in all the kingdom.

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Sexy Sequined Cauldron-Motif Costume

Leave no doubt that you want to stir up some trouble for Halloween 2019. A short sassy dress sequined from shoulder to hem is the most awesome adult witch costume idea for Halloween. Sparkle and shine are sure to distract even the most stubborn subject so that you can work your magic. From the red sequin fire to the green sparkly bubbles, mix up your special brew for some sexy Halloween fun.

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Shabby-chic Witch Halloween Costume

Hansel and Gretel weren’t prepared for the evil that waited for them at the hag witch’s cottage. Make everyone wonder just exactly what you are up to. They should be warned not to be fooled by the innocent look of the patchwork dress and floral apron, this witch will put them in the oven without a second thought. Completing the look is a shawl and headscarf that will have party guests checking that the children are safely tucked in their beds.

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Stunning Black Velvet Witch’s Sheath Dress

A unique take on the scary witch outfit is made of black velvet with green satin piping detail. The sheath style is flattering and forgiving on any figure. The look of sheer silver sleeves at shoulder continues with a sheer silver inset in the side split. Gold floral embroidery decorates the laced-up cummerbund and side split. The soft green crushed-velvet hat tops the look off in the cutest way. Truly a magical and elegant choice for any country loving witch. Romantic spells will be cast.

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Alluring Evil Queen Costume with Sheer Sleeves

Fitted at the waist with a flared skirt, this black full-length dress has tasteful sex appeal. Having a sheer sleeve, inset at the shoulder, the torn-look finish adds movement at the wrists. Set off by the attractive black headpiece, people will be curious to know what evil plans you have for the evening. The high side slit shows off the best part of any woman’s leg. Keep them guessing about your naughty plots. Afterall, what they don’t know might not hurt them.

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Medieval-Style Iridescent Black Velvet Queen Costume

Ooh la-la. From the deep-V laced bodice to the extra-long skirt this velvet queen can either be nice or evil, depending on the night. The turquoise satin lacing also picks up the blue iridescence in the velvet of the dramatic stand-up collar. The delicate gold chain belt and braid sleeve detail are fantastic finishing touches sure to warm even the coldest ice queen. Whether hosting the party or as a guest, you will be extraordinary in every way.

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Creepy Monster Witch Robe Costume

Complete with the creepiest green hag mask ever seen, this hooded, rag-edge robe is truly terrifying. Kids and adults will probably run away fearing the evil that awaits them. Throw in a great cackle and you will have all the candy to yourself. The black robe has a ragged gauze overlay and hood in green and brown. If fright is your plan, this is the best costume idea. Start practicing your cackle because Halloween is right around the corner.

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Great Black Laced-Bodice Hooded Costume

Elvira will be extremely jealous that you have borrowed her look for the evening. With long sleeves that flare dramatically at the elbow, this form-fitting costume will soon have all the party guests spellbound. Simple and elegant with a floor-length skirt, the attached hood is a detail that takes this look from plain to spectacular. An air of suspense will surround you as you mingle will all the other goblins. Remember, try to play nice.

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Puff-Sleeved Black Jacket-Style Witch Costume

A unique jacket with long, puffed-sleeves and a floor-length skirt takes this basic black witch costume idea for ladies to the next level. The corporate look is attractive on all women, even the witch-iest. Details like the special buttons and Nehru collar give a more formal feel to this great look. This would be the top choice for any organized witch who is all business, the spell-casting business, that is.

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Gorgeous Sleeveless Black Sheath with Lace Cape

In a word this look is beautiful. A delicate, sheer lace hooded-cape overlays an elegant fitted black velveteen sheath-dress. The bodice has a very original metal closure. The woman who chooses this costume idea is not your ordinary abracadabra artist. Extremely feminine and ethereal, this dress will make a dramatic statement for any Halloween occasion. Give people something to talk about long after all the apples have been bobbed.

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Midnight Blue Fitted Satin and Tulle Costume

Dark blue satin and a matching deep blue peplum overlay are a wonderful look in a cute women’s witch costume. At knee- length, the skirt is just right for any party dress code. With a nod to the ‘60s, the retro feel of this lovely sleeveless blue dress will dazzle everyone. A curved witch’s hat in matching midnight blue completes the look with just the right amount of sass. Blue is a bewitching color on anyone at any hour.

