27 Beautiful Necklace Inspirations

If you’re trying to come up with a necklace idea to top off the perfect outfit, these 27 necklace inspirations are the perfect place to start. The right necklace makes any fashion-forward look seem polished and put together and these pretty little pendants, new age crystals, and geometric dreams are no exception. Here are some timeless and super on-trend pieces to complete your look or maybe even to inspire your next outfit.

27 Necklace Ideas You Need Right Now

27 Beautiful Necklace Inspirations

1) A touch of nature

2) A trendy pineapple for a whimsical look.

Source: shopebbo.com

3) These stacked strands bring a bit of glam.

4) Understated and adorable

5) Cleanse your Ora with one of these charming crystals.

Source: leifshop.com

6) This off-center heart describes all of our love lives and is the perfect accessory for a super-cas date night.

7)This clean look is a go to for any outfit.

Source: chicnico.com

8) This little dream catcher is a dream come true.

Source: oliveyew.com

9) This look says “pretty but feisty”

10) A trendy play on the solitaire pendant.

Source: indulgy.com

11) Follow these stars and you’ll be in Neverland in no time.

12) A boho look for a laid back vibe.

13) Keep it close to your heart.

14) You’ll love this dainty necklace to the moon and back.

Source: etsy.com

15) A touch of gold.

16) This oragami-inspired pendant.

Source: etsy.com

17) These geometric gems give structure to any ensemble.

18) Rock these unique crystals anytime.

19) Double Trouble

20) This playful charmer.

Source: etsy.com

21) Sometimes being subtle is all it takes.

Source: lovoda.com

22) This crystal is a natural choice…

23) So is this beauty.

Source: etsy.com

24) Different lengths and textures add interest.

25) This locket is your own Chamber of Secrets.

Source: hatch.co

26) This necklace idea is perfect for day to night looks.

27) This necklace is dripping with luxe.

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