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50 of the Most Adorable Halloween Costume Ideas for Little Girls

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Halloween is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like the many other parents or doting relatives, you’re on the lookout for the best Halloween costume ideas for little girls. Young children are what makes Halloween fun. Give the little miss in your life a costume that comes with a story or an exciting adventure. Let her explore and dwell in the joy of All Hallows Eve.

What Makes the Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Little Girls?

While you’ll definitely want to give in a bit to a few of this year’s trends, it’s hard to turn down the classic costumes. So, what makes for a great Halloween costume and what count’s as a spectacular idea?

First, consider what she likes and if she wants it enough to give up other ideas for it. For example, if your little girl loves My Little Pony, she may have a hard time finding a costume that suits her. However, she may happily give up the hopes of My Little Pony for a more traditional dress that fits the bill for “Halloween.”

Second, welcome ideas from different frames of mind. You may envision a dazzling princess dress while she really wants to be a zombie. Get a grasp for what she likes and decide if you’re looking for an idea that is fun, adventurous or daring, job-oriented, fantastical, scary, or creepy.

Third, think about practically. In some regions, Halloween is still relatively warm. However, in other areas, Halloween is frigid and requires multiple layers. When going through Halloween ideas question whether a necessary sweater will ruin the effect of the costume. Many costumes do well in cold weather where you can layer up and still clearly have the intended impact. However, Tinkerbell with sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt might result in a few fights before you even get out to trick-or-treat.

The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Little Girls: From Gritty to Pretty

Athena Wishes This Halloween Costume Was Hers

Why opt for a princess when your little girl can be a goddess? Trade-in uncomfortable dress-up shoes for golden sandals to match this flowing blue and white sleeveless dress with draping shoulders for an ethereal look. Inspired by the Greek goddesses, your little miss can rule the night.

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A Creepy and Cute Costume that Comes Alive

A neck choker, hair bow, tights that give the appearance of broken porcelain and a dress that is creepy and cute. This Halloween kit is perfect for the young lady who wants to branch out from traditional costumes but isn’t ready to commit to anything too scary.

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The Circus is Undead A Halloween Costume for Girls

Reminiscent of a particular Halloween movie, this costume offers full leggings for keeping warm while giving the eerie appeal of undead wounds. As a complete kit, your daughter can dress up with a raggedy-Ann inspired wig, and a clown costume that will creep out the neighbor kids.

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Little Miss-Terious Will Love this Halloween Look

The lady in black rules Halloween night. Let your Little Miss-terious play in this frightfully fun dress. A long black wig and a pair of dark shoes will complete the look. It’s great for any little girl who knows that makeup and a simple black dress can be a ton of fun.

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Squirrel Girl: A Halloween Costume With All The Fun

One of the few Marvel supers to take down the Hulk, Squirrel Girl is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite. With full legs, printed boots, and elbow-length sleeves, this costume is excellent for all types of weather. Layer underneath while telling your squirrel friend to stay away from your Snickers!

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Ms. Mime Says “Hello Halloween”

A costume that pulls from recent history, the mimes which graced the streets of France are renowned for their skills and illusions. Let your little one explores her silent abilities in a striped shirt, neckerchief, gloves, shorts, and suspenders. You’ll see her escaping from unseen boxes and pulling on invisible ropes all night!

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Defeat the Huns While Having Fun

A fierce warrior in her fun and girly dress describes most little ladies on Halloween night. No doubt your little girl will happily prance in this kimono-inspired dress pulled straight out of Mulan. A princess favorite that can still kick butt!

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The Best Halloween Costume For Little Girls With An “Other Mother”

Let your little lady get ready to take on the Other world and survive Halloween as Coraline. With a fun flared out raincoat, and fun blue wig provides a complete dress-up experience. Great for any little girl who loves stop-motion animation.

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A Monster High Halloween Costume

As a staple in the Monster High stories and one of the best-selling dolls, your little girl can become Rochelle Goyle for a night. Let her become a gargoyle who once protected a Paris cathedral but now roams the halls of high school. For some sassy little girls, it’s a dream come true.

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Keeper of the Gardens A Fairy Magical Halloween Costume

With outstanding quality, this garden fairy costume is for the little girl who wants to prance through the lawn and dance in the flower beds. Any young girl interested in plants and trees can love this costume. Pair it with a fairy wand and a set of wings for the full effect.

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Make a Splash in the Harbor with this Halloween Costume

An excellent quality costume with material that will have your little miss looking just like the monument! No need for green face paint or arm coverings, the dress makes a statement all on its own. Let your little lady become Lady Liberty for a night!

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A Lady Ruler’s Halloween Costume

Your little girl doesn’t have to be Princess Leia, instead, let her become Darth Vader. As a little lady, she can sway the forces of the Empire and take out the rebel forces. This Darth Vader costume has a dress, but boots and Darth Vader mask will polish off the look.

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C-3P-Oh My Gosh It’s Halloween

A jumpsuit completes with a mask and armors your little lady can become a full-fledged rebel supporter. Parents love that it’s full-bodied and easy to layer underneath to stay warm. The extraordinary quality makes it great for Halloween night and dress up for conventions and themed parties afterward.

