Funny Halloween costume ideas for kids

50 Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids to Make the Spooky Night a Memorable One

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When it comes to looking for the best funny Halloween costume ideas for kids the search usually begins early October every year and parents all around are running from store to store hoping to find something that catches their eye. While some adults with lively personalities like to participate in this occasion themselves, the occasion is primarily one for the kids to enjoy as for one night they get to let their imaginations run wild and be among other kids who share this passion for fantasy.

While the theme of Halloween is widely perceived to be a spooky one but kids, have the advantage of letting their imagination run free on this occasion and step into the shoes of whichever living thing in creation possible (sometimes even non-living things). If you are looking to provide your kid with the perfect Halloween costume, do pay close attention to what their interests are. These could be cartoons, animals, sports, and history, etc. These are some of the more obvious ones, but if you really want something eye-catching, people have even gone as far as dressing their kids up as cucumbers. That may be ill-advised for some, but it is still a testament to the lack of limits when it comes to applying your creativity to what kind of costume can be used for your child. So in order to help you pick out the best costume idea for your child, we have created this list of amazingly funny and creative costumes for your young ones to ensure that their favorite night of the year is a memorable one.

50 Funny Costume Ideas for Kids to Make Them Stand Out this Halloween

Adorable Pumba Costume

If your child is fond of that amazing lion king character by the name of Pumba, then this is the ideal costume for him. This amazing and eye-catching warthog costume comes equipped with a tail, a stuffed rear end, and a brown stomach area. To top it all of it has hooves in the foot region, which erases the need for any kind of shoes to be worn underneath.

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Rain Rain Go Away

Allow your child to reach into the stratosphere by dressing them up like a storm cloud with an expression on its face that gives it a villainous look and gives the other kids around him a reason to sing ‘rain rain go away.’ This will not keep your child from playing with his friends, though, it will bring the right kind of fun and playful attention that all kids enjoy having.

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A Sweet Little Costume

While falling victim to your sweet tooth is something that is discouraged when you are younger, Halloween is a night when the rules don’t apply and the actual aim that you step out of the house with is collecting as much sweet food items as you can. In that respect dressing your kid in a sweet little cupcake costume is a really cute idea This cupcake costume is perfect for your little girl as it looks and feels much like a skirt and with a beautiful little cherry on top in the form of a headband, there is no beating this look in the cutes department.

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Tell a Toy Story from Your Costume

The iconic characters that most people might recognize from the toy story movies by the name of Mr and Mrs potato head have revolutionized the way that potatoes are perceived. So whether your child is into the vegetable or into the renowned toy characters, this costume of giant Mr and Mrs potato heads hanging around their torso is sure to get them all the right kinds of attention and appreciation and possibly tons of candy!

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The Best Monsters Ever

While the word monster was a negative connotation for a long time, especially when mentioned during Halloween, the meaning of the word has changed significantly since the release of the legendary monsters inc movie. This is precisely why your child will be ecstatic when you bring him home a costume that allows him to be one of the most lovable characters from the movie, the giant blue sweetheart Sulley. The costume is made from incredibly comfortable fur and comes with a headpiece that has Sulley’s signature horns attached on top of it.

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The Best Thing a Potato Can Be

While all dishes involving potatoes are loved by children, but there is one that is loved above all, and that is French fries. The phrase “you are what you eat” finds new meaning as your child gets to dress up as their favorite snack. This French fries costume is 100% polyester and is incredibly comfortable to wear, leaving only the pants exposed which you can match the color of the fries holder if you want.

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O captain My Captain

While Captain America might be all the rage these days with the marvel mania but let’s face the real captain that all the kids know and love is the mighty captain underpants! The superhero who needs nothing but a cape and some elastic to do his duty. This hilarious three-piece costume allows you to turn into the famous character down to his shiny bald head through the use of a headpiece and is exceptionally sizeable around the waistline for film accuracy.

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A Delicious Ice Cream Cone

When it comes to the favorite forbidden snack of all kids, ice cream is one of the top contenders. This costume allows your little boy or girl to dress up as that delicious ice cream cone they love with two scoops including strawberry and blueberry along with a crusty cone that reaches all the way down. So on this sweet occasion, allow your sweet children to be even more, well… sweet!

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Serving Time for Bad Behavior

This stripped costume of a prisoner with shackles in the feet and chains in their hands might be the parent’s choice for kids who have a tendency to break the rules a lot. So in addition to being a great creative costume for kids, it can also be used as fun little time-out prop if your kid has been naughty around Halloween time.

