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50 Halloween Star Wars Costume Ideas for Men from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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With Halloween so close, finding the right costume is essential, and now that The Rise of Skywalker is also on the horizon, many guys are looking for the best Halloween Star Wars costume ideas for men. Star Wars has a rich history that spans from 1977 to 2019, and the franchise is only expanding, especially with shows like the Mandalorian close at hand. The series is also full of protagonists and antagonists, so it’s easy to find heroic or villainous characters to cosplay as during the Halloween holiday season. You can even wear these costumes outside of Halloween since cosplaying has become so popular all-year-round.

Star Wars has a wealth of cool characters to choose from, and if you want to impress your friends, you can costume yourself as any of them – from General Hux to Darth Maul. Do you want to appear serene and in control during your Halloween adventures? If this is the case, just about any of the Jedi characters from the prequel or original trilogy will easily fit the bill. On the other hand, some people like to appear roguish for their Halloween get-togethers. For these people, you can’t go wrong dressing like one of the more scoundrel-esque characters like Poe Dameron, Lando Calrissian, or the iconic Han Solo.

Is the dark side of the force more your thing? There are plethoras of sith outfits out there for you to select from. Consider the original man in black, Darth Vader, if you’re out there to appear dark and powerful. If you’re just out there to seem scary and foreboding, then the aforementioned Darth Maul can serve as a great cosplay. Finally, the latest sequel series has tons of great evil characters to portray, and Kylo Ren looks great in most situations. The bottom line is that you’ll have options when you’re trying to explore the world of the galaxy far, far away, and in this guide, we’re going to show you some of the best costumes for men.

50 Otherworldly Halloween Star Wars Costume Ideas for Men from Both the Light and Dark Side of the Force

Awesome Lando Calrissian Grand Heritage Outfit

This outfit is designed with a shirt, pants, a belt, and a cape that will look perfect on any smuggler in the galaxy. The cloth is all made out of polyester, and the shirt has a faux leather collar and cape. The cape is gray with a gold interior that has a floral pattern that is subtle. The belt is designed with a Velcro closure that easily fits over the elastic waist of the pants, making it comfortable for most.

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Realistic Stormtrooper Morphsuit Outfit Idea

When it comes to Star Wars Halloween costumes, the first one that comes to mind for many is a stormtrooper outfit. It’s a polyester jumpsuit that that is designed to fit comfortably, and since it comes with a helmet, it will help you look like a stormtrooper right out of the movies. The suit also has gloves attached to it so that the design is complete. Even though the jumpsuit is not metal, it looks very realistic and remains comfortable.

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Obi Wan Kenobi Outfit Idea

When it comes to Star Wars costumes for men the Obi Wan Kenobi costume is ideal for most men. The costume is complete with a robe, pants, a tunic, a belt, a pair of gauntlets, and a pair of boot covers. The robe is brown with a hood and a loop closure to make it easy to close. The fabric is all polyester material that is comfortable against your skin. The belt is actually two parts, and both have a hoop and loop closure.

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Cool Star Wars C-3PO Costume

When you are looking for a Halloween Star Wars outfit for him, this one, that allows you to dress up as your favorite droid is a great option. The full costume includes a polyester jumpsuit, a hood, a mask, and a pair of gloves. There is a lot of print on the material of the ensemble, which is designed to provide adequate details for the character. The midsection of the droid is also designed to look like wires in the internals of C-3PO.

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A Fun Han Solo Wig for Men

A Han Solo costume is not complete without a full head of hair, so if you do not have the style of hair that you can find him wearing in the movies, this wig may be a great option to use. It is a lush dark brown color, and the strands of hair are wavy and easy to manage when you are trying to perfect your look. This is not a full costume, so other accessories will not be included in the packaging.

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Cute Darth Vader Costume for the Kids

If you ask a child who their favorite Star Wars character is, chances are that you will find that many children will lean towards the dark side and say, Darth Vader. This costume only consists of a cape and a mask, so toy lightsabers will not be included in what this program offers. This also allows you the chance to add a shirt or another aspect to the costume. The helmet is designed to cover your entire face like a sith.

