Best witch costume ideas for girls and kids this Halloween

50 of the Best Halloween Witch Costume Ideas for Kids to Make Halloween Unforgettable

By: Andy Jones Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Have you been searching for the best Halloween witch costume ideas for kids? Search no further. We have a wonderful list of all of the top witch costumes right here for you. We have infant, toddler and girls sizes. We even have a few that will be great for boys too. From all black and scary to colorful and frilly, we have found something that every little witch will love. Some are inspired by famous movies such as Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz. Others are just based on our typical storybook witches. Others have a vibe all of their own, like the rock and roll witch.

As you are reading through the descriptions, be sure to take note of what is included. Most include a stunning, matching hat. Others are only the accessories so you can use your own dress or leggings and shirt. Those are labeled with the word “kit” in the title so you know that you are only seeing accessories. Others come with everything, right down to shoe covers.

One accessory that would surely add a punch to your little witch’s costume is a broom. There are some really fun brooms featured with some of the outfits, but most are sold separately. Take a look at those too to see what may work with your child’s costume. Another fun addition is a magic wand so your little witch can pretend to put spells on everyone she meets. Perhaps a cauldron for brewing a potion is more of your child’s style? We found one costume that actually looks like the witch is in the cauldron. Read on to learn more about all of the fun and spooky witch costumes and accessories.

50 Best Halloween Witch Costume Ideas for Kids to Have a Magical Halloween

Black Hooded Robe Girl’s Witch Costume

This costume has a floor-length robe is fitted and flares at the bottom. It also has an attached witch’s hood. The sleeves are flared for a dramatic effect. Satin ribbon is used to lace up the bodice. The entire costume, including the ribbon, is black in color.

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Crafty and Cute Witch Costume for Infants

This adorable witch costume is as cute as can be with a striped white and black shirt under a jumper. The jumper is black with orange rick rack and a white and black polka-dotted underlining. There is also a matching hat, which is included.

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Hocus Pocus Styled Witch Halloween Costume

This Hocus Pocus costume is definitely one of the best witch costumes. It resembles the costumes from the movie Hocus Pocus. The dress includes an attached cape, and a belt and hat are included as well. In black, orange and purple, this is a stylish Halloween costume.

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Cute Witch Costume with Leggings and Hat

This cute little witch costume is whimsical and fun. It is not scary at all. There are cutouts of cats and stars adorning the dress. The purple and black striped leggings are included. A witch hat with a purple band with a cat cutout is also included.

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Storybook Witch Costume for Girls

This adorable, floor-length dress is black and green. The front has ruffles of different shades of green with a bodice that laces up in the front with gold ribbon. With green, pouf sleeves and a high collar, this costume is right out of a story.

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Awesome Witch Costume Kit Outfit Idea

This witch costume idea for kids includes a cape and a hat, making it super easy to be a witch this Halloween. Just add leggings with t-shirt or a witchy dress. This would also make a good boy’s witch costume since it is a unisex kit.

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Magical Moons and Stars Witch Costume

This girl’s witch costume has the perfect balance of good witch and bad witch. The long, black dress has an overdress included with purple moons and stars. It also comes with a large, sash-style belt. To complete the look, it includes a unique shaped hat.

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Magical Light-Up Best Witch Costume

Your little ones will think this costume is cute and funny with the lights. The adorable tutu-style dress has a pink skirt and pink sleeves with an overlay with black cats. The bodice is black with some pink, ribbon trim. A matching hat with pink trim is included.

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Glinda The Good Witch Toddler Costume

This Glinda costume is perfect for anyone who loves The Wizard of Oz. Sized for toddlers, you will have the cutest, little Glinda in town. A light pink dress in included with sparkles from head to toe. Glenda’s crown is also included. You can purchase a separate matching wand as well.

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Gryffindor T-Shirt Costume Idea

This long-sleeved t-shirt will start off your Harry Potter inspired costume with ease. The pattern on the shirt makes it look like a blouse with a collar, necktie and a cardigan sweater. Just add a skirt or pants and a wand.

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Hocus Pocus Witch Costume for Toddlers

This great costume inspired by the movie, Hocus Pocus, will be turning heads. The details are just amazing from orange, ribbon sash to the swirly, sparkle pattern on the skirt overlay. A cape and a hat are both included, and they both included the same fine attention to detail.

