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50 Sexy and Fun Halloween Star Wars Costume Ideas for Women

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It’s that time of the year to show off your love of your favorite characters, and in an effort to help you achieve that, we found dozens of the best Halloween Star Wars costume ideas for women. Finding that perfect costume can take a long time as you browse store after store, and you probably don’t want to wind up in the same outfit everyone else snatched off the rack. So, we accumulated a large variety of ideas to get the gears turning in your head. Whether you’re a new fan or carry a lifetime membership for the imaginative sci-fi franchise, we have a costume for you.

Don’t let your age stop you. Star Wars boasts a massive fan following that sees no age limit, so there are plenty of costumes designed for women that you can choose from. Feel like joining The Force or would you rather take your chance and dive into the Dark Side? We have a costume idea for that. Are you interested in the fighters, the pilots, or perhaps the lovable robot companions seen throughout the films? You’re sure to find a costume idea to go along with whatever you’ve dreamt of being.

The Clone Wars Adult Ahsoka Costume

Show off your love of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series with this awesome Ahsoka costume. Channel Anakin’s star pupil in her traditional dress with attached belt and apron, her tights, boot tops, and glovelets. There’s even the realistic headpiece made from polyfoam to round out the costume.

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Stormtrooper Deluxe Shirt and Gloves Combo

Maybe you’re in the market for something simple, yet still cool enough that only Star Wars fans will recognize. This t-shirt should do the trick. It’s designed to resemble the classic Stormtrooper uniform. You even get a pair of sparkly fingerless gloves to go along with it.

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Boba Fett Bodysuit and Helmet Costume

Why should men have all the fun dressing as one of the most arguably intriguing characters in Star Wars? Let your Boba Fett fangirl loose next Halloween in this cool jumpsuit with an attached cape. You can fully embrace the famed bounty hunter by donning the two-piece mask that makes up his helmet.

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Female Darth Vader Bodysuit Costume

Who doesn’t love the bad guys, right? Let the darkness take you over by sporting this Darth Vader jumpsuit. It’s made from a mixture of comfortable foam, spandex, and polyester material. Beyond his standard cape and belt, you get his authentic-looking mask so you can fully suit up and journey to the Dark Side.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rey Costume

For those of you who want to feel the full girl-power strength from one of the most standout characters in the franchise, you’ll probably love this Rey costume. It’s comfortable too as it’s only a onesie that features leg-warmers and sleeves. There’s even the wrist band, belt, and chest bands to create that genuine Rey look.

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Princess Leia Hooded Bolero with Buns

Stay cozy and fashionable next Halloween with this fun Princess Leia bolero. The jacket is made of 100% polyester material, and it features a hood with Leia’s signature buns stitched to the sides. This simple and sexy bolero can help you match any Star Wars-themed Halloween party.

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Playful Deluxe Chewbacca Women’s Costume

Switch up your Chewbacca play for Halloween with this super cute getup. Fuzz can be found on the hood of the dress, around the wrists, and on the leg pieces to honor the lovable Wookiee. You even get his shoulder bag, turning a dress into a unique homage for one of the most popular characters.

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Cute Chewbacca Rhinestone Tank Dress

Heading to a fun party for Halloween but don’t want a costume that’s too over-the-top? Then consider this cute tank dress styled after Chewbacca. There’s a design alluding to Chewie’s shoulder bag, and you get to slip on the furry glovelets to top the costume off.

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BB-8 Droid Dress and Headpiece Costume

If you’re in the mood for a more fashionable Halloween Star Wars costume idea, this BB-8 dress may be the right choice for you. The dress is in a tank style, and it features a simple and cute design of the droid. There’s also a headpiece you can wear with a funny, small antenna on top.

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Women’s Boba Fett Dress Costume

You can be the talk of any Star Wars-themed Halloween party with this adorable Boba Fett dress. The design successfully imitates the bounty hunter’s armor, while the knee-high socks and headpiece offer a distinctive way to show off his boots and helmet.

