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50 Best Halloween Superhero Costume Ideas for Men that will be Trendy this Year

By: Andy Jones Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Many men, women, and children alike all choose to wear superhero Halloween costumes when October 31st rolls around. While this is the perfect time for them to do so, a lot of men wonder what adult superhero costumes are most appropriate for them. Whether you plan to go trick-or-treating with your children or you’ve been invited to a costume party, finding the best superhero costumes for men is all about picking your favorite legendary superhero (or super-villain) and channeling their personality for the night.

Not sure what Halloween costume will fit you better? Dig deep into your childhood past and think of all your favorite cartoons and the most exciting characters. Did you always secretly wish you were Spiderman? Then break out the red and blue suit and start hunting bad guys.

If you still aren’t sure what costume to choose this Halloween, think back to the last superhero movie you saw. Which person did you relate to the most? Was it Thor in the latest Infinity War movie? Or would you prefer to take on the evil mindset of one of DC’s or Marvel’s greatest super-villains? The possibilities are endless with the right costume and a little bit of creativity.

50 Superhero Costume Ideas for Men to Stand Out from the Crowd this Halloween

Men’s Zorro Superhero Halloween Costume

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up as your favorite superhero, so what better choice than Zorro? The legend of Zorro reveals that this iconic superhero is the undercover identity of none other than Don Diego De la Vega. This fictional character was a part of most of our childhoods. As famous as Robin Hood, this people’s hero frees the oppressed by fighting the corrupt and greedy. While others view this hero as an outlaw, his all-black attire is known the world over as the uniform of the legendary fighter. Bring your A-game with one of the best superhero costume ideas like as you dress up as Zorro with his signature eye mask, black bandana, cape, and hat marked with a “Z”.

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Mr. Incredible Men’s Halloween Costume

While Mr. Incredible is certainly one of pop culture’s newest superheroes, that doesn’t make his powers any less impressive. Whether you’re a fan of the first or second movie, you’ll be able to channel this incredible superhero’s powers once you put on the iconic muscular red suit and mask that Mr. Incredible wears. Hero costumes like this one will transform anyone into the real superhero that they are on the inside. If you’re ready to paint the town with the rest of the family on Halloween, why stop there? Try one of the best superhero costume ideas and get the full family set to take on Halloween together as The Incredibles.

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The Penguin Costume for Men

Why wear a men’s superhero Halloween outfit when you can dress up as the villain? If you or someone you know is a diehard fan of the Batman series, The Penguin or any other villains from Batman are the right sort of hero costumes for you. Part of the fun of dressing in costume for Halloween is putting a spin on the classic superhero look. Dressing up as The Penguin, one of Batman’s earliest foes, gives you the chance to walk on the wild side as Gotham’s most black-and-white-clad crime lord. Whether you’re hoping to steal all the Halloween candy for yourself or you simply want to have a one-on-one with the caped crusader himself, this look is one of the best superhero costume ideas that will give you the perfect opportunity to do it.

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Men’s Marvel Wolverine Halloween Costume

Looking for a Halloween costume idea? Dress up as Wolverine. While Wolverine tends to be one of the more misunderstood Marvel superheroes, he is still a powerful mutant that has incredible powers. Whether he’s punched, shot, blown up, scratched, or zapped, Wolverine manages to come back stronger than ever. While these mutant powers scare some, the right man for the job can channel these superpowers for the good of Halloween. This bright yellow, black, and blue color scheme will make any Wolverine fans feel as though they are walking in this superhero’s shoes for the day.

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Men’s Green Lantern Halloween Costume

The greatest Halloween costume is one that makes you feel like a real superhero. Green Lantern or Hal Jordan is one of DC’s most beloved superheroes. After getting his powers from a crazy accident, Hal became his city’s protector. Channel the Green Lantern’s energy by donning his iconic green suit and accessories. This green suit, boots, will be completed with the power ring that chooses him as the Green Lantern. While this superhero’s power to protect is undeniable, his greatest attribute is his ability to face his fears head-on. With this Green Lantern suit, you’ll be able to do the same and take on the night fearlessly.

