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50 of the Coolest Halloween Costume Ideas for Heroines

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Halloween is the one time of year you get to masquerade as a vixen, villainess, or heroine: fan favorites like Wonder Woman and Supergirl always take center stage among the best Halloween superhero costume ideas for women. But they aren’t the only heroines you can channel.

From Captain Marvel to Mrs. Incredible, you’ll find that the women’s costumes below fit every hero persona. Still, every protagonist needs an antagonist. So, this list includes some of the usual suspects. Think Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn.

Before you buy one of the superhero costumes for women, check the size chart. Different fabrics can make an outfit fit large or small. Also, pay attention to the material. Many form-fitting costumes have a combination of polyester and spandex materials. Another thing to consider is the type of closure. Does it have a Velcro fastener, snaps or zipper? Does it close in the front, back or side? The answers to these questions will determine how easy the costume goes on and comes off. Finally, pay attention to the list of accessories included with superhero Halloween costume. Just because a model is wearing a wig or boots in the picture, doesn’t mean that the items come with the outfit.

50 Halloween Costumes for Playing the Part of a Female Superhero

Women’s Green Toxic Temptress Costume

You won’t even have to wag your sassy tongue while wearing this Toxic Temptress costume. The intoxicating green color makes your presence hard to ignore, and a plunging v-neck draws enemies out from wherever they may be lurking. Serrated leaves around the neckline and matching gauntlets draw blood from those who dare resist your charm. Seductresses love the stylish mesh belt with faux gems and a glittery leaf-shaped buckle that complete the costume.

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Marvel Spidergirl Costume for Women

Balance your girlish charms and womanly wiles wearing this Spidergirl costume. The Spidey girl gets a do-over with this form-fitting, metallic jumpsuit, featuring the iconic red and blue motif and spider web design. A mock neck and black off-the-shoulder straps set you apart from the other acrobatic sheroes. This costume comes with a red-eye mask to conceal your identity as you crawl up buildings, sling webs at villains, and swing through the city streets.

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Blue Goddess with 6 Arms Costume

Enter the world of make-believe as the mythical Blue Goddess. The unique design makes it one of the best superhero costumes for women. With six arms to battle demonic forces, you will frighten your adversaries and impress your friends. A band of gold crowns your head, and another one adorns the neck, symbolizing your dominant position. And if that doesn’t convince villains of your strength, a necklace of skulls and a belt of other body parts most certainly will.

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Captain Marvel Halloween Costume for Women

If you’re looking for female superhero costumes to join Cosplay Melee, try dressing as Captain Marvel. A front zipper pulls up when its time to use your awesome powers, and comes down to show a little cleavage when you’re feeling flirtatious. A gold star sits in the center of chest to mark your status in the Starforce, and a red sash drapes across the hips to serve as a stylish utility belt. This costume also comes with a red mask to add mystery to Carol Danvers’ persona.

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Daddy’s Little Monster Costume Idea

Daddy’s Little Monster is always up for a little roguish fun with the Joker and the Suicide Squad. So grab a bat and slink into this sinister costume. This sparkly halter-style romper features a contrasting red and blue motif to represent Harley Quinn’s ‘be bad and feel good about it’ attitude.’ A plunging neckline and metal accents on the cloth choker and faux leather belt complement your daring personality.

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DC Comics Deluxe Batgirl Adult Costume

Knock out the competition with this DC Comics Deluxe Batgirl costume. It features everything you need to fight crime. The stretchy black dress clings to your curves without inhibiting movement. Jagged hemlines on the skirt and cape resemble upside-down Bat ears while providing a svelte silhouette. Spiked gauntlets glide over your bare arms, and matching boot tops slip over your footwear. This outfit is one of the best superhero costume ideas for women who like the alluring appeal of a shiny wet-look finish.