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Star Wars Yoda Headband with Ears

Sometimes all you need is that perfect little accessory to bring together a costume. This Yoda-styled headband can do just that. It’s a cute accessory that features his signature, pointy green ears. Pair this with your own Yoda costume, or use it to add a Star Wars touch to any outfit.

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Queen Padmé Amidala Villa Dress

Step away from the standard Queen Amidala outfits with this beautiful, flowing costume dress. It’s practically an exact replica of the dress she wore on her trip to the Villa retreat on her home planet. Die-hard Star Wars fans will instantly recognize it, and it’s the perfect way to add some elegance to your Halloween.

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Lady Stormtrooper Armor and Mask

You’ll be ready for any battle with this Stormtrooper costume. Easily slip into the jumpsuit, and with the attached armor pieces, you can fend off your next opponent. Add in the two-piece mask that makes up the helmet, and you can blend in with the rest of the Stormtroopers with no problem.

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Women’s Imperial Officer Star Wars Costume

Make everyone stand at attention and show some respect by wearing this Imperial Officer costume. The officer jacket is double breasted and features a zippered front and your rank insignia proudly attached. It’s a realistic outfit from the hat down to the pleather boot covers.

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Cute Furry Space Creature Costume

Halloween isn’t all about scary alien costumes, so this furry getup will leave you looking cute and feeling cool while representing fun creatures. To stick with the Star Wars theme, this outfit can pay homage to the adorable Ewoks. It has the ear-topped hood, furry wristlets and boot covers, and fur-lined dress.

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Young Lando Calrissian Women’s Costume

There are many who wish to be the smooth-talking former smuggler and Rebel Alliance general, and this costume finally gives you that opportunity. It embraces his appearance from Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. You get the blue shirt, strap and shiny cape, and form-fitting pants.

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Sexy Princess Leia Dress Costume

Elevate Princess Leia with this fun take on her traditional white dress. The skin-tight outfit features a high split in the front, and it includes her belt and a wig so that you can immediately get that classic Leia hair without struggling for hours in the mirror.

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Princess Leia Space Slave Costume

When Princess Leia found herself shackled to Jabba the Hutt’s side, the tough fighter didn’t let that deter her. With this slave outfit, you can show off the sexy and tough side of the beloved character. You even get the choker chain that’s ready to strangle off any filthy worm creatures that come your way.

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X-Wing Fighter Dress and Hat Costume

With this X-Wing Fighter Dress, you’re ready to celebrate your victory against the Empire. The cute orange mini-dress is comes with a belt and knee-high socks. Instead of the Fighter Pilots’ usual helmet, you get a cozy hat designed to resemble the white helmets.

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Padmé Amidala Geonosis Battle Costume

This sexy take on Padmé Amidala’s wardrobe after the initial battle of the Clone Wars will let everyone know you mean business. The cutoff shirt features the usual single-sleeve design, and it comes with the belt, armband, and tight white pants.

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Deluxe Padmé Amidala Battle Costume

Before things got too intense on Geonosis, Padmé Amidala looked like the perfect Senator ready to do battle. You can bring that to life with this ivory jumpsuit. You even get the rubber belt with a faux gun, pleather boot tips, and the regal-like shawlcape.

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Queen Padmé Amidala Lavish Regal Costume

If you need the best Halloween Star Wars costume idea for women that set you apart from everyone else, take a look at this elegant take on Queen Amidala’s throne room dress. In addition to the dress, you get the standout headpiece to fully represent the iconic ruler’s detailed regal style.

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Cute Stormtrooper Women’s Dress and Gloves

Sometimes you need to be cute and ready to fight off your enemy. This Stormtrooper-styled dress can help with that. It’s basic, yet still adorable enough for your next Halloween get-together. You also get a pair of cool fingerless gloves to go with the costume.

