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50 of the Best Star Wars Halloween Costumes that all the Kids will Go Crazy For

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If you and your family are fans of the franchise, you want to find the best Halloween Star Wars costume ideas for kids. There are so many different Star Wars characters to choose from, as well as a variety of costume versions for each character. Once you have an idea of the character your child would like to dress as, it can be overwhelming to sort through all of the costume variations available.

There are also so many factors to consider when selecting the best Halloween Star Wars costume ideas for children. For young children, you will want an outfit option that is easy to put on and access for diaper changes. For grade school children, they will likely have more specific requests about characteristics that they want the costume to have. Finally, if you live in a cold climate, you want to be able to find a costume that will keep your child warm for outdoor trick-or-treating.

Wading through all of these costume choices to find the top ones can feel tedious and overwhelming. We have given you a hand by compiling a list of the top 50 Star Wars Halloween costumes for kids. Let the force be with you as you comb over this list to find and purchase the best Star Wars costumes for your kids.

50 Unique Star Wars Halloween Costumes that Kids will Adore

Ride-In X-Wing Pilot Fighter Costume

This unique costume idea for kids is a fun departure from the usual Star Wars characters. The main part of your child’s costume will be the red flight suit with a plush plane that attaches with suspenders. A textured white helmet with a face shield finishes off the costume.

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Boba Fett Costume for Girls

This fun costume flips the script on the typical gender role for one of the Star Wars characters. This Boba Fett costume has been created for girls with a modern style. The cold shoulder costume has long sleeves and pants. A cape, belt, and molded mask complete the sophisticated look.

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Princess Leia White Costume for Girls

The classic Star Wars costume for females is Princess Leia. This white hooded dress hits ankle length and has elbow-length bell sleeves. An ornamental belt cinches the outfit at the waist and the roomy hood leaves enough space for the iconic Princess Leia pigtail buns.

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Porg Costume for Babies and Toddlers

If you want a unique baby costume to match your family Star Wars theme, this Porg costume is perfect. The padded one-piece suit covers the torso, arms, and head and is worn over orange tights. The hood includes the facial features of the Porg without obstructing your little one’s face.

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Queen Padme Amidala Costume for Children

Most young girls like to dress as princesses and queens, and this Amidala Star Wars costume is a unique option for doing so. The red ankle-length long-sleeved dress has gold detailing and black faux fur trim. An elaborate headpiece matches the one that Queen Amidala wears in the movies. Just add some makeup to complete the effect.

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Plush Ewok Costume for Toddlers

If you want a super cute costume for your little one, this Ewok outfit is a perfect choice. The full-body romper covers little arms and legs and has a velcro inseam for quick diaper changes. A headpiece with furry ears finishes off the adorable look.

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Boba Fett Costume for Children

Any young person with a desire to emulate the bounty hunter from Star Wars will love this costume. The gray jumpsuit has detailing to show the armor, belt, and padding. A cape hangs from the back of the costume and a molded helmet covers the head and face.

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Kylo Ren Costume for Boys

If your son wants to wear a Star Wars Halloween Costume inspired by a newer character, this Kylo Ren costume is a top choice. A floor-length black tunic secures with a thick belt. A cape sits on the shoulders and has a hood that covers the top of the head. Add a lightsaber and he will be ready to fight for the dark side.

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C-3PO Costume for Boys and Girls

This C-3PO Star Wars costume completes one half of the iconic robot duo with R2D2. The gold jumpsuit style outfit has long sleeves and pants with detailing to resemble the character’s robotic body. A molded mask provides a final touch to bring C-3PO to life.

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Full Yoda Costume for Children

When it comes to a Star Wars Halloween costume it is important to do or do not. There is no try, especially when it comes to dressing up as Yoda. This cute costume comes with everything you need except green makeup, including a brown jumpsuit, beige robe, and headpiece.

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Star Wars Rey Costume for Girls

Every young girl wants a strong female to emulate, and Rey is a great choice. Her costume is a one-piece sleeveless jumpsuit that includes the shirt, pants, and boot covers, as well as attached sash wraps over the chest. A belted holster and arm cuffs complete the outfit.

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Luke Skywalker Costume for Children

Dressing up as the most well-known Jedi is always a safe bet at Halloween. This set includes everything needed to transform your child into Luke Skywalker, including his signature tunic, pants, and belt. Purchase a lightsaber to help him be ready to fight against the dark side.

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Deluxe Jango Fett Costume for Boys

For a unique Star Wars Halloween costume, Jango Fett is a cool choice. The jumpsuit outfit has molded armor across the chests, arms and legs to resemble a real fighter outfit. The realistic and sturdy PVC pipe helmet comes in two parts.

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R2D2 Costume for Toddler Boys

This R2D2 costume is the perfect outfit for young kids, especially as part of a family Star Wars ensemble. The plush tunic style costume goes on easily and the open bottom makes diaper changes simple. The foam hat is comfortable without obstructing your little droid’s view.

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Darth Maul Deluxe Costume Set

For a kid who prefers to be part of the Sith , this Darth Maul costume will be a top choice. The padded red top connects to an open-front knee-length skirt and ties with a thick black sash. The red-and-black horned mask puts the finishing touch on this faithful servant to the Sith.