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Purple and Black Witch Costume for Babies

This Halloween costume is sized for babies, and they will look adorable in the black and purple satin dress. There are ribbon and bow details alongside the bodice that lead to straps for the dress. The sleeves are off-the-shoulder. A matching hat is included.

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Crafty Witch Costume for Toddlers

This costume has a unique crafty look with its buttons and rick rack trim. This is not a scary witch outfit at all, but rather one of the cutest you will ever find. The outfit comes complete with the dress, leggings and a matching hat.

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Toddler Funny and Bright Cauldron Witch Costume

This costume has some black, but it is unique with bright colors of orange, purple and gold. It comes with a dress with a cauldron that wraps all the way around, and flames come out of the bottom of the cauldron. It also includes a hat, leggings and shoe covers.

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Victorian Style Scary Witch Outfit

This black, floor-length witch gown has a lace-up bodice. It has a flowing inset as well as matching armbands in midnight blue. With this costume, you will also receive a matching choker necklace and a hat. All are trimmed in gold.

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Costume Idea Wicked Witch of the West

The Wizard of Oz fans will love this scary witch outfit. The fitted gown is black, trimmed in green. There is ruffle detail at the waist as well. The costume is complete with a high collar, poufy sleeves and a cape. A matching hat is also included.

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Adorable Little Witch Baby Costume

This is one of the best baby costumes on the list. Made to look cute, not scary, this little witch costume even comes with pink braids attached to the hat. The dress is mainly pink with some black and white accents. The sleeves and leggings are white and black striped.

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Witchy Witch Shirt Dress Costume

This easy outfit idea includes a t-shirt styled dress that says “Witchy” on it. With a metallic design on the black background, it gives off a cool vibe. It can be paired with leggings, tights or a skirt to complete the witchy flare. It also comes with a matching hat.

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Glinda the Good Witch Children Sized Costume

This Glinda costume has a beautiful light pink dress with a sheer white overlay. The overlay has silver sparkles all over. Butterflies also adorn the pretty dress. Rather than a witchy-looking hat, Glinda has a matching crown. It is included. A wand is available to purchase separately.

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Unique Purple Cat Witch Costume

Is your little one trying to choose between being a cat and a witch this Halloween? We have a solution. This costume includes a purple witch dress with belt, a witch hat with cat ears, a cat tail and furry gloves. This is definitely a stand-out costume.

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Super Colorful Light Up Witch Costume

This just may be the best witch costume. Not only is it super colorful with orange, purple and black, but it also lights up. The unique design lights up the brightest, orange part of the dress so that it makes a big impact. A fun matching hat is also included.

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Modern Spunky Girl’s Witch Costume

This costume is totally cool with its modern look. The dress is made to look like a white blouse with a separate, black skirt. The skirt has a lace overlay. It also comes with a bow tie, a cape, a hat and a pair of orange and black striped leggings.

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Colorful Fairy Inspired Witch Costume

This best witch costume will be noticed with its beautiful reds, oranges, yellows, greens and purple. The skirt is multi-tiered and is cut to look like flower petals. The bodice laces up the front and the sleeves are poufy. This costume comes with a matching hat.

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Fur Trimmed Witch Halloween Costume

This elegant witch costume gives the appearance of a well-mannered, good witch. It comes with a jacket, skirt and hat. The high-collared jacket is black, trimmed in deep orange-red. The skirt and hat are orange-red. The jacket and hat are both trimmed in black fur.

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Minnie Mouse Inspired Cute Witch Costume

If your little witch is a good witch, then this is the perfect outfit idea. The dress is purple with some orange trim, including a high orange collar. There is a pumpkin on the bow on the waist and a Minnie Mouse on the bodice. The matching hat has Minnie Mouse ears.

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Hocus Pocus Movie Inspired Infant Costume

This adorable Hocus Pocus costume idea that we have seen for kids and toddlers is also available for infants. A sweet little black and purple dress with an attached orange sash will show everyone that you have a good little witch. A matching hat is also included.

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Modern Wicked Witch of the West Costume

This take on a classic is modern and cool. The black bodice is made to look like reptile skin and has green trim. The skirt portion is green and has tons of sparkling tulle to help it stand out. The costume also comes with matching hair ribbons.

