Funny Halloween costume ideas for women

50 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women that are Absolutely Hilarious

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If you’re looking for the best funny Halloween costume ideas for women, this curated list of unique ideas gives you a variety of fashion styles to consider. Halloween costumes can be comprised of many intricate pieces or a few signature pieces for maximum impact. Considering your color scheme and style preferences will help you decide on the best costume idea for you. If you enjoy family costumes, these can make a great conversation starter at fall school events.

50 Funny Women’s Halloween Costume Ideas that will Get a Lot of Laughs

Cute Miss Piggy Costume Idea

This cute and silky Miss Piggy Costume idea includes a satin pink dress, a large pink bow and great accessories. The white gloves and pig nose make this a striking costume that’s easily recognized as Miss Piggy. If you add pig ears, it makes the look complete. The dress is very feminine and hugs your curves for added style. If you’re looking for a cute dress that you can use as a costume as well, this might be the best funny Halloween costume idea for you.

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Quirky Marge Simpson Outfit Idea

With a long metallic dress and signature blue wig, this Halloween costume idea is quirky and cute.The Marge Simpson costume idea includes a big red necklace and a yellow undershirt. The colors look stunning! Marge Simpson can be a great design idea for you if you like the Simpsons television show and want to show off your preference to your friends.

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Adorable Jerry the Cat Costume

Looking to make a cute impact at the next Halloween party? Consider this Jerry the Cat costume idea. This costume is a body suit that completes the look from head-to-toe. The brown cat costume comes complete with a large-sized head piece that rests on top of the hood. The enlarged look of the head adds a level of humor to this costume that makes it a great choice for those with younger kids.

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Beautiful and Fun Betty Rubble Costume Idea

Betty Rubble is the primary comic relief feminine character from the popular television show The Flintstones. Consider this costume idea that helps you look like the beautiful character! The exaggerated necklace and torn-looking white dress make this outfit a fun one to wear. For busy parents who don’t have a lot of time to plan an elaborate outfit, this could be the best choice for you.

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Silly 80’s Workout Gear Idea

Incorporate the best decade in history by embracing the 1980s with this workout costume idea. The bright colors and signature headband make this costume cute and silly. If you’re looking for a costume that will let you show off your figure, this is a great choice. The suspenders highlight the abdomen of the wearer and demonstrates a high level of fitness, straight from the 80’s.

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Magical and Fun Unicorn Costume Idea

This pink and white costume is a unicorn onesie designed to make the wearer into a unicorn, instantly! The feminine colors make this a great costume idea for those who love pink. This is also a great idea for women who like to stay warm during the Halloween season, because it offers head-to-toe coverage. The cute unicorn wings applied to the sleeves add a special, three-dimensional look to this costume.

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Cute Peas in a Pod Design Idea

This idea features three large green peas in a full-length body suit. The peas are sewn into a pea pod and make for a really humorous look to the piece. The last pea in the set is actually sewn in as the headpiece, which adds to the comprehensive feel of this costume. If you have a long-sleeved green shirt and want a costume to go along with it, this peas in a pod design is perfect for you.

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Cute and Bold Pinky Ghost Costume

For a bold look on Halloween, consider a huge Pinky Ghost costume design. The Pink Ghost is recognizable as the challenging foe of Pac-Man. This is a great costume for those who want a full-body suit and love the color pink. The over-sized eyes on this costume make the character look foreboding, which adds to the humorous nature of the design.

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Quirky Cookie Monster Costume Design Idea

Love Sesame Street? Look no further for your ideal costume idea! This cookie monster costume includes a stylish blue dress that has fabric pieces shedding off for a fur-like look. The dress is accented by cookie themed tights. The combination of blue and cookie fabric make this a silly and fun costume to wear.

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Cackle-Inducing Kangaroo Costume Idea

If you love Australia or the silly look of the kangaroo, this is the costume idea for you! This Kangaroo costume idea features a full-length body suit and is designed with a hood element for added impact. A cute little baby kangaroo is sewn into the front of the outfit, and adds to the overall silly feel of the design. For convenience, this onesie has a zipper in the front. If you want an easy and creative costume idea, this might be it for you.