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Deluxe Han Solo Complete Costume for Children

If you have a child with a bit of a rebellious streak, this Han Solo costume will be perfect for him. This modern cool outfit includes black pants and a shirt under a maroon jacket. A belt and holster combo keeps Han Solo prepared to fight the dark side.

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Lando Calrissian Costume for Toddler Boys

Nothing is cuter than your little boy decked out like the cool and suave Lando Calrissian for Halloween. The one-piece jumpsuit includes a long-sleeved blue shirt and black pants. A thick belt stretches across the middle and a patterned cape hangs down the back from a high black collar.

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General Grievous Caped Costume for Kids

This highly detailed children’s costume is a great choice for a costume contest. The jumpsuit has full-length arms and pants and molded armor along the length of the suit. A long red cape trails down the back of the costume and a realistic helmet covers the entire face.

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C3PO Star Wars Costume for Boys

This Halloween costume is a fun and classic choice for any young Star Wars Fan. The full-body suit has foam detailing to show each section of the robot, including wires in the midsection. The hood, mask, gloves and boot covers help him to fully take on the persona of C3PO.

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Rey Jumpsuit Costume for Girls

Any girl can channel a tough warrior with this Rey costume. The calf-length jumpsuit has a white shirt and gray pants with attached sashes criss-crossed over the front. A brown belt and white arm cuffs ensure that your daughter is ready to hold her own in any Halloween costume contest.

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Youth Luke Skywalker Jedi Costume

One of the most popular Star Wars Halloween costumes is Luke Skywalker. The jedi knight’s outfit includes a pair of brown pants with a beige robe with a t-shirt attached underneath. Boot covers allow any pair of sturdy shoes to be worn for trick-or-treating.

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Ezra Bridger Deluxe Costume for Kids

Young Fans of the Star Wars Rebels television show will clamor for the opportunity to dress like Ezra Bridger. The full-body red jumpsuit has a belt, shoe covers, and molded attachments to resemble armor. A half mask and Ezra’s signature backpack complete his outfit.

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Stormtrooper Costume with Helmet for Boys

One of the best Star Wars Halloween costumes is the classic Stormtrooper. This outfit features a loose and comfortable full body white and black jumpsuit intended to resemble the character’s armor. A molded helmet completely covers the face and head to keep your kid in character.

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Deluxe Praetorian Guard Kids’ Costume

For a unique costume, your child can dress as a Praetorian guard. This bright red outfit has a long robe with a padded chest and molded shoulders and sleeves. Gloves, shin guards, and a mask cover up the rest of your child to complete the look.

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Darth Vader Large Child’s Costume

Darth Vader is a fun costume for any child who wants to experience the dark side of the force. This iconic costume includes a loose black jumpsuit with detailing on the chest. The trademark helmet will not provide a deep voice or staticy breathing, but your child can.

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Princess Leia Costume for Girls

This easy and comfortable costume is a perfect choice for young girls for Halloween. The ankle-length white robe has bell sleeves and a built-in silver belt. A pair of white slippers and matching pigtail buns will pull the whole outfit together.

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Jawa Desert Scavenger Children’s Costume

For an unusual Star Wars Halloween Costume, your child can dress up as Jawa from the original movie. Not for the faint of heart, the long brown robe with tatters at the hems has a full hood and attached mask with light-up red eyes. Gloves are also included.

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Queen Amidala Costume for Girls

For an easy and comfortable Star Wars costume for girls, Queen Amidala is a perfect option. The long-sleeved, full-length red robe is trimmed with black and has gold detailing down the chest and torso. The headdress can be paired with makeup to complete the look.

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Deluxe Chewbacca Costume for Boys

The beloved Chewbacca is a perfectly adorable character for any young boy to dress up as at Halloween. The furry jumpsuit costume with an attached pouch covers the entire body, including the feet, to keep him warm for trick-or-treating in cold climates.

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Jedi Brown Bathrobe for Boys

If you want a useful costume that can be worn after Halloween, consider this Jedi knight bathrobe. The brown fleece robe secures in front with a tie and its hood covers the head and encircles the face. Just add some pants and a lightsaber to join the Jedi army.

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Deluxe Rey Costume for Girls

This Rey costume includes everything a girl needs to dress up as the strong female character. The jumpsuit includes a tunic, pants, boot tops and attached sashes that crisscross across the front. A belt, arm warmers, and a wrist cuff complete the outfit.

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C3PO Dress Costume for Girls

This adorable dress is a fun twist on the traditional C3PO full-body costume. The sleeveless gold dress has tulle underneath for a fun flare. Stitching gives detail to the bodice and arm cuffs and a hood with C3PO’s finish off this cute choice.

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Chewbacca Dress Costume for Girls

For a fun and feminine spin on the typical Chewbacca costume, this dress is a great option. The long-sleeved brown dress falls mid-thigh and has a tulle skirt. The faux fur trim on the sleeves and hood match the leg warmers that fit neatly over any pair of shoes.