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Mr. Incredible Pajama Union Suit

Need a costume idea that you can also wear every day of the week? Consider this Mr. Incredible Pajama Union Suit. This suit is a pajama costume that is the perfect blend of comfort and superhero fun. Even Mr. Incredible took some time off to relax, so why can’t you do the same? Whether you’re going door-to-door with the kids or you’re just doling out sweets to every Halloween trick-or-treater that comes to your door, wearing this ultra-soft Mr. Incredible suit will make you feel like a real superhero enjoying the day off.

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The Incredibles’ Frozone Suit for Men

Frozone is Mr. Incredible’s crime-fighting colleague that is capable of heading off the bad guys with his cryokinesis (control over ice). Take on Frozone’s icy superpowers by slipping into his blue and white suit, eye mask, and headgear. Use your powers to freeze criminals where they stand or get the fill of your favorite candy. Whatever you choose to do as Frozone this Halloween, you’ll find that you’re a fan favorite wherever you go.

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Deluxe Armored Batman Halloween Costume

DC fans the world over can’t seem to get enough of Gotham’s favorite superhero. This licensed armored Batman costume is the real deal. From the padded jumpsuit featuring 3D gauntlets, a cape, belt, and mask, this costume goes all out and will make you feel like hero your city needs. If you’re planning to walk the streets with your kids this Halloween, this suit will make sure you’re ready to serve and protect.

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Marvel’s Black Panther Costume for Men

The king of Wakanda is bound to be one of the best superhero costumes for men this year. Take on the role of T’Challa with this sleek all-black suit. While you’ll never be the true king of Wakanda, you can play him for the night with this super suit. Transform into your favorite Marvel superhero this Halloween with this costume that molds to your body and gives you an added muscular look that will help you channel T’Challa even more.

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Marvel’s Iron Man Halloween Costume

Iron Man is essentially a self-made superhero. If you’re a major fan of Tony Stark, consider becoming him for the night this Halloween. Whether you want to fight with the Avengers or protect your city solo, this is just the suit to do that. As the king of tech, Tony Stark builds the smartest super suits in the game, and this one is certainly no exception. If you’re planning to get your fight on or simply look the part, this is the perfect men’s superhero costume to do both.

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Captain America Age of Ultron Costume

This costume features Cap’s iconic colors and mask. This Captain America gear is instantly recognizable and will help you channel the inner super soldier inside of you. While you’ll have to deck this outfit idea out with your pair of boots and Captain America shield, with this mask and shirt, you have the fixings for the best Captain America costume ever.

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Captain Planet Super Hero Costume for Men

Want a down-to-earth outfit idea for this Halloween? While Captain Planet is one of the lesser-known superheroes, he’s still a hero that is made out of this world. His alien capabilities make him one of this universe’s best superheroes that’s literally made of earth. Captain Planet focuses on taking care of criminals while helping leave the earth cleaner than he found it. This officially licensed costume comes with a muscle padded jumpsuit, boot covers, and an all-over blue skin suit that channels Captain Planet’s unique look that’s completed with the natural green hair. Get environmentally-friendly this Halloween and dress like Captain Planet.

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Men’s Superman Costume for Halloween

Superman is one of the world’s favorite superheroes. Complete with his unbelievably fit physique, the blood-red “S” on his chest, red boots, cape, and blue suit, Superman’s outfit is unforgettable and iconic. Get your superhero on with this Superman costume. As one of the best adult superhero costumes, this Dawn of Justice suit is the officially licensed costume from DC. Whether you’re just dressing up as Clark Kent’s alter ego for fun or you want to protect the streets this Halloween, this costume will make it easy to do exactly that.

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Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon Costume

Fans of Guardians of the Galaxy are absolutely obsessed with the cute character Rocket Raccoon. If you can’t get enough of this furball, why not dress up as him for Halloween? This costume is exactly what Rocket wears complete with fur sleeves, his main jumpsuit, and a fake fur tail that’s attached at the back. Complete with the molded mask, this Rocket Raccoon costume will make it easy to step into character as one of the funniest and most feisty superheroes of our generation.