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Plus Size Lethal Beauty Costume

Trap your prey with this Lethal Beauty costume. Fully clad in a green dress and leggings, ivy leaf accents attract the eyes. A metallic mesh overlay beacons your targets to move toward you to take a closer look at your ravishing beauty. With your entire costume blending in with the trees and leaves, including the mask and boot covers, you wait patiently to entangle them with your glovelettes and train. This intriguing adult costume features ribbon ties for shortening the skirt on the right side.

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Women’s Wonder Lady Hero Costume

Suit up in this red, blue, and gold Women’s Wonder Lady costume. A sequined pullover tank top with a structured bust and cape that snaps to the shoulder straps are what you slip on to save the day. This superhero Halloween costume also comes with blue shorts with gold stars, and a gold waist cincher, headpiece, and cuffs. Made of 95% polyester, and 5% polyester, this costume offers a comfortable fit.

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Women’s DC Superheroes Deluxe Batgirl Cape

All you need to complete your outfit is this Women’s DC Superheroes Deluxe Batgirl Cape with the bat symbol on the back. The cape coordinates perfectly with a skirt, dress or catsuit to complete your women’s superhero Halloween outfit. Pointy edges spread out to reveal the span of your wings as you show off your moves, and the dazzling purple lining adds a pop of color to your all-black ensemble.

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Adult DC Wonder Woman Costume

Jaws will drop when you walk into the Halloween party dressed in this DC Wonder Woman costume. A fancy gold W sprawls across a red sweetheart neckline bustier, and a matching belt accentuates the waist. The bustier features a stretch knit back panel with metal hook and eye closure for a custom fit. Large white stars make their way down the side of dark blue leggings add to the appeal. Foam padding gives the tiara, gauntlets, and belt structure, finishing the look.

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Women’s Metallic Phoenix Zentai Catsuit Halloween Costume

Your enemies will get the hint when you walk into the costume party wearing this Metallic Phoenix Zentai Catsuit. Like Jean Grey, you rose from the ashes without a scratch, and now it’s time to kick butt and show the world the new you. This shiny jumpsuit is made of stretchy polyester and has a zippered back, making it easy to slip on and off. A gold Phoenix emblem, along with coordinating legs and gloves bring the outfit together.

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Cool Women’s Masked Bandit Costume

The police may call you an outlaw, but the people you help, call you a hero. Regardless, you’ll look sexy defeating enemies in this Masked Bandit costume. A simple spaghetti strap bodice fits comfortably atop, and a triple layer of cascading ruffles create a balanced silhouette. The sheer bottom layer with gold accents matches the trim on the black bodice and wide-brim hat. A black mask invites mystery and intrigue.

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Disney Incredibles 2 Deluxe Mrs. Incredible Women’s Costume

You cook, clean, care for the kids and hubby all while working a 9-5–You are Mrs. Incredible. Still, you have time to help others. This awesome costume includes a red jumpsuit with the Incredible symbol on the chest and attached shoe covers with an elastic band that goes under your shoes. It also comes with a black A-line skirt that connects to the jumpsuit with a hook and loop fastener, a pair of long black gloves, and a black eye mask.

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Women’s Teen Titan Starfire Costume

If you plan to dress as a teenager, why not go as Starfire? She’s the strongest, fastest, smartest, and kindest member of the Teen Titan crew. This officially licensed Teen Titan Starfire adult costume is made out of polyester fabric and polyurethane foam for a structured fit. The vivid purple color makes you stand out in the crowd and printed green gemstones help jazz things up a bit. An armband, a pair of gauntlets, and boot covers complete the outfit.

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Women’s Raphael Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are among the most sought-after adult superhero costumes by men. No one would expect a female to dress the part, making this one of the most fantastic hero costumes for women. Wearing this sultry Raphael Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume, you’ll give fighting crime a whole new meaning. The sexy green jumpsuit features a gold chest and belly, and the red color on the legs and sash complement the outfit. A scoop neck with a choker fastener lets you show a little skin and a mask, armbands, and shell finish the look.

