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50 Ultimate Skeleton Costume Ideas for Kids to Make their Halloween Perfect

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Looking for the best skeleton Halloween costume idea for kids, but don’t want to make the arduous journey to the dreaded Halloween store? Look no further! This curated list of skeleton costume ideas is sure to help you find the optimal outfit for your kids. The options are endless and include fun themes, including interesting dinosaurs and energetic entertainers.

From creepy zombie elements to adorable dancer looks, this list presents all you need to make young ones excited about the holiday. Consider your kid’s age and preference when choosing the best Halloween costume for them. Many kids want to look a bit older than they are. So if you have an angst-ridden pre-teen, consider a bodysuit that also doubles as a dancer’s outfit. Additional elements of flair and frills can often make kids feel more grown-up.

Your child’s preference is definitely important to consider as you look through this curated list of costume ideas. Do they prefer creepy stories with a lot of zombies? Consider the zombie skeleton costume! Do they like dancing and ballet? Consider a girl’s costume idea that incorporates a feminine design element, like a tutu or a dress. Hopefully, you’ll have an easy time finding the best skeleton Halloween costume idea for kids with the product reviews presented below!

50 of the Coolest Halloween Skeleton Costume for Kids

Child’s White Skeleton with Mask for Creepy Kids

This costume includes a head-to-toe white and black skeleton suit with a full-face skeleton mask. The classic white and black color scheme makes this costume look cute and creepy. The design of the skeleton is rather cartoon-like, lending an overall feel of fun and adventure to this costume.

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Feminine Voodoo Skeleton Costume for Magical Girls

A voodoo costume can bring back the true spirit of Halloween! This skeleton costume includes a powerful voodoo design element, making young girls feel like they can take on the world. It is a great alternative to the cute dresses that young women wear to costume parties. Bring on the magic with this voodoo skeleton dress!

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Adorable Little Skeleton Costume for Babies

Looking for a kid’s skeleton costume appropriate for younger ages? This skeleton bodysuit is fit perfectly for zero to one year old babies. The cartoon feet include little skeletons on the bottom, and the matching hat pull the lovely little look together! This is one of the best skeleton costume looks for the little ones who are approaching their first Halloween.

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Awesome T-Rex Skeleton Outfit for Dinosaur Enthusiasts

Do you have a little archaeologist in your house? Consider this fun T-Rex fossil costume! Complete from head to toe with cartoon skeleton print and an epic large head piece, this Halloween costume will make your little one the talk of the party.

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Hatching Dinosaur Skeleton Costume for Newborns

This costume features a baby dinosaur emerging from a white egg. The look of this outfit is brilliant, including the cracked detailing on the egg portion. Small skeleton toes are printed on the feet of this costume, as well. This adorable little outfit will really make your newborn look like an hatching dinosaur!

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Skeleton Costume with a Zombie Twist

If your kid is a fan of anything creepy, this zombie skeleton costume is sure to make them happy! It comes complete with a top, pants, mask, and a pair of gloves. The shirt and pants come together with well-placed skeletal details. The look is finished off with a creepy latex skeleton mask with mesh eyes!

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Heart-Breaking Death Costume for All Ages

A large skeleton costume that looks like the bringer of death himself! This costume can double as an adult skeleton costume, with sizes that range from children’s to adult’s. The set includes a tunic, belt and metallic mask with hood. The metallic mask makes this the best skeleton costume if you want something unique and eye-catching!

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Galaxy Themed Skeleton Costume for Girls

This awesome purple, black and white costume is out of this world! This skeleton dress includes everything you need to survive in outer space, including an epic skirt and hooded bodysuit. The look of this outfit is artsy and punk, so it might be a good choice for pre-teens and teenagers!

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Young One’s Skeleton Bat Costume

Looking for a toddler’s skeleton costume? This bat-themed outfit includes everything you need to turn your young one into an adorable animal skeleton. The bodysuit is padded for extra warmth and comfort. The print expands to the body and arms on the skeleton bodysuit costume, pulling the adorable look together.

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Raggedy Skeleton Bodysuit Costume for Young Men

The cutest costume for a young man who enjoys creepy things, this raggedy skeleton bodysuit promotes a ragged aesthetic for Halloween. The outfit comes complete with an open-chest shirt (showing the skeleton underneath) and a pair of worn out pants. Help you young one keep it creepy with this ragged skeleton bodysuit idea!