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Premium Marvel Deadpool Costume for Men

Arguably the best superhero, Deadpool is the funniest man-turned-superhero that makes crime-fighting a blast. While emulating Deadpool’s unmasked face might be a scarier option for Halloween, this suit will automatically make you feel and look exactly like Deadpool himself. This premium costume comes with his iconic red and black suit featuring boots and buckles that make this getup seem all the tougher. Paired with a mask to recreate Deadpool’s scarred face, this outfit idea is sure to elicit a few laughs and screams from others out and about on Halloween.

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DC’s Robin Men’s Halloween Costume

Since most of the world expects countless men to dress as Batman for Halloween, why not surprise them by donning the suit of his tireless sidekick, Robin? DC superhero Halloween costumes for men like this one are the real deal. Featuring the cape, mask, and padded armored suit, this costume will transform any civilian into their favorite superhero. This incredible suit is inspired by the authentic style of this 1987 outfit and is durable enough to survive a night on the town fighting bad guys with Batman or whatever shenanigans Halloween has in store for you.

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DC’s Joker Costume for Men

Need a casual Halloween costume that is also an awesome idea? This joker costume is instantly recognizable with the green wig and Joker t-shirt and will help you feel like the vilest villain this Halloween. Whether you choose to wear the shirt by itself at your local bar or go into full villain mode by painting your face to look just like the Joker, this costume is the perfect way to get started with your Halloween fun. While the Joker has his the guy you love to hate, you can still channel his villainous spirit by slipping into this shirt.

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The Riddler Men’s Halloween Costume

Why dress as one of the best superheroes when you can be a super-villain? As a legendary arch-nemesis of Batman, when you dress as The Riddler, you’ll be able to make getting away with misdeeds ever so cool. Just like the Riddler in the original Batman shows, you’ll be able to wear a suit that’s just like the one Jim Carrey wore, whether you spend the night riddling Batman or eating your favorite candy, you’ll get to taste sweet victory knowing you’re dressed as one of DC’s favorite crazy criminals.

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The Simpsons’ Duffman Costume for Men

While Duffman may not be your average superhero, he definitely saves the day upon arrival. Though Duff is just the fictional beer from the Simpsons, Duffman is a hero to all for what he represents. One of Homer Simpson’s favorite people on earth, Duffman always knows how to bring the party. Officially licensed and complete with muscle sculpted padding, this Duffman suit will allow you to look like the real thing. Regardless of how many cans of “Duff” you have on you, everyone that’s in the know will get a kick out of your costume.

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Weedman Green Superhero Men’s Costume

Whether you’re a weed man in real life or you simply get a kick out of this suit, think about wearing a top superhero costume like this one for Halloween. Complete with the marijuana leaf logo, a green mask, and green suit, this Weedman costume will be the hit of any Halloween event you attend. Make this Halloween costume better by rolling a big “cigar” of your own to really send your message home.

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Lego Batman Joker Costume for Men

Can’t get enough of the cute Batman Lego Movie? This costume is for you. Put a spin on the classic superhero costume tradition and dress up as the logo version of Batman’s greatest foe. Like the Joker from the Lego Movie, you’ll get the tell-tale Lego hands, square t-shirt, and mask. Much like the Joker from the Lego Movie, you’ll come across as the snarkier version of the serious villain from the original comics. While this Joker costume features the graphic Lego top, you can DIY the jeans with a little bit of purple dye and black and white paint.

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Wonder Woman’s Steve Trevor Jumpsuit

While a cool jumpsuit and a satchel on their own may not seem like much, this costume is the uniform of Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman’s right-hand man. While Wonder Woman can save the world on her own, Steve is there to help her understand how to fit into the real world. If you’re a good guy that is the superhero to your very own Wonder Woman, go ahead and think of yourself as a Steve Trevor look-a-life. Reminiscent of the one worn by Wonder Woman actor Chris Pine, this full-body jumpsuit is a funny take on the superhero Halloween costume trend.