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Women’s Batgirl Dress for Halloween

Bad guys don’t play fair and neither should you. Show them what you’re made of and wear this sleeveless number. It will surely get you noticed and strike fear in the heart of your enemies. The poly/cotton-spandex scoop neck mini hugs the curves and the waist-length cape shows off your toned derriere. A mask keeps villains guessing about your identity, and a belt, gloves, and overshoes help accessorize this women’s superhero Halloween outfit.

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Batgirl Classic Series Grand Heritage Costume

Be the hero that stands out this Halloween with this sparkly purple Batgirl Classic Series Grand Heritage costume. The jumpsuit is made of 100 percent polyester and comes with a coordinating cape that has a yellow lining, which matches perfectly with the Bat emblem and utility belt. A headpiece with an attached black mask and red-haired wig slips on easily to keep you in disguise, and spiked purple gloves help you defend yourself from every angle.

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On The Prowl Catsuit Outfit Idea

The superhero role is not everyone. No. You strut into a room to see what kind of trouble you can find. And you’ll find plenty when you enter the Halloween party donned in this On the Prowl catsuit. Meow! This fierce feline costume flaunts every dangerous curve. A hooded mask with large eye holes let your seductive eyes stare down your prey, and perky ears to entice others to play.

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Women’s American Beauty Superhero Costume

You’re in a league of your own, so you don’t need a cape to kick some serious butt. This American Beauty superhero costume is all you need to let your enemies know you mean business. The metallic shine over the red, white and blue mock collar jumpsuit brings this one-piece to the forefront as one of the best superhero costumes. It features a center-back zipper for quick changes and a matching blue headband to achieve the perfect look.

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Rescue Iron Man Marvel Costume for Women

You don’t need a suit of armor to make a statement, especially when you’re wearing this fashionable dress. Take this Rescue Iron Man Marvel costume for women for a spin on the dance floor, and show everyone your fancy moves. This sexy crimson red dress features a bright yellow trim, strapless sweetheart neckline, and a shimmering tulle bottom. It comes with a pair of elbow-length gloves to coordinate with the outfit.

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Queen Mera

Fighting crime is so much more fun when you have the power to summon the mighty Ocean. As Queen Mera, you have the option of fighting solo or alongside Aquaman and others in the Justice League. This dynamic one-piece commands respect. It features a hypnotic teal color combined with a shiny scale pattern, and gold accents worthy of the Queen of the Seas. Thumbhole sleeves keep your fingers free to issue commands, and attached gauntlets, boot tops, and headpiece complete the costume.

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Wild Cat Hero

You don’t need superpowers to wear this cute Wild Cat Hero costume. The power comes from the suit itself. Although it’s not made from vibranium micro-weave mesh like the Black Panther’s suit, the soft, faux leather gives this one-piece its strength. A center back zipper makes the jumpsuit easy to put on. You decide if you want to wear the included mask to add a little mystery or show your bold and beautiful face.

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Women’s DC Superheroes Deluxe Supergirl Cape

Complete your Halloween outfit with this cool Supergirl cape. It’s long and wide, making it the perfect piece to coordinate with leggings, a skirt or jumpsuit. The iconic Supergirl emblem sits on the back, and gold trim adds a bit of sass. The Velcro closure keeps it fastened around the neck, so you can fling your arms and dance the night away without fear of the cape falling off.

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Miss Marvelous

Start your adventure wearing this Miss Marvelous Halloween costume. Blended with polyester and spandex materials for a snug fit, this black wet-look bodysuit comes wrapped in ribbons of gold, putting a sexy twist on the classic suit. A red sash sits on the waist for a quick untie for wrapping up bad guys. The black eye mask features an elastic band for a secure fit around the head, and arm gauntlets and boot tops slip on and off quickly and easily.