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Han Solo Costume from Hoth

If you are looking for the best outfit idea to use for your costume this Halloween, the Hoth Han Solo option is a great one that will keep you bundled up on a cold blustery day. This set is a complete outfit, so it includes a coat, pants, a belt, and wrist cuffs. To keep you bundled up, it also consists of a scarf, a pair of gloves and boot covers. The material is made from polyester, which is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

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Lando Calrissian Outfit for Most Adults

Lando Calrissian is more of a unique option for an adult to consider when looking for a top of the line Star Wars costume. The full costume is a pair of black pants and a bright yellow top that is designed to stand out from a crowd; the outfit also comes with a cape that is black in color as well as a silk belt that you can easily tie so that it is appropriately adjusted.

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Anakin Skywalker Unique Outfit Idea

The perfect men’s Star Wars outfit for Halloween is this one that allows you to dress like Anakin Skywalker. The tunic is screen printed on the material to give it more details. It has a design that includes a belt and an underlying shirt. The pants are also designed so that they have boot covers that will help you look like a real Jedi warrior. All of the material is made from polyester, which is easy to care for.

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Star Wars Imperial Officer Costume for Men

This top of the fleet Imperial Officer outfit is an excellent option for anyone who wants to be part of the Empire. The outfit for these former republic members includes a double-breasted jacket, a pair of pants an officer’s hat, a broad belt, boot covers, and gloves. The jacket is designed to close with a zipper, and on the right and left shoulders, you will find that the shoulder is embroidered with the rank insignia of the officer.

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Funny Boba Fett Outfit Idea

If you enjoy Boba Fett as a Star Wars character, then this supreme edition may be worth checking out. This Mandalorian armor is made of a gray polyester jumpsuit that is easy to close with Velcro. The armor is made up of molded pieces that are yellow and green. The costume comes with a dark green cape that is designed with Wookie braids on the left shoulder, and the belt is brown with some ammo attached to the design.

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A Cool Darth Vader Costume Idea

If Darth Vader is one of your favorite Star Wars characters, then this may be a great option to consider for most adult. The costume is made using polyester material that is going to be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The jumpsuit is black and gray in color, which is iconic for this character. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. It comes with a jumpsuit, a pair of pants, a belt, and a mask so that you can complete the look.

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A Red Praetorian Guard Outfit

The Praetorian Guard armor is one of the best options that you can choose to use when you are going to be dressing up for Halloween. There are two parts to this option that needs to be included to complete that look. The robe comes with attached armor that is exceptionally detailed, and the helmet, which will double up as a mask, is another great option to consider. In addition, the bright coloration of the threads will really stand out, especially when the armor is a bright red.

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A Good Supreme Leader Snoke Costume

This Snoke outfit is an ideal option for some to try out for Halloween. The Supreme Leader’s robes and belt are both gold in color and made from a polyester material that is going to be comfortable on your body after a long day. The strap is not required, but it truly does complete the look, especially when you consider the shirt that looks like it is part of the robe. The costume also comes with a mask that is made from a latex material.

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Luke Skywalker Costume for Men

Since Luke Skywalker is a favorite for youngsters to dress as during Halloween, this is an option that is great for the adults to try out. The set comes with a polyester pair of pants and a tunic that looks good on most. It also is designed with a full belt that is not reversible. It also comes with a full cloak that is designed to give you more mystery as you play the character. The outfit is white and sand.

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The Captain Phasma Costume from The Force Awakens

This is a fun costume that incorporates polyester and other materials to create an official look. The jumpsuit of the costume will even include a lot of foam armor details on the exterior of the design. It also includes a belt that is great for keeping the costume. The full outfit also comes with a helmet that competes the look. This costume is available in several sizes, so make sure that you select the one that is ideal for your body type.

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A Tauntaun Costume that is Inflatable

Not all of the costumes that are available to you for Halloween are practical, and some are even not 100 percent human. This outfit does not include a robe; however, it is only the inflatable portion of the character that is used to help Luke scout out life on the freezing planet of Hoth. The inflatable costume is also designed with a fan that is powered via battery so that you do not become too hot in the material.

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X-Wing Pilot Grand Heritage Costume

Another one of the Star Wars costumes for men that is worth taking a look at for this coming Halloween is the X-Wing Pilot costume. This outfit is orange with black gloves and boots. There are straps across the chest and the core of the outfit, and the chest protection that is over the heart is designed to help keep them safe. The helmet is white and red with a visor covering the eyes of the pilot.