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For Marine Life Enthusiasts

If your child has a curiosity for the different kind of life that the ocean is teeming with than this is undoubtedly the costume for him/her. This is a highly eye-catching two-piece costume that allows your kid to step into the shoes of a sea horse. It comes in an accurate brown orange-ish color and has accurately placed fins and a tail.

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Enter the World of Rick and Morty

The latest sensation in the animated world that’s been sweeping the hearts and minds of teenagers everywhere is Rick and Morty. The cartoon is named after the two main characters, and this costume allows your child to become the anxious 14-year-old Morty. It includes a mask of Morty’s face along with the signature yellow t-shirt which you can couple with any old blue trousers to complete the look.

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Have a Little Welcomed Infestation

Allow your little girl to nibble on some Halloween sweets as she is dressed up as the king of nibbling, the mouse. This grey mouse costume comes in the form a skirt-like dress with hood attached to it that contains the signature mouse ears. All of this result in an adorable over-all look that will certainly be memorable.

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Be a Muppet

The Muppets are one of the most famous puppet shows of all time, and all children would like the opportunity to be a part of their gang any day any time So give your child the opportunity with this Muppet inspired costume with complete jumpsuit and mask included. With a realistic costume like this, all you are really missing is the strings on your arms and legs.

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Give Your Kid the Gift of Time Travel

The 60s were a time that your young child is unlikely to know much about but with this 60s hippie movement girl costume is something that will give you an opportunity to tell your child some stories and inform them about what the days were like. The costume includes the entire colorful dress and a headband. To take a look a step further, you can add a peace sign necklace, bracelet, or some other accessory.

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A Young Corn Cob

While corn is not among the topmost liked foods among kids, this one-piece jumpsuit costume that allows you to dress up as a corn cob is still a very bright, eye-catching and cute costume. Certainly in line for a healthy dose of sweets if your kids wear it to trick or treat.

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Express Yourself Soundlessly

Allow your little girl to learn to express herself without using her words by stepping into the shoes of mime for the night. This complete mime outfit for girls includes a striped black and white mime shirt, mime shorts, a mime hat, a red scarf, and some suspenders to complete the look. Apply some mime face paint, get in your miming stance and you are good to go.

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The Name is Lego Batman

The Lego Batman adaptation was perhaps one of the most loved Batman adaptations of all time which is why this 3D Lego Batman costume with detachable cape and mask is sure to turn some heads as you are walking down the streets and will definitely ensure you some extra candy. The realistic 3D effect makes it seem almost as if it’s the toy but life-size.

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Up Up and Away

While you could dress as superheroes that fly, pilots, birds but if you really wish to show your determination to touch the sky, why not just turn directly into a rocket? This 100% polyester made silver rocket costume allows you to do just that. The face of the person wearing it is seen in the rocket’s window, and the feet come out from where the flames would normally eject.

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Pay Homage to Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a brilliant scientist, and anyone would give anything to know what it’s like to be the brightest mind of our generation. With this Albert Einstein costume, you can provide your child with that opportunity allowing them to dress up as their idol. The costume includes not only the lab coat and the entire outfit but also the Albert Einstein style wig and mustache.

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Sumo wrestling Potential Unleashed

This is a one-piece costume of a very curious nature as it contains a full inflatable sumo wrestler that looks like it’s about to body slam the wearer. This makes it a very unusual but incredibly eye-catching costume that will get a ton of laughs and compliments and also make for some very memorable photos.

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The Necessary Protein

Bacon is known to and loved by people of just about all ages even if people of certain age s are ill-advised to consume it. This realistic and beautiful looking one-piece bacon costume will definitely be a head-turner and might even convince some hardcore bacon fans to hand out bacon instead of sweets. Imagine single-handedly changing the Halloween tradition.

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Toddler Time

Why should only those kids that can walk be dressed up on holidays? What about the ones who are just about to have their first or second Halloweens? For those newcomers, this goldfish costume that is made specifically for babies is the ideal outfit. The cute costume comes fitted with fish eyes, fins, and even scales giving it an adorable ensemble look.

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Ride a Dinosaur for Trick or Treating

This inflatable costume is a guaranteed head-turner as it inflates around your waist and gives the illusion that you are the one riding the dinosaur with the help of the inflatable lower body of a human attached on to the dinosaur. This costume is available for both kids and adults.

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Unicorns and Babies are a Magical Match

Here we have another one that is for those new-comers to the world and to the glorious day of Halloween. With this costume, the babies can add their magical beauty to that of the mythical creature known as the unicorn, and the result is one of the most adorable sights you might witness on this Halloween night.