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Glamorous Minnie Mouse Design Idea

This is a very feminine costume that is comprised of a well-sewn dress and ears. To look and feel like Minnie Mouse this Halloween, consider this design idea. The top of the dress is made to be form-fitting, and the short skirt puffs out above the knee. The striking, shiny black belt pulls the entire outfit together. A cute and quirky look can be achieved with this Minnie Mouse costume idea.

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Jolly Jumpsuit Monkey Outfit Idea

This form-fitting suit is a silly dark brown fur with light tan accents. This is a great costume idea for women who are looking for warmth during the cold Halloween season. The whole-body suit includes a cut monkey head and eye patches on the hood. The curly tail springs out from the back of the costume and makes a fun addition to the overall look. If you want a silly costume that’s also warm, this might be one of the top design ideas for you.

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Cute and Colorful Cupcake Costume Idea

Looking for a three-dimensional, food-themed costume idea? This cute and colorful cupcake design might be perfect for you. The cascading shades of pink in the top piece of the cupcake make the icing stand out above the blue base. This is a fun Halloween design idea for busy moms who need a functional one-piece costume. The brilliant blue base is a beautiful color that is brought together with white polka dots.

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Bouncing Bunny Costume Idea

This costume is rather sexy and is great for late-night Halloween parties. The brown bunny costume idea looks comfortable and functional. The hood has two long bunny ears sewn on top, which gives a three-dimensional look to the costume. The brown base color is striking against the white accent pieces. This costume is made with a thick fur material and a soft lining, making it functional in all weather conditions. This is a great choice if you need a fun and warm Halloween costume!

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Fun and Powerful Sailor Moon Costume

The best women’s Halloween costume ideas include an element of creativity. This Sailor Moon costume includes sophisticated accessories and brilliantly placed colors. If you’re looking for a cute costume that represents a powerful action hero, the Sailor Moon costume is the best choice for you. With the signature headband included to complete the look, this is a fun and striking Halloween costume idea. If you love to defend galaxies against evil forces, this is the costume for you!

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Cute Orange Little Fish Idea

This design idea takes America’s most popular pet fish to a whole new level. If you want to be a goldfish for Halloween, you can with this design idea. The full body suit includes a hood that looks like a real goldfish. The striking orange color of this costume will make you noticeable in any lighting. When walking around a busy city, this could be a huge benefit of the design. If you’re looking for a fun and cute Halloween costume idea, this is it.

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Silly Aunt Gertie Costume Idea

Does your family have that one family member that gets on everyone’s nerve? If you’re looking for a family-friendly costume idea that’s absolutely silly, this Aunt Gertie design is exactly what you need. The long, pleated dress and accessories come together to make a cohesive, aging adult look. Included accessories are hair curlers, large glasses and very long socks. None of the accessories match, adding to the silliness of this product. With the hair curlers, the look truly comes together in hilarity.

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Flying Unicorn Onesie Costume Idea

If you’re looking for the most comfortable costume idea, this might be the right fit for you. This all-pink Unicorn onesie, complete with hood and wings, looks absolutely adorable and fun. The pure pink color is striking because it covers you head to toe in a monochrome fabric. The wings add a three-dimensional aspect to this costume. The addition of a front-closing zipper adds functionality. These features are an advantage to those who are short on time when Halloween comes around!

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Striking Blue Shark Costume Design Idea

If you love shark week, this is the costume idea for you! A full-length, bright-blue shark costume is a great way to be the life of any party. In addition to the shark onesie, you get hand warmers. These hand warmers match the outfit and make it look like your arms are shark fins. The hood has small white triangles sewn into the seam. This makes it look like your head is inside a shark’s mouth. This striking Halloween costume idea is great for those who want to add a bit of drama to the scene!

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Totally Cool Tropical Fish Costume

Does your family love Finding Nemo? Consider this tropical fish costume. The design of this costume looks like a mini-dress, and is perfect for warmer climates. The skirt is made of a shiny orange satin and flows beautifully. The body of the dress has orange and white stripes, and includes an attached hood. The hood is where the fun comes in: the fish’s tiny eyes poke out. If you’re looking for a great fish-themed Halloween costume idea, this might be the right choice for you.