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An Awesome Kanan Jarrus Costume Creation

The idea of dressing up for Halloween as Kanan Jarrus can be thrilling, to say the least. This costume is a full jumpsuit that is designed to have gray pants and a brown top. The details on the outfit look fantastic, and there is even a belt and an arm bracer that comes with the outfit to complete the look. The knee pads are graphic designs that are on the material, and the boot covers are brown.

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A Unique Emperor Palpatine Costume

One of the more unique Star Wars Halloween costume options that are available to men is this Emperor Palpatine costume. It comes with a face mask that you can use as you dress for Halloween. It also comes with a hooded robe and a cowl that is red in color. The robes have a lovely design on them that stands out, and the front of the cowl can be removed so that it is not too hot to wear for long periods of time.

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A Funny Yoda Outfit Idea

This Halloween Star Wars outfit for him is an ideal option for a Yoda lover. The outfit comes complete with a tunic that is brown just like Yoda’s. It also comes with a green mask that resembles his face and goes around the head about three-fourths of the way. The mask is also designed to be lightweight so that it does not become too troublesome to wear for an extended period of time.

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Luke Skywalker Hooded Cape Costume

Luke Skywalker is a popular character in the Star Wars Movies, and this outfit allows you to dress as him for your next Halloween party. The full Luke Skywalker outfit comes with a hooded cape, a pair of pants, an attached tunic, and a large belt that will help keep all of the material in place. The cape does have a shine effect, especially when it is in the right light.

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Awesome General Grievous Costume for Adults

This costume is designed to be a men’s Star Wars outfit for Halloween. General Grievous is a full costume that is made out of polyester material. It is essentially a black jumpsuit that has detailed armor printed on the entire suit. There is also molded polyfoam armor attached to the outfit is some places. This jumpsuit has a red cape attached to it, and it comes with a molded vinyl mask as well.

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Cute Inflatable Jabba the Hut Costume

This outfit comes in two pieces. The first is a bodysuit that it comes complete with a tail. The second is a headpiece that gives you the full look of the character. It also comes with a fan that is designed to blow up the slug-like creature and keep it inflated. It requires four AA batteries to work, but there are not included with the purchase of the costume. The graphics for the character are printed on the outfit.

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A Star Wars Themed Opposuit

If you are not thrilled with wearing a full-fledged costume, then you can check out this suit to give you more of a dressed-up feel. The suit is black, and there are Star Wars designs on the entire suit. This outfit comes with a pair of pants, a jacket, and a tie, which makes it one of the ideal Star Wars costumes for men on the market. The designs include death stars, TIE fighters, and the symbol of the Empire.

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Grand Heritage Kylo Ren Costume

This outfit to help you become Kylo Ren for this Halloween comes with a robe, a cape, a belt, a pair of gloves, and a pair of pants that have boot covers attached. The material is 100 percent polyester knit and woven fabrics. The mask is also designed with a foam inside so that it is well padded. Though Kylo Ren needs a lightsaber to complete the look, this necessity does not come as part of the outfit.

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Rubie’s Star Wars Episode VII Kylo Ren

When you want to dress up as one of the most identifiable Knights of Ren, then this costume is a good choice. All of Kylo’s most identifiable features like his ornate mask and wide hood are present here so that you can intimidate your foes with the power of the dark side. Many fans will love the fine details that are present in this costume, but if you want to bring his unique lightsaber, then this accessory is sold separately.

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Boba Fett Mask and Cloth Top

There are few characters in the Star Wars Universe that are quite as iconic as the double-crossing bounty hunter, Boba Fett. This outfit, which includes his Mandalorian mask, can make anyone look like the ill-fated clone of the equally-dangerous Jango Fett. This costume includes printed versions of the heavy-duty armor that Boba wears as well as his numerous pouches. In addition, the outfit also comes complete with a cloak that really brings the entire outfit together.

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Ultra-Furry, Ultra-Realistic Male’s Chewbacca Outfit

Hot off the heels of his revelatory appearance in Star Wars: A Solo Story, this Halloween costume of Chewbacca is truly detailed and captures all of the personality of the smuggler Wookie. The fur in this outfit has the precise pattern of the Star Wars character, and it can fit neatly over standard clothes due to its voluptuous nature. In fact, the furry feet can be worn over most shoes. The mask for the outfit even wholly surrounds the head.