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Into the Wild We Go

Allow your child to unleash their wild side with this beautiful fur filled one piece goat costume. The costume comes fitted with a tiny little furry goat tail and a headgear that has goat ears and horns attached to it. The costume even has black hand and shoe covers that give the appearance of goat hooves.

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Back with the Muppets

Up next, we have another costume that is based on the legendary puppets based show that everyone is so fond of. This time it’s the very specific and very loved character Fozzie, the bear. It comes with not only a mask representing Fozzie’s face but also the furry t-shirt and even with matching orange-ish brown pants. This is a very realistic costume of the character and bound to impress all Muppet fans.

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Delivering Straight to Your Doorstep

Oh, nothing pleases people more than when delicious fast food arrives straight at their doorstep and with this costume of a very realistic looking hamburger you get to deliver that most ordered fast food right on the front door of so many people. Just imagine the joy you will be spreading on this festive occasion.

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Become the Troll Branch

All kids love the paranoid and adorable troll Branch from the troll movie. While your kids might not go about in fear of an oncoming invasion, dressing up in Branch’s clothing and especially being able to pull of Branch’s epic hairstyle with the help of this costume and this wig respectively will certainly make their Halloween that much more fun.

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Healthy food at Last

With all the mentions of ice creams, burgers and fries all around its only fair to have some healthy food running around on Halloween too. This one-piece banana costume allows just that. With a giant banana, half peeled roaming around, everyone will pay attention to it, especially to make sure they don’t fall to the ground with their next step. Pop on this giant load of potassium for a Halloween you’ll remember for years to come.

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The Most Iconic Mouse of All Time

Tom and Jerry were perhaps the most iconic cat and mouse duo of all time and no one would ever deny an opportunity to dress up as the mouse that put all of mouse-kind on the map. This outstanding jerry costume comes with a one-piece jumpsuit and detachable mask of jerry’s face. It also includes a detachable tail.

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The Most Iconic Cat of All Time

On the cat side of things, we have the same packaged deal for a Tom costume. The tom tail is obviously a bit longer but detachable just like the Jerry costume. The perfect idea would be to get both of these costumes together as anyone who has seen the cartoon knows that one is incomplete without the other.

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The Girls’ Side of Things

The troll movie has inspired some amazing creativity in terms of costumes. One of the best looking characters from the movie has been the inspiration of this costume, namely, Poppy. This costume encapsulates all of Poppy’s most amazing visual traits such as her bright pink vertically adjusted hair and her beautiful blue outfit.

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Try Not to Get Tangled in This One

One of the most memorable duos from the 2010 adaptation of Rapunzel was that of Rapunzel and the Horse Maximus. While it might be a difficult decision as to which was your favorite character, this costume provides you with both of them. The dress of Rapunzel is attached directly onto the horse in this beautiful funny and unique one-piece costume.

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Chip of the Old Block

Beauty and the Beast introduced children to some amazing characters in some unusual forms, and one of those famous characters was Chip, the teacup son of Mrs. Potts. This costume includes a tunic and even a 3D handle which metaphorically is Chip’s nose is an excellent choice for fans of the magical fairy tale.

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Onesies for Multiple Different Reasons

There is nothing more comfortable than being able to roam around in your soft plushy Pajamas and these onesies which come in the form of Pandas, donkeys, lions, cheetahs, and even Pikachu allow you to do just that all night on Halloween while you collect candy. These costumes with their colorful builds, attached hoodies, and tails, both look and feel amazing.

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A Very Inviting Cactus

Once again, in our list, we cater to those that cannot speak their mind and make a choice for their favorite and desired costume just yet and offer an adorable solution. This cactus costume for babies that comes with a cute hat, dress, and even footwear, makes cactuses look like they wouldn’t feel so bad to hug after all. So, dress your toddler in this costume and watch the most attractive cactus come to life.

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Wild Side Part 2

Next up, we have a costume that screams cute just like the animal that it emulates. This bright pink piglet costume has ‘adorable’ written all over it as the jumpsuit comes with attached mitts and headpiece that has the signature piglet nose and the tiny little cute ears. The costume even includes shoe covers to ensure that the beautiful pink piglet theme is not compromised from head to toe.

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The Pink Theme Continued

The theme of beautiful pink animals in costumes continue in our list as this costume emulates one of the most majestic animals of all time, namely a flamingo. The inflatable costume shows a sight that is relatively rare, and that is of the wearer riding a flamingo. This costume will definitely make the wearer the center of attention wherever they go with its vibrant and flamboyant visual aesthetic.