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The Best Halloween Costume for Little Girls that Love Supers

Even if you did have superpowers, this isn’t the special made Edna Mode suit made for you. However, you can unleash your Incredible candy-collecting powers on Halloween night when dressing up as Violet. Have all the gear to take on Halloween and enjoy the fun!

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Onesie Costumes Transforms Your Little Girl

With a pullover hood and button-down front, your little one can be comfortable and warm all night. The hood is a fun blue face with a deep widow’s peak reminiscent of classic vampires. The red cape makes this perfect for threatening to suck someone’s blood!

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A Halloween Costume for Scooby Fans

A purple velvet tie-around dress is an excellent fit for many and varies in small, medium, and large sizes rather than numbers. Let your little girl become part of the Mystery Inc. gang as the surprisingly talented and coolest member of the group!

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Isn’t It Better Under the Sea?

All the animal Halloween costume’s seemed to revert back to domesticated animals such as dogs and cats. Let your little girl get creative. A seahorse is undoubtedly a rare sight on Halloween night. This pink seahorse costume is perfect with a sculpted tail and flexible fins.

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A Happily Ever After Forever Scary Zombie Princess

For little girls that aren’t afraid of a bit of gore, your little miss can become a walking dead princess. Pair this dress that showcases blood, an exposed rib cage, and flowing white material with a tiara to scare her friends all night.

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Lovely Halloween Costume for Pioneer Ladies

The pioneer days were scary too but have no fear! With a patterned dress and a bouquet of flowers, you can chase off vampires and ghouls all night long. This fun dress with an attached apron will take you back to the early settling days.

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A Spirited Traveler’s Halloween Costume

Does your little girl already have wanderlust? Let her live her fantasy of dining in Paris and dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower. This Petite Mademoiselle costume comes in a range of sizes and is a full kit with a hat, scarf, dress, and sparkly belt.

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Creepy and Possessed Pajama Costume for Little Girls

What looks like a footed sleeper is actually only the cover of your little girl’s possession. For any little girl who loves a good horror movie or scary tales, let her live out the possession! Before going out on Halloween night, be sure to use a bit of makeup to create a sickly appearance.

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Bossy and Hilarious Halloween Costume for Roald Dahl Fans

Miss Trunchbull is an unforgettable character, but when you see this costume there’s no arguing, she had a bit of style. A trench coat, high-collar, and brooch with knee-high socks is an unforgettable look. Any little girl would love to be the boss for a night, especially when it comes with an iconic unibrow.

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A Spunky Native American Halloween Costume

Every little girl envisions the freedom of running freely or diving into streams. This native American costume pulls from historical clothing designs of an asymmetrical dress but is made for children today of a wide range of sizes. Perfect for little girls from sizes XS to 2XL.

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Apt Flapper Costume Still Fighting the Prohibition

Children today might not know about the prohibition yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t don short black wigs and elbow-length gloves. A crushed red velvet dress and string of pearls make this costume a hit at any Halloween event. Then she can dress up and play time-traveler through the rest of the year.

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Unsettlingly Sweet Halloween Costume for Disney Lovers

Who doesn’t love the story of Skeleton Jack and the shy Frankenstein inspired character, Sally? Any little girl can become one of Disney’s best characters in just a few minutes. Top off this dress and wig with a bit of a Halloween makeup for authentic stitches.

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Adorable Halloween Costume that is the Bee’s Knees

A flirty but age-appropriate dress, black tights and tiny set of wings are all that’s needed to create a Queen Bee. This kit is perfect for any little girl that loves jumping through rose garden’s and stopping to smell flowers on their way to the buss. Now they can buzz, hum, and flutter all through the neighborhood.

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A Blessed Halloween Ensemble for a Real Doll

No Southern Belle would be complete without a ribbon tied floppy hat and dainty lace gloves. This costume is multi-purpose. While they’re a Southern Belle on Halloween, they can become a blushing high society hostess for weekend high tea. This dress is everything that little girl’s dream of.

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Daring and Bold, A New Wolf is in Town

A take on the American Werewolf collection, this werewolf costume is everything that a tomboy needs. The beaten-up flannel, fingerless fur-gloves, and eared hoodie make a complete kit for a wild night. She’ll have the coolest costume in class with just the right amount of scare and snarl.

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Perfect Costume for Charming Walks Through the Woods

A floor-length dress and cape are great options for cold-weather Halloween events, especially if you’ll be outdoors. This cape is comfy, and you can easily layer underneath the dress for additional warmth. Best of all, this costume plays to the authentic telling of the Red Riding Hood.

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Snapping Good Time for this Halloween Outfit

Wednesday Addams is the perfect idol for any little girl with a quick wit and dark sense of humor. If you’re wondering whether you’ve gotten this parenting thing right or not, rest assured that you’re on a right path if your little girl is asking to be Wednesday Addams.