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Batman’s Jason Todd Robin Costume

As the first Robin, you’ll be able to channel the energy of this vigilante anti-hero. Donning the Red Hood, you’ll be able to tap into your evil ways as the former Robin-turned villain. This costume features the t-shirt, belt, and mask may not be as recognized as the classic Robin costume, but true Batman fans will recognize the Red Hood immediately. While you don’t have to bring the same attitude as this anti-hero, you can channel as much action and energy as this passionate character does.

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Thulsa Doom the Necromancer Costume

Thulsa Doom is the necromancer of Conan the Barbarian fame. One of the more obscure comic book characters, Thulsa Doom is still a scary and underrated super-villain. With the ability to manipulate his appearance, form energy shields, and grant others magical powers, Thulsa Doom is effectively immortal as he continues to wield his strange and wonderful powers. Featuring a deathly garb bearing an infamous skull and skeleton suit clothed with a red cloth and cape, this costume is sure to scare a few souls this Halloween.

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Red Deadpool Men’s Halloween Costume

Deadpool is one of those unexpected superheroes that everyone’s grown to love. This officially licensed costume features a jumpsuit, mask, and padded chest piece. While you’ll have to come up with your own version of Deadpool’s classic weapons, this costume will make you instantly recognizable and will likely even win you a few fans. As you get ready for some Halloween fun in your Deadpool costume, don’t forget to strike a few iconic poses or share a couple of jokes just like the real Deadpool would.

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Batman Costume from Batman vs. Superman

Though the Batman vs. Superman movie answered the long-held question that fans have been asking for decades, you can make your own decision as to who would win the fight between the two heroes. If you’ve been longing to don the super suit of the Man of Steel, look no further than this costume. Complete with a mask, belt, cape, and jumpsuit featuring boot tops and attached gauntlets, this costume solidifies Batman as the real winner of this fight. Whether you plan to reenact this battle with your own version of Superman or you’re getting ready to visit your local Halloween party, you’ll feel just as powerful as the man-made hero, Mr. Wayne himself.

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X-Men’s Wolverine Costume for Men

Ready to get your wolverine on? Choose this fun costume to look just like Logan when he’s got his claws out. This classic yellow Wolverine suit is just like the one designed by Department H from the original comic books. With blue boots and gloves, this suit will please any X-Men fan. This costume features a padded chest, the mask, and the addition of the wolverine claws.

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Batman’s The Joker Halloween Costume

Why take Halloween “so serious”? If you’re ready to get a little villainous this Halloween, take The Joker’s infamous costume out for a spin. This costume is inspired by the suit worn by this crazy clown in Christopher Nolan’s Batman. Complete with pinstripe pants, purple jacket, green vest, molded mask, and shirt, this joker costume will satisfy any Batman fan. While you can spend the night hunting for your arch-nemesis, this awesome Joker look makes for a fun costume for any of the other interesting Halloween festivities you have planned.

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Classic Captain America Handmade Mask

Love Captain America? Why not start planning your Halloween costume off with the handmade Avengers superhero mask. This unique Captain America helmet features a natural rubber latex helmet that is realistic, lightweight, and features a prominent “A” for Captain America. You’ll be the spitting image of Steve Rogers once you pair this mask with the rest of your Captain America super suit.

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Infinity War Thor Costume for Men

Asgard’s golden god Thor brings the thunder with his infamous weapon or choice that amplifies his powers. Become the god of thunder for Halloween with this true-to-screen Thor costume. This costume comes with the belt, jumpsuit and boot tops with the iconic hammer sold separately. This officially licensed costume comes with fiberfill padding that will give anyone the muscular sculpted look that Thor is loved for.