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Deluxe Plus Size Long Dress Wonder Woman Costume

Just because the Halloween party is at the office this year, doesn’t mean you have to wear a boring outfit. You can still dress as your favorite heroine with this plus size long dress Wonder Woman Costume. It’s a bit more conservative than the usual WW outfit, but it’s just as fun. The structured foam bodice features a gold padded WW applique across the bust and the star-spangled satin skirt. An accompanying gold tiara and silver gauntlets give it a classic finish.

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Women’s Grand Heritage Wonder Woman Costume

Enter this outfit in the contest for the best superhero costumes for women. Part Little Red Riding Hood and part Warrior Princess, it comes complete with over a dozen pieces to make you feel powerful and confident. The thick, oversized hooded cape features a blue exterior and gold exterior with a geometric pattern for a dramatic effect, and a pleated skort offers ample room for legs to move. A bandolier straps across the chest and holds the included lasso on the waist. Besides a sword, shield, and leg guards, the outfit also includes a tiara, armband, fingerless gloves, gauntlets, and boot covers.

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Fly High

Here’s a great costume no one will soon forget. This colorful women’s Halloween outfit features a sleeveless midriff top that zips down the front for a quick change. Low-rise hip-huggers come with attached boot covers for a balanced look. Faux brown leather trim coordinate with the armband and gauntlets and a molded plastic eye mask ties everything together. This Women’s Fly High costume works with or without wings (sold separately).

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Sexy Power Princess

You don’t plan to get dirty or break a sweat. That’s why you feel confident wearing this Sexy Power Princess Halloween costume. This alluring ensemble features a strapless sweetheart neckline corset and an elastic-waist skirt with a shimmering tulle overlay. A free-flowing red satin cape snaps to the sides of the corset, so your shoulders and arms remain free, giving you the upper hand if you have to go into battle. Gold accents coordinate with the headband and armbands to make the outfit pop.

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DC Comics Poison Ivy Costume

Start some trouble as a leafy villainess. This Poison Ivy adult women’s costume is made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex. The leotard has a leaf print and features foam-backed cups to keep the girls in place, while clear straps provide additional support. An elastic back and leg openings offer a comfortable fit as you you pull off your dastardly caper. A pair of green tights accompany the leotard, making the outfit appear well put together.

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Mystic Mutant Costume Idea for Women

Unleash your inner shapeshifter dressed as the Mystic Mutant. With or without face paint, you make a worthy adversary. The one-piece powder blue jumpsuit zips up the front for easy on and off, and peaks beneath a white smock for visual intrigue. The apron features a back zipper and side lacing. A corded belt of skulls sits at the waist and gloves extend above the wrists to complete the outfit.

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Batman The Joker Woman Halloween Costume

You’ll have the last laugh when you transform into the Joker woman. After all, only a funny trickster like you can get away with wearing this polyester mini dress with a green wig and clown makeup and still look fabulous. The dress has a broad purple band with a triple-wrap black belt to accentuate the waist and comes with a gold tie attached to a green collar. A pair of white gloves put the final touch on this outfit.

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Premium Marvel Jean Grey Phoenix Women’s Costume

Lead the X-Men to victory dressed in this Jean Grey Phoenix women’s costume. The package includes a bodysuit with a mock neck, featuring a gold emblem splayed across the chest. It zips from the back and has elastic bands attached to keep the jumpsuit inside your boots. A gold sash with a loop tape closure front cinches the look along with a pair of partially lined gloves and boot tops.

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Pink Power Ranger Superhero Halloween Costume

You’ll look fierce dressed the Pink Power Ranger. In this sassy-one-piece, you will morph into a powerful Zord to battle enemies alone or with the Power Rangers crew. The combination of deep magenta, hot pink, and vivid blue makes this metallic jumpsuit stand out from the plain pink and white suits others may be wearing. Plus, padded pieces in the shoulders make you appear muscular, and a two-piece helmet with a smoked mask makes you look cool.