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A Sinister Death Trooper Outfit for Halloween

Not much is known about the imposing Death Troopers from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but in every scene, they appeared menacing. This costume incorporates all of the sleek design that was featured in that film and even paid attention to the details in the armor that made these characters so iconic. Some of the components utilize foam padding in order to give the outfit more depth. The mask on the costume has a two-part design for realism.

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An Ultra-Realistic Darth Maul Costume

Before many other villains were revealed, there was Darth Maul – the sith apprentice that challenged two Jedi at once and nearly won. Not only does this costume feature the black and red face of the Zabrak sith, but you also purchase the two-sided lightsaber that made its iconic first appearance in the Phantom Menace. Features like his boots, his sith robes, and his iconic belt wrap are all included in painstaking detail. The entire costume is made of polyester.

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The Poe Dameron Star Wars Costume

The Poe Dameron costume is an ideal outfit for most adult males who want to express their piloting skills. The costume comes with a pair of pants, a sweet leather jacket, and a belt that comes with a printed leg strap that looks perfect holstering a weapon. The material is polyester, which should be comfortable to wear. The pants also have foam boot tops that are sewn to the cuff of the pants.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Clone Wars Outfit

Introduced in the movie Clone Wars, this outfit for Obi-Wan is one that is quite unique. It comes with a pair of pants that have white boot covers attached to them. The shirt is also designed to represent a tunic that is brown in color. The details on the material looks look amazing, and the belt is designed into the graphics themselves. The polyester material is very comfortable against your skin, which will allow it to be worn for a longer period.

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Hans Solo Costume: Frozen in Carbonite

One of the Star Wars Halloween costumes for this year is the carbonized Han Solo costume from the movie Hans Solo: A Star Wars Story. It is actually a full-body onesie that can be inflated with the pump that comes with it. The outfit comes with a mask as well as some gloves that will help to complete the look of being trapped in the carbonite. The outfit is made from taffeta, vinyl, and plastic material.

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A Realistic Chewbacca Adult Costume

Another cool Halloween Star Wars outfit for him is the costume that is designed to look like Chewbacca. This outfit includes a pair of pants, a shirt, and a mask that is fully covered in fur that is designed to look realistic. Te outfit also comes with a shoulder strap that attaches to a bag that you can use to carry your things in. The material of the costume is 100 percent polyester.

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Amazing Inflatable BB-8 Star Wars Costume

This BB-8 costume is one of the best options that you will find for the droid character. All of the material of the costume is 100 percent polyester, and the entire ball of the droid is designed to inflate. The colored markings that make BB-8 so recognizable are directly on the material of the inflatable portion, and there is a battery-operated fan that comes with the costume. In addition, the top of the droid has a clear window that makes it easy to see out of.

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Striking Jango Fett Costume with Realistic Details

Jango Fett is one of the best bounty hunters amongst the stars, and because of this, this costume is one of the best options when it comes to Halloween. The outfit is made out of polyester material that is purple with silver molded armor. This costume comes with a pair of matching gloves and a molded belt that will provide plenty of places to store your weapons and other things away.

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The Perfect Darth Maul Morphsuit

When you are looking to become one of the most heinous people in the galaxy to fill your role for Halloween night, this is an ideal costume for you to try. The jumpsuit has a metallic color with a hint of red in it. It comes with a belt, boots, and gloves that are very comfortable to wear. The costume, which is made out of mostly polyester, also comes with a mask that can be used to help compete the set.

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An Awesome Imperial Guard Costume

Another cool costume that you can consider for this coming Halloween is the Imperial guard costume that is bright red in color. It comes with a robe that will go the entire way to the ground as well as a helmet that you can easily slide over your head. There are all types of threats in the galaxy, so the outfit also comes with a pair of gloves, a clock, and a cummerbund.

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A Cool Darth Vader Morphsuit Costume

Darth Vader is an iconic bad guy in the Star Wars saga, and most adults will want to dress up as him when they are getting into the Halloween spirit. The suit itself is mostly black with a few gray lines on the design of it. All of the graphic details have been placed right on the material, including the belt and the boots. This outfit goes perfectly with a cape, but it must be purchased separately.