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Silly Inflatable Hippo Costume

This inflatable costume makes you look like a hungry hungry hippo! The gray fabric comes with an inflatable feature that allows you to increase the costume in size. This is an awesome idea for those looking to make a big impact at Halloween parties. The fabric is also very durable, so it can withstand multiple uses. If you have a family that loves to go on safari, consider becoming one of the kid’s favorite animals with this hippo costume idea!

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Slightly Ridiculous Baby Costume Idea

The elements in this costume are enlarged and bright. They strike down anyone who sees the outfit, because of how unappropriated they are to the wearer’s body. The design of the baby costume includes a bib, diaper, bottle and hat. The very intricate pink detailing on the oversize accessories is silly because of the amount of fabric used. The baby diaper contains a huge safety pin, adding a laugh to anyone who notices this detail. If you want a truly ridiculous costume, this is the best Halloween costume idea for you.

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Bright and Bold Emoji Design

This costume includes a crying and laughing emoji design. The large circle emoji adds an element of fun to the design. You have to wiggle your arms and legs into holes on the side of the costume, which makes the look of the face center perfectly. If you have teenagers who text a lot, this could be a fun design idea for you. The fabric is made primarily of polyester, which makes this a great choice if you live in warmer climates. Staying cool while in your costume is a huge plus!

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Quirky Wilma Flintstone Costume Idea

Wilma Flinstone is a highly recognizable character from an old cartoon. This is a simple idea that comes together beautifully in three design pieces. The bright orange wig is stacked high in curls, which adds a striking look to the top of the outfit. The pure white and over-sized bead necklace is a signature piece that highlights your face. And lastly, the cut-off white dress completes the look. If you’re looking for a quirky and cute Halloween costume idea, this might be the one for you.

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Fun and Sexy Life Guard Uniform Idea

This is a great Halloween costume idea for women who want to look beautiful and confident for an outdoor event. A life guard costume comes with a one-strap bathing suit, a center life guard label on the chest, and a whistle. If you’re looking to spice up your Halloween, this is the costume idea for you! Complete the look with a pair of large sunglasses, and you’ll be ready to party. The bright red color of this suit makes it look striking against any skin tone as well. You won’t have to worry about tanning, and can have a fun time!

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Stylish Pop Art Costume Idea

If you’re looking for a unique women’s Halloween costume idea, this pop art design might be the best choice for you. With the top and bottom of the piece included, you can combine different accessories to complete your look. The chains and jewelry can be bundled up for a layered effect. The color scheme of this product is striking and bold, with primary colors coming through. If you have small kids who love learning new colors, this might be the best costume idea for you.

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Funny Giraffe Design Idea

If you need something with a lot of height, consider this Giraffe design idea. The cute construction is an A-line dress with an outer and inner lining. The outer lining is a fun giraffe print with brown spots and a tan base. The inner lining is a soft and warm silk. These features are great if you want a small dress that can stand up to colder outdoor temperatures. The hood of this costume looks like the head of a giraffe, and adds an extra silly element to the look.

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Silly Tickles the Clown Halloween Costume Idea

Looking for a clown costume? You might want to consider Tickles the Clown! This costume features a bright green wig, a multi-colored polka-dot dress, stockings with matching bows, and short white gloves. This is a really silly costume that will make you look like the most hilarious clown around. The mini-dress makes the proportions of the costume unbalanced. This adds to the hilarity of the entire look.

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Flamboyant Pink Flamingo Costume Design Idea

This Pink Flamingo costume idea includes a furry pink pair of shorts, two faux flamingo legs that hang down, and a pair of bright pink tights. If you’re looking to create a fun atmosphere, this could be the best Halloween costume idea for you. The flamboyant flapping of your flamingo legs will make everyone chuckle. The bright colors are sure to energize the room, and make you a silly addition to any get together.

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Cute and Striped Wenda Costume

This is a great choice if you love to read! The adult Wenda costume design includes the classic, signature red and white striped bodysuit. An large denim skirt is added for a level of texture and style. Then, the striped knit hat with poof completes the look. If you love to solve puzzles and want to share this love to the world, consider this Wenda costume idea. Stay warm with the knit hat, too!