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Sexy Golden A.I. Droid Costume

It’s not every day you can turn a droid into something sexy, but once you don this Golden A.I. Costume, you may feel at one with the droids while still looking attractive. It’s a simple jumpsuit outfit too that’s elevated with the cutouts in the right places, fingerless gloves, and a shiny golden headband.

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Star Wars Han Solo Classic Costume

We all know Han Solo is one of the coolest things to come out of Star Wars, but why should his outfit be limited to the men? This costume changes nothing about his classic costume, and instead, just allows it to better fit women. You get everything from the vest to the belt and holster.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey Costume

When Rey first appeared in the franchise, it wasn’t difficult to see why so many girls and women loved her. You can relive that in her now iconic outfit from the film. This costume is a T-shirt and pants combo that comes with arm sleeves, wrist cuff, and the belt with bag design.

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Deluxe Jedi Women’s Battle Costume

You can embrace your inner Jedi with this fun costume. The tunic has a printed Linenburlap appearance to add some authenticity to the outfit. It also comes with the printed belt, brown pants with attached boot tops, and shoe covers.

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Galactic Empress Sexy Costume Set

Enter your next Halloween bash in this sexy and alluring costume, and you’re sure to have all eyes on you. It’s a fun spin on the usual Darth Vader outfits that features a warrior-like teddy with padded push-up cups. There’s a nice garter to match as well as a long-sleeve shurg with an attached cape.

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Boba Fett Women’s Tutu Skirt

The cutest things can be found in simplicity, and this tutu skirt proves just that. If you just want a touch of Stars Wars this Halloween, then one of the best ways you can do that is with this Boba Fett-inspired tutu. The green wonderfully sparkles, and the belt features a small image of the bounty hunter’s helmet.

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C-3PO Droid T-Shirt Costume and Gloves

For those of you who need something minor you can wear into work this Halloween without sacrificing your love of Star Wars, consider this cute T-shirt and gloves combo. It can be a wonderful way to honor C-3PO, the friendly and loyal droid. You also get some cool wrist gloves to match the shirt.

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Robotic Hero Sexy Romper Costume

This sexy romper serves as a fun Halloween Star Wars-inspired costume. It aims to honor R2D2, the round droid that everyone seems to love. The romper is metallic-like with blue details. Throw on the included headband to round out the look.

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Deluxe Senator Padmé Amidala Uniform Costume

Padmé Amidala always seems to look stylish, and you can too in this chic outfit she wore as she traveled around galaxy seeking Intel for the war. The costume manages to achieve all the minor details from her outfit from the one-piece jumpsuit to the cape and belt.

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Princess Leia Deluxe Dress and Wig Costume

Capturing the iconic Princess Leia is sometimes all you need to do to have one of the best Halloween Star Wars costume for women. This takes you back to the basics with the white dress and hood combination. You also get the belt to tie it all together. There’s no worry for your hair either thanks to the included wig.

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Deluxe Princess Leia Dress with Hood

Be the talk of your neighborhood this Halloween by slipping on this cool Princess Leia costume. Whether you’re taking on the night alone or going out with your own Han Solo, this white dress with hood and belt can help bring the character to life.

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Star Wars R2D2 Sleeveless Dress Costume

Bring a touch of fashion to Halloween with this R2D2 Sleeveless Dress Costume. The bold blue and white coloring throughout the dress addresses all the details of the cute droid. It’s all in a knee-length dress, sleeveless style with a scoop neck design.

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Deluxe Jyn Erso Soldier Costume

Looking to capture the former criminal turned soldier Jyn Erso? All you need to do is slip on this one-piece suit with boot covers, and you can personify the rebellious character and prepare to lead Rogue One through a successful mission.

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Return of the Jedi Hoth Leia

It isn’t easy to fill the shoes of Leia and everything she has accomplished, but this costume can help you take the steps toward representing her legacy. The cute jumpsuit is pulled together with an attached belt and boot tops.

