Best Drugstore Highlighter Ideas

21 Stunning Drugstore Highlighters that are Better than Expensive Brands

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Creating the perfect look that fits into our unique lives can become a complicating task: it consists of balancing the need for compromise while also making it fabulous, and this is when knowledge about the best drugstore highlighters could come in handy. A phenomenal product that allows you to accurately express your inner vision and save money is an ideal investment. The process of experimenting with different products to find the best drugstore highlighter takes time and progress that most people may not have. Every makeup look has an artistic aspect that makes a statement. The best drugstore face highlighter could easily fulfill this task during multiple situations. This is why it is critical to apply the perfect shimmer and shine that compliments your ideal look.

21 Cheap Drugstore Highlighters With Tons Of Luxurious Gains

Best Drugstore Highlighters

Everyone has their individualized tones and textures that are just waiting to be enhanced and addressed. A good drugstore highlighter with perfect consistency and shade would allow your skin to speak for itself while providing you with an appearance of liveliness and health. Some of us like to apply cheap highlighters with the perfect brush. Others may prefer to apply it with their bare hands. All of these aspects should be taken into consideration to achieve your individualized look. Keep reading to gain insight into the best drugstore brands that will provide you with a superior glow while giving your pockets a break.

1. Pixi Glow-y Duos in Subtle Sunrise

Pixi Glow-y Duos in Subtle Sunrise

This drugstore face highlighter comes as a duo that provides a versatile shine to various skin tones. Different colors like vanilla and pink are paired together to create the perfect look that contains all of the right pigments. This good drugstore highlighter could be used on different areas like your cheeks, brow bones, and more.

The color choices will work nicely to accommodate all angles and skin types. You can choose to use the shades separately to bring focus toward certain features or mix them to create a warmer tone.

2. Revolution Highlight Reloaded In Just My Type

Revolution Highlight Reloaded In Just My Type

This good drugstore highlighter pallet shows off a wavy array of shimmers and lights that were created to add the perfect balance of shine and brightness. Use your brush to apply this illuminating finish to places like your cheekbones, and brow bones. This high-quality product is also cruelty-free and vegan. This means that you can look your best while also practicing good ethics that improve the health of the planet.

3. Collab Filter Highlighting Powder in Glow for Gold

Collab Filter Highlighting Powder in Glow for Gold

This drugstore face highlighter contains essential highlighting necessities like suitable tones and accurate pigmentation. It also allows you to get the job done at a reasonable price. This highlighter is a powder that has a pleasingly silky texture that effortlessly slides into the right places. As a result, your skin will look beautiful and luminous. You can also expect this great product to last for a longer amount of time.

4. Essence Pure Nude Highlighter

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter

This highlighter has impressive nude tones that enhance the skin’s natural pigments while illuminating them. This baked pallet consists of a lightweight texture that can easily be applied to all areas that need to be highlighted. Its impressive consistency has mastered the ability to provide a cruelty-free glow that remains neutral while also providing a metallic tent. It makes you wonder if it should be sold as one of the cheap highlighters.

5. AOA Velour Mousse Highlighter in Sometimes

AOA Velour Mousse Highlighter in Sometimes

This is one of the most impressive cheap highlighters that is sold at a wonderful price. It successfully gives customers a piece of what it’s like to use the perfect blend of liquids and solids. This wonderful consistency can easily be added without a brush to provide shine that does not interfere with the overall balance of your look. You only need a small amount of this wonderful highlight to enhance and brighten the places that need to glow. Do not let the product’s size fool you. Its colors are bold, bright, and beautiful.

6. Milani Supercharged Highlighter Duo

Milani Supercharged Highlighter Duo

This drugstore face highlighter contains cream and powder-based formulas that create a multi-dimensional glow. Apply them separately to show off their brilliance. When they are applied together, you can experience the ability to add shine at varying intensity levels without chunks and excessive amounts of product. These colors can also be purchased at a reasonable price that enables you to save money while supplying you with amazing results.

7. e.l.f. Illuminating Palette

e.l.f. Illuminating Palette

This versatile palette allows customers to have access to four beautiful colors that successfully adds the right amount of shine. It’s a lightweight power that successfully fulfills basic makeup needs that don’t require bold accents. They are also long-lasting and compact. This means that you can wear the product all day without worrying too much about it disintegrating within your skin. Your skin could look and feel naturally dazzled for the entire day without problems.