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Wonky Watermelon Costume Design Idea

If you want to reminisce about summer this upcoming October, consider this Watermelon Costume design idea. You can look like a slice of delicious watermelon by stepping into this outfit. The look includes a solid black legging, which adds to the comfort of this costume. The brilliant red and green colors of the top piece of watermelon contrast nicely with the black cartoon-like seeds. If you want a fun Halloween costume idea that’s simple, this may be the best design for you.

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Bouncy and Fun Bumblebee Costume Idea

A bumblebee is a friendly and fun addition to any costume collection. This costume design features striking black and yellow stripes, and a black body suit underneath. The stripes are made of a furry material, and adds a huge amount of texture to the suit. The kids will enjoy running their fingers through the fabric of this costume. The long fur adds a level of silliness to this particular bumblebee costume, making it a truly unique Halloween costume idea.

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Cute and Garden-Ready Ms. Gnome Idea

This is a multi-layered costume that’s meant to add a flair of drama to any room. The details add a whole new dimension of fun to the outfit. The pockets on the bright blue skirt are small mushrooms, which makes the skirt look childish and cute. An elongated, dark red hat makes the wearer look very tall. This feature makes this Halloween costume idea appropriate for smaller individuals, who might look silly if they try to increase their height.

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Hilarious Pink Ostrich Costume Design Idea

If you like the great outdoors and sharing that love with your friends, this Ostrich costume design is for you. The pink color of the ostrich base makes it look cute and fun. The eye-catching look of the outfit is exaggerated by the black bodysuit that goes underneath the pink ostrich. It really looks like you are riding a bird! The four fuzzy fabric used in construction, and the two little pink legs, make this costume feel warm. If you need a hilarious costume idea that’s great for the cold weather of October, this could be the best choice for you.

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Sweet and Cute Strawberry Costume

This Strawberry costume is perfect for Halloween parties. The bright red color will let you stand out in a crowd, and the large white gloves make a striking accessory. The coolest detail of this costume is the hood. The top of a strawberry is comprised of a few leaves and a stem, and the hood is expertly decorated to match this! It looks silly when put on top of a human head. The fun hood and silly gloves make this costume a great choice for those looking to make a real impact at their next party!

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Brilliant Purple Daphne Costume Design Idea

This character is one of the most stylish in the Scooby Doo cartoon series. The Daphne costume comes complete with her signature wrap-around purple dress, green accent scarf, and bright orange wig. The look of this costume is silly because the cartoon character’s colors contrast so harshly. The bright orange wig completes the look by putting all the elements into place. If you’re looking for a striking dress design in your Halloween costume, this could be the best idea for you.

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Cute and Fun Care Bears Costume Idea

The Care Bears are cuddly and toddler-friendly in nature. This costume holds that standard. The fuzzy fabric made on the outside of the Care Bear onesie makes this a design that’s huggable and loveable. The bright color of the fabric contrasts nicely with the white accent colors. Added design elements that make this a fun costume include hearts embroidered onto the hands of the suit. These hearts are a subtle pink color and add a pop of pink to the look. If you want a cute and warm outfit for Halloween, this could be the best costume idea for you.

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Short and Cute Oktoberfest Costume Idea

This is a fun and sexy costume idea for those who love Oktoberfest! This costume desig idea includes a red jumper and white undershirt. If you’re looking for a fun and easy costume, the Oktoberfest design might the right choice for you. The leggings are an essential part of the outfit, and are a beautiful white color with red bows. This is a great idea for those looking to show a little leg this Halloween!

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Quirky Inflatable Unicorn Costume Idea

This inflatable Unicorn costume idea is a fun way to make a hilarious impact at your next party. The rainbow back of the unicorn stretches a few feet above your head, and the oversize top of the costume protrudes prominently. The large, smiling teeth set on the Unicorn face adds an element of hilarity to the overall look of this costume. If you want a big costume that makes an even bigger impact, this could be the best Halloween costume idea for you.

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Fun Minion from Despicable Me Costume Idea

Do you want to create a real impact at your next Halloween event? Consider becoming a Minion from Despicable Me. This costume idea includes all the required elements in one body suit, which makes it easy to put on and take off. If you’re a busy mother looking for a functional and fun costume idea, this could be the choice for you. The body suit requires an extra hand when you put it on, because of the back zipper closure. However, the size of this costume means the big impact will be worth it!