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Marvel’s Captain America Halloween Costume

This Captain America costume is a jumpsuit that features the iconic style of America’s favorite superhero. Get your red, white, and blue on this Halloween with this suit and mask. This costume is easy to put on and does the job, whether you’re going on a trick-or-treating stint with the kids or spending the night at a friend’s costume party. Though the Captain America shield is sold separately, you can get a little creative and make your own. Either way, you’ll be able to channel his powers yourself in this outfit.

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Bananaman Superhero Halloween Costume for Men

True comic book fan that loves the series Bananaman will be excited to wear this fun costume. Though it takes a true lover of British comic books to get this reference, this costume is a Genuine throwback to this popular English superhero. Gain the powers of Bananman after eating a banana and suiting up in this costume. Complete with the yellow banana-shaped boots and gloves, as well as the iconic “B” belt, padded top and trousers.

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Teen Titans’ Beast Boy Costume

Ever wanted to become Beast Boy? The opportunity is yours this Halloween. Teen Titan’s favorite shapeshifter can transform into almost any animal to help him fight crime. While you probably won’t shapeshift far beyond your human form, wearing this costume will give you all the thrill of being part of the Teen Titans. This costume comes with a jumpsuit, shoe covers, gloves, belt, and green face paint to help you transform into Beast Boy. Though you won’t be able to actually tap into his powers, you can feel like you’re trick-or-treating at Titan Tower for the night.

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Marvel’s Daredevil Halloween Costume

This Daredevil suit is one of the best superhero costumes for men. Don the red super-suit of this Marvel favorite to become Daredevil for the night. Known as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Matthew Murdock has the power of supersonic hearing thanks to an accident involving a radioactive substance. Paired with his incredible fighting skill, Daredevil is unstoppable against his foes. Dress like Hell’s Kitchen’s hero with this classic costume. This muscular jumpsuit features his red gloves, belt, mask, and shoe coverings.

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Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star Lord Costume

Star Lord is the space king that is one of the easiest superheroes to love. Whether you plan to fight space aliens or just hope to fall in love with your own Gamora, you’ll need this authentic Star Lord jumpsuit to do so. Rule the galaxies this Halloween with this Star Lord costume. Peter Quill (Star Lord’s real name) has the charm and passion of a good guy superhero, so if you fit the bill, go ahead and suit up. This costume includes jumpsuit with padded chest, boot covers, and a mask made of molded plastic.

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Mr. Incredible Muscle Costume for Men

Mr. Incredible’s greatest power is his unbelievable strength. With his bright red jumpsuit that shows of the super-sculpted chest, thighs, and shoulders, anyone can see why Mr. Incredible is able to always save the day. Plan for a fun Halloween night on the town whether you’re by yourself as Mr. Incredible or you bring the whole family along. With this detailed costume, you’ll get to show off your physique and be the superhero you’ve always wanted to be.

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Doctor Strange Cloak Halloween Costume

While this costume only features Doctor strange’s bright red cloak, that’s all you really need if you’re emulating this superhero. Dr. Strange’s tale is one of magic and self-discovery that ultimately leads him to find the enchanted cloak. This cloak is what allows him to learn more about magic and tap into his true powers as a wizard. From flying to protecting him in fights, this cloak is much more powerful than it seems. Not sure if this cloak is the real deal? This officially licensed costume is everything you need to look and act just like the real Dr. Strange.

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Men’s Nite Owl Watchmen Costume

DC’s Watchmen is a cult classic that features many cosplay-able characters like Daniel Dreiberg or Nite Owl. This hero is a lover of birds, superheroes, and gadgets. As he starts fighting around the ’60s, Dreiberg transforms into the Nite Owl. With natural genius-level intellect and the ability to fly, you can take on the power of the Nite Owl with this costume. This suite features a muscular chest, bird-like headpiece, belt, and cape that are all part of the classic Watchmen superhero’s gear.

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Deluxe Men’s Spiderman Halloween Costume

There’s no denying it, Spiderman is one of the greatest superheroes of all time. With a costume that is almost instantly recognizable by anyone in the world, Spiderman’s super suit is black, and red, with the iconic spider emblem embedded in the chest. While you don’t have to wait around to be bitten by a radioactive spider, you can channel the same funny and charming superhero persona as Peter Parker with this Spiderman jumpsuit.