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Cute Knee-Length Witch Costume with Bell Sleeves

A standup collar always gives an extra touch of the unexpected. Nipped in at the waist and notched at the collar, the details of this costume are quite novel. Made from a faux brushed-suede, the hand feel is soft and lush. The curve on the hat is a fun touch that makes this look special. You won’t need to scare up compliments because they will be flying your way when you walk in wearing this awesome witch Halloween costume.

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Cool Handkerchief-Hem Duo Scary Witch Outfit

All women need outfits that do double duty, even a sorceress. A four-piece costume, the green-gauze cape can also be worn as an open skirt over leggings or jeans. When worn as a cape, it complements the waistcoat very well. The waistcoat is velveteen with long sleeves and silver buttons. Accessorized with a matching belt, the silver buckle has a lovely vine detail. Great for a late-night broom ride, but don’t forget your velvet witch’s hat because that’s where the power lies.

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Turquoise Old-West Showgirl Witch Costume

Certainly, one of the cute witch costume options, it is quite possible that the Old West had witches who moonlighted as showgirls. Someone had to tame all the unruliness. A beautifully embossed turquoise sateen high-low dress is inset with sheer black long sleeves. Black feathers adorn the shoulders and headpiece. Showgirl meets witch in this beguiling cute witch costume that is on trend for 2019. Put on your dancing heels and bring the fun to the party.

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Striking Fit and Flare Morticia Costume

Gomez Addams was completely in love with Morticia because she was beautiful in her slinky, tight black dress. Slipping into this seductive velvet and lace floor-length dress should attract many admirers. The corset of this lovely piece is adorned with intricate sequin and lace applique. The long sleeves are floral lace netting to match the flared insets at the hem. Go ahead cast your spell far and wide, you can sort through your new suitors at your leisure.

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Voodoo that You Do Adult Witch Costume

A funny take on a voodoo princess, this is a great costume idea for something different. Bone details, lots of necklaces and colorful fabric combine to become a playful conversation starter. The faux-suede corset is laced over an off-shoulder blouse and belted with a green satin sash. The multi-colored skirt has a distressed leatherette overlay and side split. A headpiece sports dangling coins, bones and feathers. This could also work as a fortune-teller costume at a Halloween carnival.

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Sexy Mini-Dress Wicked Witch Costume

Very cute pin-striped mini-dress with a laced corset. Bringing the Wicked Witch of the West into the 21st century, this adorable outfit idea is one of the best witch costumes around. Short puffed-sleeves add a sweetness to this otherwise naughty, but nice mini-skirt outfit. The green sateen apron and bodice inset have a swirl detail to match the motif of the sheer capelet. Put on the classic pointy black hat and you will be ready to scare up some harmless trouble.

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Fun Corseted Witch with Black and Orange Ruffles

A velveteen corset sits on top of a handkerchief tulle skirt. Black and orange ruffled-net straps bring nice detail to the bodice. Small silver hook and eye closures fasten the corset top and a black and orange tulle rose accentuates the fitted waist. Matching ruffled-tulle applique on the hat brings the look together. No color combination says Halloween better than orange and black. Any witch with an eye on tradition but wanting a sexy, adult costume is bound to be more bewitching in this awesome ensemble.

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Sweet Pink Satin Good Witch Costume

Sometimes a benevolent witch is the only cute witch costume choice. Show your softer spellcasting side in this sugary pink sateen mini-dress. The fitted bodice has a sweetheart neckline accented with purple butterflies. The waist is highlighted by a soft pink-dotted tulle. Witch or princess? You decide, it’s your moment to dazzle. A silver tiara crown brings the look to finished perfection. Be the sweet one at the annual Halloween bash and sprinkle some fairy dust to keep the night magical.

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Seductive Black Witch Catsuit with Opera Gloves

Simply wow! Everyone will be under your spell when you drift in wearing a black velveteen catsuit. There will be no question about your supernatural powers in this alluring one-piece adult witch costume. Details include an attached sheer net duster skirt, leatherette bodice lacing, and a matching slouch hat. Sleeveless, this costume comes with a pair of opera-length gloves. After all, warm arms cast better spells. Be prepared for compliments.

