25 Super MakeUp Tutorials

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Makeup tutorials are something that every makeup lover must watch to improve their skill. What better way to learn than by using step by step makeup tutorials, helping you achieve the look that you want? Tutorials are a great way to get started, and sometimes even find a makeup inspiration that you are looking for. We have compiled a list of twenty-five of the best makeup tutorials to help you be inspired and create the perfect look without any hassle.

25 Makeup Tutorials To Up Your Makeup Game

1. Day To Night Eye

Day To Night Eye

Stepping out for work in the morning and a party in the evening? This beautiful and simple day to night look is the perfect solution that you need. This simple tutorial also gives an incredibly versatile look that is ideal for any occasion.

2. Soft Browns Eyeshadow

Soft Browns Eyeshadow

This makeup tutorial is done using Chanel’s refinement pallet but can be done with any other kind of eyeshadow brand with the same tones or hues. This tutorial is perfect for beginners since it is one of the most simple ways to get a good day look going for you.

3. The Smokey Eye

The Smokey Eye

Oh how we all love the smokey eye! This all time favorite is one of the most googled looks, and this tutorial will show you how to get this look without having to worry about the more complicated techniques of makeup.

4. The Blue Ombre

The Blue Ombre

This makeup tutorial is keeping in style with the ombre trend that is going on these days. This beautiful blend of eyeshadow is a beautiful evening look and requires nothing more than some eye shadow and eye pencils. Ombre nails complement this look really well.

5. Classic Lift

Classic Lift

The Classic Lift is probably one of the most well-kept secrets of makeup artists to give you a natural look that still elevates your eyes. This look also has the advantage of making your eyes look bigger than they are, because of the illusion that the eyeshadow makes.

6. The Classic Cat Eye

The Classic Cat Eye

Let’s face it, every person who has ever tried to put on makeup has attempted the cat eye. Whether you have been able to perfect this look or not, this tutorial will show you a sure shot way of ensuring that you get the perfect cat eye, every time!

7. Bigger Eyes

Bigger Eyes

Source: maskcara.com

Just like the classic lift, there are makeup tricks that one can use to make their eyes appear bigger than they are. This tutorial helps you with that, showing you how you too can have big beautiful eyes.

8. Perfect Smokey Eye

Perfect Smokey Eye

For those who want to achieve the best smokey eye look possible, this tutorial is sure to help you out. It gives you the rundown of how to achieve this look in the best way without turning your smokey eye into a raccoon eye.

9. The Line Saver

The Line Saver

Ever tried to use an eye pencil on your lower lash line and end up with a smudged line? Well, this tutorial shows you how to save the day and make it so that your line does not appear smudged, but rather perfect!

10. Naked And Basic

Naked And Basic

The Naked Basics Pallet is one of the most sought after eye shadow pallets on the market currently. This tutorial shows you how to use this palette to achieve a beautiful natural look.

11. Double Wing

Double Wing

This look is a much simpler version of the smokey eye and is more leaning towards a minimalist side. The tutorial shows you how you can get the perfect winged liner and also how to smudge it just a little so that you can achieve this look.

12. Nose Contour

Nose Contour

Nose contouring is one of the most popular trends nowadays. It is incredibly easy to achieve the illusion of having a smaller, more petite nose with makeup, and this tutorial shows you how to do that exactly.

13. Metallic Glam

Metallic Glam

Source: indulgy.com

Wondering how to wear metallic eyeshadow without looking like a dancer straight out of the eighties? This tutorial shows you exactly how to do that in a few easy steps. With just a few makeup tools, you can go from looking like a natural beauty to a dazzling diva. This look pairs perfectly with nude nails.

14. Bigger Eyes

Bigger Eyes

Source: more.com

This is another makeup tutorial to enhance your eyes and make them look bigger, just with a few different steps, and a few more tools. The result is beautiful and a natural look that you will love.

15. Natural Eyes

Natural Eyes

This natural eye makeup tutorial is something that we all dream of doing. This is a perfect everyday look that gives your eyes a little oomph without going overboard or too extra. Looking for something to wear every day? This is the makeup tutorial that you need to see!

16. Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eyes

A beautiful mix of the ombre eyes and the smokey eye, this elegant look is perfect for a night out and can be worn with almost any kind of outfit. The tutorial is done with only eyeshadow, which makes it even easier than it should be.

17. Pastel Eyes

Pastel Eyes

Want to do the pastel trend on your eyes? This makeup tutorial shows you how to do that while still looking like a pretty glam doll. The tutorial is simple and incredibly easy to do and does not take up too much time.

18. Purple and Sparkle

Purple and Sparkle

Just got a new glitter eyeshadow? Then you have to try out the purple and sparkle look. This is one of the most glamorous looks on the list and requires a little bit of effort, but is every bit worth it.

19. The Golden Eye

The Golden Eye

If your makeup skills aren’t over the top, but you still want to wear glitter eyeshadow, why not try out this golden eye tutorial. All you need is some glitter eyeshadow and some eyeliner, and you are good to go!

20. Fresh and Natural

Fresh and Natural

This makeup tutorial shows you how to get a fresh and natural look with some basic nude shades and a white eye pencil. This tutorial also has the added advantage of making your eyes look bigger than they are.

21. Just Bend It

Just Bend It

Have a problem applying mascara? This tutorial shows you a little life hack to ensure that you get the proper amount of mascara every time without having to twist your brush (or hand) around in weird angles just to get the entire lash line.

22. Tape Cat Eye

Tape Cat Eye

For people who don’t have a steady hand, getting a cat eye look can be a little tough. This tutorial shows you how to get the perfect cat eye every time.

23. Gold Glow

Gold Glow

Source: snobka.pl

This tutorial shows you how to wear gold eyeshadow without looking like it is overdone. This look is beautiful for a night out and is super easy to do.

24. Concealer Hacks

Concealer Hacks

Source: listotic.com

Concealer can be used in a number of ways, right from making you look more well rested, to helping you conceal the mistakes that your eyeliner made. This tutorial gives you the rundown of all that you can do with your concealer.

25. Doe Eye

Doe Eye

This simple makeup tutorial uses a few light shades to give you a well-rounded eyeshadow that is ever so slight, yet ever so beautiful.

25 Super MakeUp Tutorials

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