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Red Phoenix Women’s Superhero Halloween Outfit

When Jean Grey dresses in red, it can only mean one thing–she’s joined the dark side. As the Dark Phoenix, you can be twice as dangerous, but you’ll still look hot in this smoldering outfit. The glistening red and gold jumpsuit features a mock collar with a large Phoenix on the chest and comes with attached gloves. A sash dangles from the hip to tie up any loose ends.

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Black Cat Adult Superhero Costume

Many may call you mean, Black Cat, but Spiderman knows how to tame you. As his favorite femme fatale, you enjoy crossing his path just to get a rise out of him. After a battle of wits, you slink your way back into his heart and fight alongside him to take down the bad guys. This fur-trimmed black jumpsuit features a ring pull zipper in the front and includes a black choker, gloves, and mask to bring the alluring ensemble together.

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Women’s Sexy Psychotic Harlequin Costume

Rock this women’s sexy psychotic harlequin costume to show your enemies you’re not the average funny girl. This black and red come-hither bodysuit features alternating solid and diamond patterns and comes with over-the-shoulder straps that connect the bodice and choker and garter belts. A matching open-front mini skirt with loops remains partially open with the included belt, and a fool’s headpiece lets you maximize this outfit idea.

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Sexy Poison Ivy Costume Idea for Women

If it’s anyone that can come between the Dynamic Duo, it’s you while wearing this Poison Ivy costume. After all, you did start a bidding war between the two. Even without the poisonous smoke, you’ll have men dying to be in your presence. This drop-dead gorgeous costume includes a shiny green dress with a triple-layer leaf-like hem, a 65-inch ivy armband, and hairpiece. Shimmering glovelettes help punch up the outfit.

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Dark Knight Catwoman Halloween Costume

You’re not shy about what you want, and when something catches your eye, you go after it. Wearing this officially licensed Dark Knight Catwoman costume you’ll exude confidence. The curve-hugging jumpsuit features a textured design with a satin-like collar and legs for contrast. Elbow-length gloves meet the three-quarter length sleeves, and subtle ribbons across the shoulder and a front zipper add to the catlike vibe. This superhero Halloween costume comes with an eye-mask and headpiece.

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Captain Marvel Superhero Costume for Women

This Captain Marvel superhero costume resembles the suit Carol Danvers wore in her latest adventures fighting solo and alongside the Avengers in the cinematic universe. The mock neck jumpsuit is made of polyester, spandex and polyurethane foam, offering a comfortable fit and features printed red, blue, and gold graphics. A back zipper along with a hook and loop fastener in the rear for the belt provide a cohesive look.

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Sexy Batman Satin and Mesh Bodysuit

This unique black and gold bodysuit is one of the best superhero costumes for women who want to channel their inner batman but exude sex appeal. The satin and mesh bodysuit features a built-in bra with padded cups and underwire support. It fastens in the back with a hook and eye closure and has length-adjustable shoulder straps so you can customize the fit. A snap closure at the crotch allows you to get in and out with ease.

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Women’s Spider-Gwen Costume with Hood

Spider-Gwen prefers athletic-looking adult superhero costumes. This cute one-piece is made of polyester and spandex, making it comfortable enough to perform all your acrobatic stunts. The black mock neck jumpsuit has white accents on the hood, neck, sleeves, and waist. It also features a pink and blue checkered pattern inside the hood and sleeves. The detachable hood secures to the neck with Velcro and a white eyemask with pink trim provides a seamless look. A pair of white gloves also come with this costume.

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SP Funworld Women’s Superhero Costume Dress

This five-piece set is one of the best superhero costume ideas for women attending an office Halloween party. With a dress, cape, headpiece, and a pair of cuffs, you get to create your version of an American superhero. A royal-blue, princess-cut bodice trimmed in gold provide a retro silhouette, and a full-circle red skirt with a sheer blue layer underneath add volume to complement your petite frame. Adjustable shoulder straps let you alter the dress for a perfect fit around the breast.

