Brown Hair Colors

26 Beautiful Brown Hair Colors

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


Brown hair colors with ombre are making a splash this year. With brown hair colors blending into ombre shades, this style has a certain depth with unexpected shades rather than simple colors. Brown hair color can be one of the best choices to develop an ombre style.

Brown Hairstyles

The base for the brown colored hair tresses can be a changing source when it comes to adding color and creativity into your daily style. The colors of the process from brown to blonde have a variety of shades giving the full and creative style many are searching for. There can be shades of red, blonde and in between to add to your style. Brown colored ombre has beauty and a defining depth that other colors cannot create.

Brown ombre is one of the simplest ways to create the defining shape and texture to your gorgeous locks. Ombre gives the natural beauty of the sun highlighting your hair as it does in the summer every year, but all year long.

1. Curls With a Touch of Ombre

Curls With a Touch of Ombre

2. Sassy Tip Ombre Highlights

Sassy Tip Ombre Highlights

3. Highlights in the Dark

Highlights in the Dark

4. Red with Style and Curl

5. Keeping It Gorgeous and Short

Keeping It Gorgeous and Short

6. Fall in Love With Brown Locks

Fall in Love With Brown Locks


7. Touch of Gold

Touch of Gold

8. Tips for the Lighter Hearted

Tips for the Lighter Hearted

9. Brown Multi Colored Locks

Brown Multi Colored Locks

10. Sleek and Dark with a Touch of Sun

Sleek and Dark with a Touch of Sun

11. Elegance with Highlights

Elegance with Highlights

12. Colorful Tresses with Tips

Colorful Tresses with Tips

13. Tips That Shine Blonde

Tips That Shine Blonde

14. Red Hues of Beauty

Red Hues of Beauty

15. Defined Ombre Tips

Defined Ombre Tips


16. More Natural Golden Locks

More Natural Golden Locks

17. Golden Peaks Through

Golden Peaks Through

18. Light and Simple

Light and Simple

19. Relaxed with Blonde Tips

Relaxed with Blonde Tips

20. High Mixture Blonde Highlights

High Mixture Blonde Highlights

21. Beautiful Red Tresses

Beautiful Red Tresses

22. Sleek and Chic

Sleek and Chic

23. Easy Ombre Golden Tips

Easy Ombre Golden Tips

24. Red Hues Beyond Your Eyes

Red Hues Beyond Your Eyes

25. Tipsy with Blonde

Tipsy with Blonde


26. Short Brush with Blonde

Short Brush with Blonde

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