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Rick and Morty Part 2

Earlier on this list is mentioned a Morty costume which is amazing but ultimately incomplete without the other half of the iconic duo that has swept the minds of teenagers all over the globe. That other half is the mad scientist by the name of Rick. The costume includes the signature Rick lab coat, shirt and trousers along with the realistic mask showing his face.

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The Sulley Returns

Sulley makes a second appearance in our list only adding more credibility to the popularity and love for Monsters Inc that we mentioned before. This time it’s a deluxe costume with a soft jumpsuit and a headgear that include Sulley’s signature horn and even his beautiful albeit low in quantity hair. Capture the feel of the monstrous sweetheart Sulley with this amazing and accurate costume.

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Become Super Mario with this Costume

While in today’s world the amount of famous video game characters has increased dramatically but there is none who can compete with the popularity of the world’s most famous plumber, Mario. This inflatable costume allows you to step into the shoes of Mario who happens to be riding on top of Yoshi, another famous character from the game. Mario’s signature mustache is not included with the costume, but that is merely a matter of choice as this costume can be used by girls as well.

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Dinosaur Rider

While historically, this is inaccurate as humans and dinosaurs never existed together, but this occasion rewards a child’s imagination, and scientific facts can take the back seat for the night. This inflatable dinosaur riding human costume can be coupled with some caveman or woman style clothing for a very impressive and creative display. Some facial hair thrown in the mix will also make the visual very cute and even further impressive.

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The Mad Hatter-ess

While the mad hatter was a man, with the latest adaptation being played by the legendary Johny Depp this Mad Hatter costume for girls is perhaps the most radiant look on our list. It includes, of course, the signature hat, dress, necklace, and tie. The colorful ensemble will capture and maintain the attention of everyone in the immediate vicinity of the girl who wears it, and the hat has the added benefit of storing extra candy.

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The Ocean in the Octopus

This blue colored octopus costume for boys with a couple of extra arms sticking out and a hood catch the marine vibe perfectly spot on and are perfect for any kid who has an interest in the big blue and all that it holds within it. It is made 100% from polyester and has shoe covers to make sure the legitimacy of the costume is not compromised by your footwear.

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Toddlers with Whiskers

Dress up your adorable little baby as one of the most adored animals on earth, namely a kitten and double the adorable in any room he or she walks into (or crawls into). This kitten costume comes with the suit for the torso, hat for the head, tiny footwear for the feet and an adorable little tail that can wiggle around freely as your baby moves and inspire “aww” from all the crowd in the general vicinity.

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Dressing Up as a Treat

You ever look at a baby, and it’s so cute that you say “I could just eat you,” well imagine if they were the levels of cute if they were actually dressed up like a sweet little treat. This ice cream costume for toddlers does just that. It includes the suit which is the crust of the cone, the hat which is the scoop and the boots which are just really REALLY cute.

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Cute Little Fishy

Next, we have an orange fish costume for babies that show any early signs of affinity to marine life, or just for babies that just look adorable in it, which is basically all babies ever. This costume comes with cute headgear, padded shirt and socks, and fins at the side that flip as the baby moves. This orange fish costume is sure to make your baby stand out.

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Vegetable to Get Excited For

Children are hardly ever excited for vegetables but with this Pea costume for children that excitement might for once be achieved. This is a one-piece costume that has several fine details present in an actual pea attached to it and the more authentic it gets, the more eye-catching and outstanding it becomes. Stress the importance of eating your greens with this fun and interesting pea child costume.

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Eye on the Prize

A cyclops is a monster that comes bearing only one eye and is famous among children with active imaginations, so basically all children. This soft one-piece orange cyclops costume is coupled with some purple spots on its body, making a very attractive and pleasing color combination. It also has some rather scary horns on its attached hoodie on both sides of the single all-seeing eye.

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Crustacean King

Last but certainly not least we have the Crustacean king, the crab. This wonderfully red crab costume comes with four dangling arms, a headgear that carries the crab’s eyes and the claw gloves for the hands which are a key element if you wish even to attempt to emulate a crab, so full points for including those.

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50 Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids That Will Make Them Enjoy Themselves

As you can see from the above-mentioned list that there are no bounds to products out there and certainly no bounds to the creativity of what you can or cannot be dressed up as on the occasion of Halloween. We have gone from healthy snacks to junk foods to pre-historic animals to cartoon characters and many more inspirations for costumes in this list alone, and surely there is somebody out there constantly looking to think outside the box which means that the options will only go on to increase. So if you are looking for the best costume for your child, you need only look.

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