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Adult Women’s Sexy Wonder Lady Costume

Flaunt your powers in one of the sexiest hero costumes for women. This Wonder Lady Costume features a sequined padded top with gold accents and adjustable straps, a sequined cape that snaps into the bra for ease of movement. The matching neckpiece fastens with a Velcro closure. A pair of star-printed bottoms with a wide, gold elastic waistband, matching gold cuffs, and a gold elastic headband tie the costume together.

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Comic Book Girl Superhero Costume

This isn’t your average Comic Book Girl costume. The red, blue and gold romper features thick straps, great underwire bra support, and a cape sewn into the straps. Three gold stars make their way from the neckline to the waist where fabric loops keep the Velcro closure gold belt around the hips. This adult woman’s hero costume has a word balloon with the expression BOOM splattered across the back of the cape, and one with the fight word POW splayed on the front of the belt.

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Thunder Superhero Costume

Take command of the skies with this Thunder Superhero costume. You decide whether to rain down terror on villains or change the direction of the wind to wreak havoc on your enemies. The faux leather jumpsuit is made of jersey knit fabric for a form-fitting look and comfortable feel, making it one of the greatest female superhero costumes for adults. A black knee-length satin cape fastens to the wrists for a dramatic effect and silver piping borders the shoulders and run from the waist to the ankle, making you look irresistible.

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Wonder Woman Costume for Adults

This costume offers a good look for Halloween office parties. The A-line dress is casual and practical, allowing you to look heroic and feel comfortable around your boss, coworkers, and clients. Plus, there’s no cape to get in the way while you are working. It features a red top with a gold Wonder Woman symbol on the chest and a blue skirt with white stars. The costume comes equipped with a tiara and gauntlets to finish the look.

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Women’s Donatello Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume

Join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dressed as the smartest of them all–Donatello. As the brains of the team, you know how to attract attention. This gutsy Donatello costume comes with a green mini dress with a yellow printed belly and shell on the back. A purple mask covers the area around the eyes, and a coordinating purple band with the letter D sits around the waist. Green and purple wristbands complete the outfit.

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Women’s Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Dress

Ditch the traditional jumpsuit for this Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger costume dress. It’s one of the best superhero costume ideas available for women with a creative design. The pink and white dress features a mock-neck with v-neck straps dripping off the shoulders and a v-cut hemline. The ensemble includes a cool pair of goggles, fingerless gloves, and a white belt with a black, pink, gold, and silver Power Ranger buckle.

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Marvel Black Panther Wakanda Dora Milaje Costume

Serve up serious attitude dressed as a member of the Dora Milaje from the African nation of Wakanda. This officially licensed costume based is one of the best hero costumes based on the movie Black Panther. It features an African print tunic with attached foam gauntlets, matching pants, and a belt. A pair of foam boot covers fasten under the foot with elastic bands, and a warrior symbol sits on the front and the back of the belt.

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Captain America The Winter Soldier Black Widow Costume

No one goes into stealth mode like the Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff, especially when she’s on a mission with Captain America. Who can kiss someone the way she kissed the Cap, then suggests he takes out another girl? Whatever the motives, you’ll surely dress the part in this Winter Soldier Black Widow costume. This skintight jumpsuit rounds out the list of one of the greatest superhero costumes for women because it represents a strong, sexy, confident woman.

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50 Halloween Costume Ideas for Heroines, Villainesses, and Vixens

Whether you’re looking for a costume to fly solo or join forces with other superheroes, you’ll find the perfect outfit among these 50 female superhero costumes. Some are sexy, some are modest, and some are just plain fun. And the best part is you won’t have to make an appointment to have someone to transform you into your alter ego. Many of these superhero costumes for women come with a variety of pieces. Extras may include wigs, masks, boot covers, and other accessories to complete the look.

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