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Awesome Salem Witch Halloween Costume

This costume comes complete with a shirt, a skirt, a hat, a belt and a cape. The shirt is white with black trim. The skirt and cape are black. The belt is orange with a gold buckle. The hat is has white trim with a gold buckle. All in all, this is one stylish witch costume.

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Top Modern Style Witch Costume Idea

This modern take on a witch costume includes a fitted black dress with a wide, purple belt. There are black ruffles around the collar area that are large, loose and flowing with purple trim. The sleeves are sheer black and nearly floor-length. A matching hat is included.

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Witch Costume Idea for Kids Kit

This is one of the top kits for creating your own witch costume because it comes with three accessories. There is a beautiful multi-tiered tutu in black, orange and purple. There is a black hat, trimmed in green. Finally, there is a green and black striped magic wand with a purple star.

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Best Lighted Witch Halloween Costume

If your child wants to be noticed this Halloween, then this costume should top your list. The dress is orange with lighting underneath that makes it look like yellow light coming through. The jacket and matching hat are both black with green polka dots. This is a fun costume.

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Best Witch Costume with Stars

This is a great witch costume, especially if you want flare but still want to keep it easy to move around in. With a t-shirt style top and shorter skirt, this costume is comfortable and light-weight. It is black with orange trim and orange star details. A matching hat is included.

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Emerald Witch Costume for Girls

This awesome witch costume includes a dress and a matching hat. The dress has a zigzag hemline on the bottom of the dress as well as on the sleeves. The dress is black with green trim and an attached green belt. The hat is black with a beautiful green sash.

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Rock Star Best Witch Costume

Your little witch will be ready to rock and roll with this snazzy costume. The black dress is fitted with a bodice that has chain trim. There is multi-colored tulle around the bodice and underneath the skirt. The costume includes a petite witch hat with studs.

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Pumpkin and Spider Young Witch Costume

The cute little witch dress is adorned with pumpkins on vines and spider webs. This purple and black dress features green trim and is multi-tiered. Poufy sleeves and a short train complete this look. A small hat with netting is included.

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Best Warlock Boy’s Witch Costume

This is the perfect witchy costume for your young warlock. In deep red and black this is surely a scary witch outfit. It includes a shirt with jacket combo, pants, a belt and a hat. The jacket collar and the hat are both trimmed in black fur.

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Witch Halloween Costume with Graveyard Detail

This witch dress is pretty with its light blue and purple dress, with bow sash and laced bodice. It also has cute poufy sleeves, but the graveyard silhouette across the bottom of the dress gives it a punch of spookiness. There is a matching hat included that has a cute swirly top.

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Evil Witch Costume from Lego

Your little one will look just like a Lego toy in this unique costume. It comes with a flat, stiff tunic with an attached skirt. This boxy look gives it the Lego vibe. It also has a mask and gloves to resemble a Lego face and the Lego hands.

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Lady Spider Witch Costume for Halloween

This is an elegant, fitted costume. The dress is all black, floor length and has long flared sleeves. The collar is what is most stunning about this outfit. It stands up, is very stiff and is made to look like a spider web. The collar is a separate piece to make getting ready easy.

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Witch’s Best Friend Black Cat Costume

Everyone knows that any witch, good or bad, should have a black cat. This adorable costume includes everything your little cat needs. It has a black jumpsuit with attached shoe covers and a tail. It also has a hood, which includes the cat ears. There is also a pair of mittens to resemble paws.

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Harry Potter Slytherin Witch Halloween Costume

This t-shirt style costume is made to look like a collared shirt with a necktie and a sweater. It represents that Slytherin house with its crest. Just add a skirt or pants and the costume is complete. This would also make a great boy’s witch costume.

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Cool Girl’s Witch Costume for Halloween

This witch costume has it all. Included is a long black skirt with an attached green cape, a black jacket, a black belt with silver buckle, a black hat and a large green sash to tie on the hat. This witch costume is totally cool and the other witches will be green with envy.

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50 Spell-Casting Best Halloween Witch Costume Ideas for Kids Who are Magical

Halloween is such a fun time of year, but finding just the right costume can sometimes be tricky. We hope that we were able to help you find just the right witch costume idea for kids. Be sure to check each one out and see what other items you may need to make it the absolute perfect costume. Perhaps add some pointy black shoes, a broomstick or a magic wand to the costume to make it even more authentic. If you want to keep it simple though, there are plenty that have everything you need. Have a safe and fun Halloween with your favorite little witch!

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