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Pub Wench Colorful Witch Costume

Cheeky wench will be a hit in this corset-styled sateen mini-dress. A ruffled skirt has a Playboy bunny motif embossed on the black tulle and hip applique. Lime green and violet ruffles lend a provocative edge to this outfit. Included with the off-shoulder dress are green and white striped tights with black bow accents, adding a fun twist to a classic accessory. Gold lacing on the bodice accentuates the sweetheart neckline. Producing rabbits from hats will be a breeze in this disguise.

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Glitter and Satin Floor-Length Fairytale Witch Costume

Gorgeous ombre-green net ruffles inset on the center panel of the black sateen is just one clever feature of this great women’s witch costume. The sparkle of the glittered tulle and satin add to an already spectacular look and the side ruching on the skirt is quite feminine. Gold lacing on the corset draw the eye to even more glittered green satin at the peasant neckline. Elbow-length puffed-sleeves complete the dress and provide a little warmth on an October night. Finish with a classic hat and you are ready for a charming evening.

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Sorcerer’s Girlfriend Costume with Eyeball Accessory

Wearing an extra scary women’s witch costume, it should be easy to conjure up any spell with this outfit idea. A dramatic high-low hem adds appeal to the shiny royal purple underdress. The iridescence of the purple satin is further enhanced with a sheer black top layer. The long bell sleeves are highlighted with more purple and rag-edge trains flaring from the elbow. Any sorcerer would be proud to show off his lady witch when she is dressed in such magical finery.

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Queen Sorceress Royal Gown Costume

All your regal power will be on display in this pretty royal purple and black gown. Floor-length, this lovely cinch-waist dress has beautiful purple sateen brocade insets all the way up to the purple lined stand-up collar. The velveteen cummerbund, V-neck and sleeves are accented with metallic applique adding just the right amount of sparkle. The headpiece continues the metallic accents with a flattering V-shaped front. No doubt who will be holding court and casting the best spells.

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Voodoo Queen Women’s Witch Costume

Summoning up your best hexes will be no problem while wearing this scary disguise. Mystical powers will be at your fingertips when dressing as a voodoo queen. Complete with a skull-decorated headpiece and medicine bag, a red and white tribal pattern leaves no doubt about your power to rule the night. A knee-length rag-hemmed underskirt completes this evil voodoo Halloween costume. Be warned, you might not want to give up your power at the witching hour.

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Regal Evil Queen in Velvet and Satin

A purple embossed-satin inset panel on a black velveteen sheath dress gives quite a dramatic flair to this royal gown. Floor-length with a large stand-up collar and long lace sleeves, this lovely outfit idea will have you crowned “Most Evil” among the evening’s evil queens. The herald-shaped bodice panel is outlined with metallic gold braid and the waist is shaped with a slender gold rope tie. Wear the gold crown with pride knowing you are the most feared in all the land.

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Spooky Fortune-Teller Costume in Blue and Dark Gray

Not all fortunes have happy outcomes and this scary reader of the crystal ball will reveal all. The long marbled black and gray dress is topped at the waist with a deep blue shabby velvet overlay. Rag-hem sleeves and lacy blue frills add mystery and drama to a strong look. The back has a beautiful blue velvet sash cinched to flatter and shape the waist. While not all she tells will be kind, this soothsayer will always tell the truth.

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50 Mysterious, Sexy and Funny Witch Costume Ideas for Halloween

As you can see, the choices in women’s witch costumes are only limited by your imagination. The perfect outfit idea is waiting for you to discover it. Also, the best Halloween witch costume ideas for women are not limited to just basic black. However, the one thing all these options have in common, it would seem, is headwear. Apparently, witches and queens, evil or good, all carry their power around on their head, therefore, the ability to cast spells or reverse curses is only activated by a crown or pointy hat. Playful or funny, sweet or evil, the sky’s the limit in 2019. Just remember, whichever women’s witch costume you choose, an organized witch always charges up their broom fully before a flight. Witches don’t want the hassle of unplanned pit-stops.

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