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A Realistic Darth Vader T-Shirt

This is an option that can be used for someone who would like to dress up as Darth Vader for their next Halloween party or gathering. The material is 95 percent polyester and about five percent spandex. Each of the grooves that you can see on Darth Vader’s traditional outfit can also be seen here on this t-shirt. All of the details can be viewed directly on the material, and the collar is designed to be gray and black.

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A High-Quality Costume for Finn

As you probably know from the movies, Finn is a casual dresser, which makes him a popular option for many adults to choose for Halloween. He is an ex-TIE fighter pilot who joined the resistance, and this outfit comes with a pair of pants that has shoe covers, a t-shirt, and a jacket that is foam padded for comfort. The outfit also comes with a strap and a blaster to complete the look.

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A Cute Stormtrooper Costume for an Adult

Since stormtroopers are a part of nearly every Star Wars movie, it only makes sense for there to be a comfortable outfit on the market. The jumpsuit has shoe covers as well as a mask that will keep your face hidden from the enemy. All of the details that make a stormtrooper so recognizable are printed on the fabric of the jumpsuit. Traditional weapons for the stormtroopers do not come with this outfit, but the blasters can be purchased separately.

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An Awesome C-3PO Printed T-Shirt for Men

This cool t-shirt is designed to give you the look of C-3PO. It is gold in color, just like the droid in the movies. The midsection of the t-shirt also has a design that shows the internals of the bot. The back of the t-shirt also has the same type of intricate details, and the fabric is made of cotton so that it is soft and comfortable to wear for an extended period of time.

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A Fun Pre Vizsla Costume Idea

Pre Vizsla is a character that was introduced in the Clone Wars television series. He is a bounty hunter that has an amazing outfit. This costume comes with a jumpsuit that is covered in body armor as well as shoe covers, a belt, and a cape. It also comes with a two-part face mask that will be easier to put on because of its design. The outfit is gray with white and blue accents on it.

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A Realistic Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor Costume

If you want the Jedi to believe that you are a powerful spy who is responsible for tracking down the Jedi. The outfit is made from a polyester material that is gray and black. The bodysuit has vertical lines that are designed onto the material, and there is even a belt that can be seen. The outfit also comes with a helmet that has a red visor and shoe covers that complete the look.

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A Cool Commander Cody Costume Idea

Commander Cody is a hero of the republic and a friend to the Jedi that was first introduced during the clone wars. This jumpsuit is white with black and yellow details on the material. It comes with shoe covers as well to make sure that your shoes match the rest of the outfit. This costume is also designed with a helmet that will is padded on the inside to add more comfort to the design.

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Cad Bane Halloween Outfit Idea

If you are looking for a men’s Star Wars outfit for Halloween, then this one for Cad Bane is ideal. It is essentially the top half of an outfit, so you will be able to wear the jeans and the boots that you are the most comfortable with. The costume includes a shirt, a jacket, wristbands, and a hat. It also comes with a mask so that you too can have a blue face.

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A Savage Opress Outfit Idea

Savage Opress, who is the brother to Darth Maul, is a powerful force. He is set on getting revenge, and the costume is an awesome option to provide the look of the character. It comes with a jumpsuit that has the actual arm, leg, and chest armor. It comes with pauldrons and a face mask that is highly detailed. In fact, the chest is designed to make you look muscular, just like the character.

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A Black Jedi Robe Costume Idea

If you are looking for a simple look that will instantly say that you are a Jedi, then this is an option that will work well for your needs. The outfit is made of a cotton and polyester blend so that it will be comfortable to wear without making you sweat during your Halloween activities. In addition to the cloak, this outfit comes with a tunic, a tabard, a belt, pants, and a pouch.

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50 Halloween Star Wars Costume Ideas for Men that are Looking to Impress

Each of the 50 costumes that we featured in this guide can quickly help enhance your Halloween holiday experience. From carbonite-encased Han Solos to deeply brooding Kylo Rens, you’ll definitely have some cool options for your cosplay experience come Halloween. In fact, if you want to create your own unique outfit, it’s easy to customize many of these so that you can look completely original. For example, Boba isn’t the only character in Mandalorian battle armor in the Star Wars continuity, so feel free to explore your options come this Halloween.

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