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Dark Night’s Bane Costume for Men

Have a dark and gravelly voice that you’ve been holding back until Halloween? Show off your incredible Bane impression as you wear this authentic costume that features the villain’s unique yet frightening mask, his green jumpsuit, belt, and gloves. Whether you’ve honed your fighting skills in the prison of Peña Duro or you simply want to show off your superior muscular physique, everyone’s bound to be impressed by your Bane costume.

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Dark Knight Batman Costume

The Dark Knight is arguably the most entertaining of Batman Movies and features one of the Caped Crusader’s better super suits of the entire series. If you can’t get enough of Gotham City’s hero, it’s time to become him yourself. Featuring this perfect all-black jumpsuit with a molded foam chest and padding all over for a muscular look, this officially licensed suit also comes with foam boot tops, decorative spikes, a hood, and cape with a molded face mask. Protect your city or pass out candy; the choice is up to you. Whatever you decide, you’ll look just like Bruce Wayne.

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Men’s Wonder Woman’s Ares Costume

This unique take on Ares’ costume features the armor for the god of war. DC’s super-villain is based on the original character from Greek mythology that inspired the comic book character. As the brother to Wonder Woman, Ares attempts to wreak havoc for this superhero. If you’re ready to tap into your dark side, consider this Ares costume. Complete with his grey jumpsuit, mask, and belt, you’ll be able to wage a candy war when going trick-or-treating with your kids.

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Arkham City’s Joker Costume for Men

This elegant costume features a waistcoat, bowtie, jacket, trousers, and gloves which makes it hard to believe that they belong to one of the world’s most dastardly super-villains. If you’re ready to slip into the role of Arkham City’s Joker, this is the right look for you.

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Men’s Arkham City’s Batman Top

Not wanting to go all out with your men’s superhero Halloween outfit? Try this Batman top on for size. This casual costume is reminiscent of the Arkham City Batman and features his huge bat emblem and impenetrable armor. This printed costume shirt comes with an eye mask and hooded cape that will make you feel just like the caped crusader.

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Thor Men’s Halloween Superhero Costume

Thor’s powers are envied all over the universe, so what better superhero to dress up for Halloween? Transform into the Asgard god of thunder with your new Thor licensed costume. As an Avenger, you’ll fit right in with the dark blue jumpsuit that features padded armor to reveal your muscular arms and chest. with the addition of the cape and wig, you’ll be unstoppable.

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Men’s Lego Batman Halloween Costume

Lego Batman is one of the funniest takes on this beloved superhero. While his personality is a little off from the comic book version of this hero, the Dark Knight of Lego fame will make you laugh. This officially licensed men’s superhero Halloween outfit has all the bells and whistles of the regular costume, it’s just in Lego form. Featuring a detachable cape, pants, and a printed tunic with gloves and a headpiece, this Lego costume is a great idea for any man looking for hero Costumes that is a diehard Lego or Batman fan.

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Aquaman Dawn of Justice Halloween Costume

The power of the sea can be yours with this Aquaman costume. Whether you couldn’t get enough of Jason Momoa’s superhero role or you just love to imagine yourself with the powers of Poseidon, this is the right superhero costume for you. This Aquaman jumpsuit comes with a padded chest, attached boot tops with gauntlets, and printed detailing to emulate Aquaman’s skin. The best superhero costumes for men are ultimately your favorite characters from the best comic books, cartoons, and superhero movies. While not every character on this list is as well known as one of the Avengers, any of these adult superhero costumes will channel the spirit of Halloween.

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50 of the Coolest Halloween Superhero Costume Ideas for Men

As you wear your adult superhero costumes this upcoming October, be prepared for all the stares, picture requests, and even the other superheroes you encounter while celebrating. Whatever men’s superhero Halloween outfit you decide to wear, be sure to give a good scare, have a few laughs, and remember to fight the good fight.

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