8. e.l.f. Glow Gleam Beam Highlighter Palette

e.l.f. Glow Gleam Beam Highlighter Palette

This palette contains six beautiful shades that can highlight, and shine with even application. There are warm tones that help to add life to your unique skin. There are also colors that contain particles of glitter so that you can use this palette as an everyday tool. You can also use it as something that is used as a secret weapon when it’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

9. J.Cat Baked Highlighter in Bella Rose

J.Cat Baked Highlighter in Bella Rose

Bella Rose is a beautiful color that provides an icy pink pigment while also adding a metallic finish to your face. It can be applied as a fine powder that highlights specific areas. It can also give you a bright highlight that causes your skin to stand out and shine. This unique pigment is offered at a small cost that allows you to mix in with other nice ideas that will polish your look even more.

10. J.Cat Luxe Pearl Luminizer Powder

J.Cat Luxe Pearl Luminizer Powder

This powder contains lots of product so you can experience its magnificent highlights repeatedly without worrying too much about overusing it. It also provides a matte finish that helps customers who are looking to absorb oil while enhancing their skin’s texture. Its velvety consistency provides the finish that is needed to keep your makeup in place over a longer amount of time.

11. e.l.f. Halo Glow Setting Powder In Light

e.l.f. Halo Glow Setting Powder In Light

This cruelty-free product provides vegan ingredients that give you an amazing glow without harming the environment. It will leave your skin looking and feeling healthy by providing a blurred glow that takes attention away from different facial imperfections. You can easily manage shine and keep your makeup in place throughout the day with this impressive product. This will allow you to enjoy being beautiful without worrying about smears and smudges.

12. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Natural Nude

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Natural Nude

This appealing pallet includes everything that you need to apply the best highlights. You can use the handy mirror and brush to blend according to your unique highlighting preferences. There are various colors included within the product that can be used as eyeliners, bronzers, eye shadows, and highlighters. An eye-catching mixture of metallics, pinks, and golden pigments are included together to help you create the perfect mixture of shine.

13. Colour Pop Super Shock in Smoke N Whistles & Flexitarian

Colour Pop Super Shock in Smoke N Whistles and Flexitarian

This pallet contains a silky yet bouncy texture that provides a cream-like application. This means that it is easy to apply with your fingers without having to dip into the pallet too much. It is very pigmented with bright pink and silver tones that are intensified when they are applied to your face. You can construct the perfect combination of blends, and texture to highlight your face as you see fit when you use this highlighter as your go-to choice.

14. e.l.f. Glow Highlighter in Moonlight

e.l.f. Glow Highlighter in Moonlight

This highlighter might be the best drugstore highlighter because of its beautiful texture that successfully provides customers with a soft display of a rich and icy-pink color. It also includes lots of pigmentation. This product is safe to apply with your fingers so that you have more control over where you illuminate and lighten. This vegan palette is also coconut scented. This will allow your skin to look and smell refreshed all at once.

15. Revlon Skin Lights Face Glow Illuminator (Sunrise Luster)

Revlon Skin Lights Face Glow Illuminator (Sunrise Luster)

This Liquid illuminator can be used as a bronzer or highlighter. It is conveniently packaged with a thin nozzle so it can be applied directly to the parts of your face that you want to stand out. This product can be mixed with your foundation to add the extra shine and radiance that your skin may need. You may even find it fit to be the perfect primer that provides a little more than the usual. Its long-lasting ingredients are the perfect combination that will allow you to look your best for multiple looks and occasions.

16. “Flower” Beauty Shimmer and Strobe Highlighting Palette

Flower Beauty Shimmer and Strobe Highlighting Palette

This product includes a mirror and brush that allows you to apply it’s amazing ingredients efficiently and effectively. These colors can complement the beauty and shine of various skin tones. It’s golden, champagne, and pink tones are carefully placed to provide you with everything a highlight should have. It is also applied evenly to the skin with little effort so that your perfect metallic-like finish is never a hassle.