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Explore the Eccentric Side of Life with this Halloween Costume

Ms. Frizzle never was one for average, and that’s great! Her funny way of looking at things and positive outlook is something that you should be proud to see in your little girl. Your little miss could be a wonderful Ms. Frizzle.

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Majestic Princess Costume Straight Out of the Renaissance

Girls love the idea of becoming a princess, and some prefer a little more historical accuracy than others. This princess costume has long bell sleeves and a low hanging belt with a beautiful neck design. Warm and comfy your princess can enjoy the festivities on Halloween and at the Ren Faire.

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Dazzling Fuzzy and A Halloween Costume That’s Fun

This little monster knows how to make a party happen. With bright pink fur and neon greenhorns, you can spot your monster no matter how far in front of you they run. When looking for something unique and playful, this costume is it!

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Haunting and Exciting Halloween Costume

The dress of the bride of Frankenstein is iconic! Match it with the well-known wig and your little girl is on her way to join the Frankenstein family. Showcase your abilities to draw a straight line to show where her head connects to her neck.

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Devilishly Good Time in this Halloween Costume

A red velvet leotard, forked tail, and set of horns are the right start to be a little she-devil. Any little girl will love this Halloween classic. Take the ladies’ spin on the devil costume and make it even more fun with colorful tights, a pitchfork, or tap shoes!

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Super Lady-Bug Halloween Costume is Miraculous

The Miraculous Ladybug has taken over the kid’s world by storm. The animated character is daring and adventurous and fights crime. It’s no wonder that every little girl wants to put on a cado mask and blue wig. With this costume, any little girl will have the confidence to stay safe during trick-or-treating.

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Clever Halloween Outfit Perfect for Booklovers

The Harry Potter craze has yet to slow down and now a new generation of children are begging to be the bookish but brave Hermione Granger. Anyone hoping for that fabled acceptance letter can understand the desire, and all your little girl needs is a cloak, wand, and Gryffindor tie.

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Flamin-gle At Her First Halloween Party

A Flamingo costume might strike parents as odd at first until you see the great fun they have when striking the classic flamingo pose. Kids will have tons of fun adopting temporary flamingo names which must start with “F” and insisting on eating only pink candies.

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Sprightly Sailors Setting Off on Halloween Night

What is more adorable than a classic sailor’s costume? A classic sailor’s uniform for little girls, that’s what! In this costume, a little girl can have adventures on the high seas. Avoid pirates, sail for new lands, and collect the treasure of Halloween treats!

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Glamorous Princess Halloween Costume Straight From Agrabah

Jasmine is the Disney princess that stands out from the rest. She’s independent, charming, and ruthlessly defies the rules. Not to mention she has a fearsomely cute pet tiger. This detailed costume gives little girl’s everywhere a chance to embody this extravagant princess.

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Adopt a Lion’s Courage in this Halloween Costume

A full-body suit this lion costume is comfortable and relatively warm. Put the other cat’s on the street to shame as you stroll through as the king of the jungle, or Queen rather. Complete with a thick lion’s mane, adorable ears, and patches of fur near the hands and feet.

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Fantastical Adventures Await This Steampunk Halloween Costume

Wear with caution as this costume will unquestionably lead to quests and exploration. This steampunk girl’s costume brings together the fun and eclectic taste of steampunk with the fashion that has made it so popular. Laugh from zeppelins and dare to seek out new lands.

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Fiery Monster High Character Rules Halloween

Nefara de Nile, a villain in Monster High stories, plays a significant role that young girls are quickly becoming familiar with. Too popular for their own good, Nefara is a model, oldest sibling, and has an attitude as big as the pyramids. Don’t be surprised when little girls look up to her as the baddy they love to hate.

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Lively Swamp Monster High Halloween Costume for Girls

Of all the characters that young girls could look up to, perfectionist Honey Swamp is top of the list. This costume features a dress with multiple layers, a belt, and tights. Opt to add in a big wig and hot pink shoes for a real Honey Swamp look.

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Alarmingly Terrifying Creepy Pasta Halloween Costume

Jeff the Killer comes from a dark spot on the web where people go to tell creepy stories. It’s the modern version of a campfire and Jeff the Killer has a long story arc. Kids love the complete suit aspect of these costumes, and they’re a great way to terrify their friends.

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Darling Doll Halloween Costume with a Twist

This Halloween costume employs a bit of Engility. The dress, tights, and sleeves are all straightforward aspects of the kit. However, the headpiece makes for a beautiful illusion of a marionette control piece. Your kid will have fun staging themselves to look like a broken-down doll.

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Assertive Statement Piece for Halloween

A pull straight from Rosie the Riveter this Hardworking Lady costume is complete with a polka-dotted headpiece. She’ll cheer on her fellow trick-or-treaters with a long-standing “We Can Do It” mantra. Let your little miss show off her spunk with this jumpsuit that you can pair with military-style zip-up boots.

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A Showcase of the Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Little Girls

It’s probably one of the favorite holidays of the year, and it’s grounds for some high-level and out of the house entertainment. It doesn’t matter if you’re attending a party together, or if you’ll escort her around the neighborhood. Your little girl can have fun with any of these costume ideas!

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