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Silly Linda from Bob’s Burgers Costume Idea

If you love modern cartoons, this may be the best Halloween costume idea for you. Become Linda from Bob’s Burgers in all her glory, including her signature outfit and accessories. The outfit includes her bright red shirt, a work apron, and a pair of washed out jeans. Her wide, red-rimmed glasses are included as an accessory for an added element of fun. To top it all off, this costume idea includes a very stiff hat that looks like Linda’s hair. If you want to look like a silly cartoon character, this might be a great costume idea for you.

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Colorful and Fun Rainbow Brite Costume Idea

This design includes a red, blue, yellow and pink color scheme that makes a maximum impact with it’s layered construction. The dress is the main component of this costume, and comes complete with a red belt. The belt features an embroidered rainbow of the primary colors. If you’re looking for a fun and creative design idea, this could be a great costume for you.

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Cute Blossom Powerfuff Costume Idea

Want to become the cutest of all the powerpuff girls? Consider this cute Blossom costume idea. The design features a metallic pink top and a subtle pink tutu bottom. The ruffles of the skirt add an element of fun and flair to the design. If you’re looking for a cute pink costume, this may be the best idea for you. The outfit comes with a large pair of black sunglasses, which are meant to match the black belt, to bring the look together.

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Cartoon-Inspired Minion Outfit Costume Idea

This costume features a denim jump suit and yellow shirt for a Minion-inspired look. The added large circular-rimmed glasses are a great element that complete the look. Minions are known to have sight issues and require glasses. If you want to look like the cartoons you see in the movies, these glasses can help you get there. The outfit looks very feminine, though, so it’s a give and take. If you’re looking for a Minion-inspired silly costume idea, this may be the best choice for you.

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Silly Green Grapes Design Idea

This full-length body suit includes bulbous green grapes and a dark green body suit. The look of this outfit is silly, as the grapes are as large as an adult’s head! The leaves that protrude from the costume are small in comparison, which adds to the hilarity of the costume. If you’re looking for a fun and fruity design, this could be the best Halloween costume idea for you!

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Cute Louise from Bob’s Burgers Costume Idea

If you love Bob’s Burgers and identify with the quirky character Louise, consider this costume idea. It’s a simple, light green dress and pink bunny ear hat. The Louise look is easy to pull off if you’re good at looking amused or frustrated. If you want a cute and simple Halloween costume, this is a great choice for you.

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Funny Purple Dragon Onesie Costume Idea

If you like the look of oversize purple dragons, this is a fantastic costume for you. The color scheme and awesome head of this costume make it a stunning and funny outfit. The bright purple color of the body of the dragon is accented by bright yellow and orange on the belly and feet. If you need a fun idea for your next Halloween party, this is a spot on costume idea for you!

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Cute Catch Me Honey Costume Idea

If you go out as a couple on Halloween and need a cute idea to make him happy, consider this Catch Me Honey costume idea. This is a feminine version of a Pikachu costume, and is a mini-dress with a hood. The hood comes complete with Pikachu’s signature long ears with brown tips. The brown striping on the side of the dress pulls it together to say, catch me if you can!

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Fun and Sexy Pikachu Costume Idea

This is a great costume if you’re going to an intimate Halloween party this season. The fabric of the dress flows very nicely, and the color of bright yellow matches the fabric print well. This dress comes complete with matching thigh-high yellow stockings, which help complete the look. If you’re looking for a sexy Pokemon-inspired design, the Pikachu design might be the best Halloween costume for you.

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50 Cute and Silly Halloween Costumes for Women

If you’re looking for funny women’s Halloween costume ideas, we hope this list has enlightened you on the best options out there. The most feminine will find that the cartoon characters wear beautiful, form-fitting dresses. The more silly and humorous women will find the best ideas are striking and bold.

For the most silly costume, we’d recommend a full-body suit of a popular cartoon character. Consider the Jerry costume if you desire a big impact. From a magical unicorn to a cute cartoon character, we’ve provided a variety of choices to satisfy every possible style. And remember, you can always customize your outfit to fit your specific requirements. This way, your choice is sure to be the best Halloween costume for you!

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