17. Hard Candy Baked Highlighter Trio | Cruisin The Coast

Hard Candy Baked Highlighter Trio Cruisin The Coast

This trio made it on the list of being the best drugstore highlighter because it gives customers the ability to apply their highlights at varying levels of luminosity for the right amount of shine and intensity. It also includes an amazing brush that allows the product to glide evenly onto your skin. The product is sold at a price that will blow your mind because it provides many benefits and colors. You can apply this highlighter to your brow bone, eyes, chin, nose, and more. The highlighter is applied in a soft manner that allows you to create the perfect amount of intensity.

18. Kokie Soft Glow Highlighter | Heavenly

Kokie Soft Glow Highlighter Heavenly

This soft glow highlighter glides on with a sheer look that blends easily and evenly throughout your desired facial areas. You can also use your fingers to apply it in a controlled manner. It has a cream-like texture that does not require excessive amounts of applications to achieve your desired level of intensity. It is also advised that you try applying this product with a damp blending sponge to experience the best results.

19. Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter (Molten Gold)

Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter (Molten Gold)

This high-quality pallet is considered to be the best drugstore highlighter because its beautiful benefits can be accessed at a reasonable price. You will find that it is exceptionally successful at providing a creamy pigment that blends perfectly throughout the areas that you want to brighten and shine. You will have the perfect blend of flexibility and firmness that provides the best of both worlds. Its chrome color easily makes areas like your cheekbones, nose, and brow shine.

20. Wet n Wild Mega Glo Highlighter (Precious Petals, Golden Flower Crown)

Wet n Wild Mega Glo Highlighter (Precious Petals, Golden Flower Crown)

Wet n Wild has provided its best drugstore highlighter with amazing colors that give you amazing results. These powders also have a creamy consistency that allows a luminescent finish to enhance your areas of concentration. Precious petals have a flawless pink tone that highlights the skin with a graze of warmth. Golden flower petals add a bright effect that creates a beautiful shine. You can also access this awesome cruelty-free product at a reasonable price.

21. Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter (Champagne)

Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter (Champagne)

This product might have a reputation as the best drugstore highlighter because of its beautiful colors. They can create a multi-dimensional glow that can be applied evenly with little-to-no effort. It also has nutrient-rich ingredients that are beneficial to your skin. The product’s butter consistency can be applied with your fingers to have complete control over its luminescence and visibility. It’s super-soft touch also provides an even appearance that lasts throughout the entire day. This product has been clinically tested so that it is cruelty-free, paraben-free gluten-free, and hypo-allergenic. All of these amazing benefits are also provided at a reasonable price.

FAQ About Drugstore Highlighters

How do I choose a highlighter?

This also depends on your skin: experts recommend choosing a highlighter that’s just a few shades lighter than your skin tone. When purchasing highlighter, test a bit on the back of your hand to make sure you like the color.

Where should you apply highlighter?

Try to highlight the “high points” of your face; in other words, highlight the places on your face that will naturally reflect the most light. The most important places to highlight first are your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and the center of your chin.

Do you put highlighter on before or after foundation?

Always apply your highlighter after foundation, and before setting mist and/or translucent powder. Applying foundation after highlighter will cover up your highlighter. On the other hand, applying highlighter after foundation will ensure you have a smooth, even base for your highlighter.

Is liquid or powder highlighter better?

If you’d like a dewy finish, liquid highlighter is your best bet. At the same time, though, liquid highlighter can make oily skin look too shiny, so if you’re an oily gal, stay away from liquids. Powder highlighters work great on all skin types, so those with oily skin should choose these instead.

What brush do you use for highlighter?

Use an angled brush to ensure that you can control where the highlighter goes– you don’t want to end up spreading the highlighter all over your face. Look for asymmetrical brushes, or brushes that look like fans. Both work well!

21 Great Drugstore Highlighters that are Better than Expensive Brands

Give yourself the treat of having a glamorous gleam that isn’t as expensive as it may seem. Use these beautiful colors, shades, and tones to enhance many parts of your facial angles and surfaces. They are also great examples of the direction that all makeup should be going in. Lots of them are animal cruelty-free and developed enough to allow customers to enjoy feeling beautiful without compromising the beauty of innocent animals. If that isn’t enough, they provide a variety of different textures and accessories that allow customers to have fun and precise experiences for their unique makeup preferences.

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