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Deluxe Chewbacca Costume for Kids

This deluxe Star Wars costume is among the best Chewbacca outfits due to the level of detail. The brown full-body faux fur jumpsuit has an attached hood and sewn-on satchel. A molded mask with realistic features sits beneath the hood to create a cohesive look.

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Star Wars BB-8 Girl’s Halloween Costume

If you want a fun take on a classic Star Wars character, this costume is a great choice. The orange and white BB-8 dress has detailing on the bodice and skirt to resemble the droid’s body. Orange tulle fluffs the skirt and a BB-8-head cap add fun touches to this cute costume.

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Star Wars Executioner Trooper Costume

This costume offers a different take on the typical storm trooper. The black and white full-body jumpsuit is comfortable and resembles trooper armor. The plastic half mask conceals the face to help your child appear to be just one of the army.

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Deluxe Kids’ Boba Fett Costume

For a more intricate type of Boba Fett costume, this outfit is a top selection. The bodysuit is molded and colored in the torso and shoulders to defnie the body armor. A brown cape and plastic two-piece helmet are also included to make your kid costume contest ready.

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Deluxe Master Yoda Costume for Kids

A wise and masterful Star Wars character requires a perfect costume. This deluxe Yoda outfit fits the bill. An ankle-length robe ties at the waist and a very detailed mask covers the entire head. Your young Jedi Master will command the party in this costume.

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Deluxe Kids Kylo Ren Costume Top

This deluxe costume includes nearly everything your child needs to channel Kylo Ren at Halloween. The costume top has a black tunic layered over a gray top. A hooded cape wraps from the front to the back, and situates over a molded plastic mask to help your kid be trick-or-treat ready quickly.

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Deluxe Snow Trooper Costume for Kids

For a truly impressive Star Wars Halloween Costume, this snow trooper outfit will turn heads. The white jumpsuit has molded armor on the torso, shoulders, and legs. A realistic plastic helmet sits atop his head and a cloth section covers the face for an intimidating look.

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Landro Calrissian Costume for Boys

If your son is looking for a cool and suave Star Wars costume, Landro Calrissian is the character for him. This full-body jumpsuit has a red long-sleeved shirt, long black pants, and a cape with an attached scarf. Printed details on the pants give it a more authentic look.

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Star Wars Yoda Costume for Boys

For a different take on Yoda, this costume offers comfort and style for the wearer. A red full-body jumpsuit is layered beneath a beige robe, making this a great cold-weather costume. The detailed mask will instantly let everyone know your son is one of the most knowledgeable Jedi.

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Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Costume

This unique Star Wars Halloween costume will set your kid apart from the rest of the trick-or-treating pack. The full-body orange jumpsuit is easy to put on and take off and has attached embellishments to reduce additional parts. A sturdy helmet with a clear visor completes the outfit.

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Deluxe Sabine Wren Girls’ Costume

If your daughter wants to emulate a strong female Star Wars character, this costume is perfect for any Halloween event. The full-body jumpsuit includes boot tops to allow it to be worn with any shoes. A helmet with a face mask will keep her true identity mysterious until just the right moment.

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Classic Kids X-Wing Fighter Pilot Costume

For an easy-to-see Star Wars costume that will make your kid easy to spot, look no further than this X-Wing pilot costume. The bright orange jumpsuit has detailing to resemble flight gear. A half helmet and mask completes the look without fully obstructing his face.

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Ahsoka Clone Wars Kids’ Costume

This costume is a great choice for kids who are fans of the Clone Wars. Ahsoka’s fun and vibrant outfit includes a velour pink and white jumpsuit with matching attached skirt. The striped headpiece, gauntlets, and belt with apron complete this fun and colorful costume.

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Classic Stormtrooper Costume for Girls

If your daughter has always admired the role of the Stormtroopers, this costume is a top choice for her. The full-body jumpsuit is molded to resemble armour while fitting comfortably underneath for easy movement. The plastic mask will help her blend in with any other Stormtroopers on the trick-or-treating trail.

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Wicket Ewok Girls Dress Costume

For girls who loved the cuddly Ewoks in Return of the Jedi, they will adore this sweet Wicket costume. The dress has faux fur on top with a cotton and tulle skirt on the bottom. Arm warmers and a hood with ears complete this cute costume that will get tons of compliments on Halloween.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Clone Wars Costume

This Obi-Wan Kenobi costume allows your child to exactly resemble the character. The tunic and pants with this outfit both have definition on the arms and legs to show his armor. The full face mask outlines all of his features that will make others think it is really him.

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Deluxe Inflatable BB-8 Kids Costume

If your child wants a costume that goes above and beyond, this BB-8 version is the one for them. Unlike jumpsuit-style outfits that cling to the body, this costume inflates to better resemble the shape of BB-8. This impressive costume will thrill at any party.

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Top 50 Halloween Star Wars Costumes for Kids

Star Wars is a popular franchise with over a dozen movies, shows, and cartoons. When searching for the best Halloween Star Wars costume ideas for kids, it can be hard to sift through all of the different versions of characters that are available. It can be even trickier to find the right costume if you have other specific parameters, such as your child’s age. This list will help you find the perfect Star Wars Halloween costume no matter your circumstances.

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