Balcony Inspiration

38 Beautiful Balcony Inspirations

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


Oh, the feeling of a cozy balcony on any morning or night of the year. They are the perfect place to be on a sunny summer day, or a chilly fall night. Balconies bring light and cheerfulness to any home or apartment. The best thing about owning a balcony is having something that is completely your own. Styling it, of course, creates your own space, but when it comes to the view- now that’s a different story.

38 Unbeatable Balcony Inspirations

38 Beautiful Balcony Inspirations

The balcony you have is completely yours, and nobody else has the same exact view. Imagine a balcony overlooking the bustling streets of New York City, or a balcony view that offers the sight of billowing smoke off the mountain tops. Balconies are a place of relaxation, romance, good reads, and rising suns. Finding the right balcony inspirations may depend on location and view, but no matter how it is decorated, the view is what counts. Here are 38 balcony inspirations full of creativity and relaxation.

1. Cozy Fall Afternoons

Cozy Fall Afternoons

2. Balcony Day, All The Way

Balcony Day, All The Way

3. Afternoon Tea With A View

Afternoon Tea With A View

4. Sunny Summer Mornings

Sunny Summer Mornings


5. My Downtown Balcony

My Downtown Balcony

6. Woodland Vibes

Woodland Vibes

7. Our Boho Balcony

Our Boho Balcony

8. Morning View

Morning View

9. Planted In The City

Planted In The City

10. Pink Hammock Days

Pink Hammock Days

11. Wine And Dine

Wine And Dine


12. Simple And Cozy

Simple And Cozy


13. Rooftop Views

Rooftop Views

14. Tiny And Snug

Tiny And Snug


15. Spring Balcony Days

Spring Balcony Days

16. Succulent Saturdays

Succulent Saturdays


17. Coffee At Home

Coffee At Home

18. Winter Balcony Air

Winter Balcony Air

19. When In Rome

When In Rome

20. Eclectic Early Mornings

Eclectic Early Mornings

21. Summertime City Feels

Summertime City Feels

22. Candlight Balcony

Candlight Balcony

23. Kick Up Your Feet

Kick Up Your Feet

24. Cozy Cushion Gatherings

Cozy Cushion Gatherings

25. Lemonade And A Good Read

Lemonade And A Good Read


26. Breakfast On The Balcony

Breakfast On The Balcony

27. All Things Yellow And Green

All Things Yellow And Green


28. Creative Settings

Creative Settings

29. Afternoon Chats

Afternoon Chats


30. The View Is Up

The View Is Up


31. Lounging Around

Lounging Around

32. Swaying To The Sound Of Nature

Swaying To The Sound Of Nature

33. Snuggly Nights Together

Snuggly Nights Together


34. Swing With Me

Swing With Me

35. Let’s Talk About Vacation

Let's Talk About Vacation

36. Movie Night Under The Stars

Movie Night Under The Stars


37. Watching The Sunset

Watching The Sunset


38. Brunch On The Balcony

Brunch On The Balcony


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