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Asajj Ventress Blue Dress Costume

It’s always nice to step outside the box of the usual Star Wars costume characters and go for someone who may not be as represented. Take on the Jedi and become one of the most formidable assassin’s in this Asajj Ventress form-fitting dress costume. It features glovelets as well as a detailed belt.

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Chewbacca T-Shirt and Gloves Costume

If you need to tackle Halloween without a full-fledged costume, this T-shirt inspired by Chewbacca may be the best choice for you. The shirt includes the design of his shoulder harness, and you also get synthetic leather gloves with a fur design on top.

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Adult Asajj Ventress Dress Costume

Asajj Ventress is one of the Dark Side’s greatest assassin’s, and you can become one with her with this sexy dress costume. The details in the dress are wonderful and accurate, and once you put on the glovelets, you can truly feel like you’ve become the Dathomirian fighter.

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Sith Lord Darth Talon Costume

Anointed by Darth Krayt, Talon is one of the most lethal warriors of the Sith, and you can now embrace all there is to love about the assassin. The costume is extensive in order to properly showcase the character. You get the shirt with attached gloves, briefs with attached belt, tights, bra, boot tops, and the inflatable headpiece.

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Princess Leia Classic Wig for Women

Perhaps you already have the perfect Princess Leia costume ready for Halloween this year. If so, all you need to top off the outfit is nailing the hair. Of course, that’s not always feasible for everyone. This wig can take the stress out of getting ready and let you jump right into the festivities.

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Sabine Wren Star Wars Rebel Costume

Looking to join the revolution? Do so by sporting this Sabine Wren costume and effectively representing the Mandalorian warrior. This outfit is a cute, detailed jumpsuit with a belt and a mask so that you are ready to take on just about anything.

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Darqueside Sexy Two-Piece Women’s Costume

You may have a better chance winning any sexy Halloween costume contest wearing this getup. It includes a gorgeous top and panty combination that has two belts and matching gloves. With this costume, you can make the Dark Side look more alluring than ever.

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Grand Heritage Rey Costume for Women

Join Rey as she scavenges through the frontier world of Jakku in this movie-accurate costume. You can become the famed character from head to toe. This includes the top with the attached sash, the pants and belt, and even the headpiece and eye mask to protect you from the elements.

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Darth Vader Rhinestone Tank Dress

Not many costumes are as cute as those designed in a tank dress style. With this outfit, you can take on the likeness of Darth Vader without sacrificing your style. The tank dress includes a rhinestone application as well as an attached cape.

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Sexy Chewbacca-Inspired Co-Pilot Women’s Costume

Take your love of Chewbacca to the next level with this sexy spin on his outfit. It’s a two-piece set with a furry brown top, fur-lined skirt, and fur-lined wristlets. You also get Chewie’s sash and an added matching choker.

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Darth Vader Bolero with Attached Hood

If you need something to accessorize with the rest of your Halloween Star Wars costume, consider this Darth Vader-inspired bolero. It’s all black to pay respect to the Dark Lord, and it features a cute attached hood so that you may feel further connected with your Dark Side.

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Chewbacca Skater Dress Furry Costume

Truly bring to life Chewbacca with this furry costume. It’s in a comfortable skater dress style, and there’s enough fur throughout the entire outfit that you’ll maybe believe you have actually become Chewie. This costume even has his trusty shoulder sash detailed on the front.

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50 Stylish Halloween Star Wars Costume Ideas for Women

Our costume ideas range from attention-grabbing realism to fun and sexy. You can find that go-to costume to match with your family, or something incredible to sit in and hand out candy as trick-or-treaters stare in awe. Or perhaps you need that alluring costume idea to wow at your next Halloween party. Although you don’t have your own personal Yoda to guide you in selecting a costume, we hope our substantial list of the top Halloween Star Wars costume ideas for women serves as the next best thing.

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