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Fancy Skeleton Suit Costume for Gentlemen

This outfit idea includes a full-body suit that has a skeleton print peeking out through the cracks. Perfect for young men looking to make a handsome Halloween date, this costume requires elegance with a touch of morbid humor. If you need a creative skeleton costume, consider this suit!

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Boy’s Skinless Ghost Costume to Create the Creepy

A bloody costume can be a way to ramp up the creepy this Halloween! This costume features a black bodysuit with a skinless skeleton look on the chest. The horrifying mask included keeps with the bloody look of the outfit, making it a truly creepy idea for young boys.

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Dead Rocker Halloween Costume Idea

Have a musical child in your midst who enjoys morbid movies? This dead rocker costume idea features a head-to-toe look that epitomizes the rock star in all of us. The faux leather jacket, skeleton shirt, and terrifying plastic skeleton mask will help your young one feel epic this season!

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Brilliant Jack Skellington Idea for Disney Lovers

If you have a kid who absolutely loves the movie Nightmare Before Christmas, consider this epic costume. A complete look comes together to create the memorable main character, Jack. This outfit includes a bodysuit and over-sized mask to create a truly brilliant look.

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Girl’s Skeleton Dancer Dress for Ballet Enthusiasts

Do you have a young girl who loves ballet and creepy movies? This skeleton dancer costume will definitely make her smile! The look is completed with a simple skeleton dress, decorated in white accents and a faux fur lining on the top. A beautiful and creepy look, for sure!

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Navy Seal Skeleton Outfit Idea

Want a unique costume that’s sure to impress the other kids on the block? This inventive navy seal skeleton outfit idea includes a helmet, bodysuit, and creepy skeleton mask. Get him excited about adventures and kicking some butt with this brilliant costume!

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Buffoon Costume for the Silly Kid

Need a funny costume that includes a skeleton element? This colorful buffoon costume makes your kid look like a dead royal entertainer. The costume is cut down the middle, and symmetrically prints an alternating skeleton and buffoon print. For a silly costume that keeps everyone laughing, consider this buffoon costume!

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Toddler Skeleton Costume to Bring the Cuteness

Keep young ones in the Halloween spirit with this toddler skeleton costume. This outfit includes a black fleece romper with printed bone designs on both the body and hood. The romper fits with velcro along the back, for added usability. Consider this easy costume for your kid, if you need something quick and fun!

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Sweet Day of the Dead Costume for Little Girls

If you have a feminine child who wants to celebrate Dia de los Muertos in style, consider this day of the dead costume ! This kid’s skeleton costume includes a skirt, printed top and printed leggings. This Halloween costume is a complete and cute look for any young girl!

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Elaborate Girls Bones Costume for Added Drama

This brilliantly crafted girls bones costume includes a large skirt and adorable top. It’s fit for any young elementary school kid to begin their journey into the Halloween world in style. The frilly look of this costume will allow her to be feminine, and the skeleton chest piece pulls in the Halloween theme!

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Girl Ghoul Miss Bone Jangles Child Costume

For the dancer and entertainer in your life, this lovely dress features a ghoul theme with glittery accents. The red collar and red-rimmed tutu make this a frilly, cute look for any Halloween party. For a costume meant to smash any event, consider this ghoul bone jangles idea!

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Grim Reaper Costume for the Mysterious Kid

Do you have a kid who loves exploring the creepy unknown? This grim reaper outfit is a great idea for them! The long, black suit flows brilliantly to the floor. A skeleton mask and sickle completes the look. For something entertaining and creepy, consider this grim reaper costume!

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Three-Dimensional Skeleton Bodysuit

Need a unique adult skeleton costume that’s more than white print on a black t-shirt? This multi-colored, three-dimensional skeleton bodysuit might work for you! This turtleneck bodysuit features your color choice printed on a full-length human skeleton. Bring creativity to the next Halloween bash with this three-dimensional bodysuit!

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Adorable Toddler Skeleton Costume for Her

Looking for an adorable and fun skeleton costume for your little one? This adorable skeleton suit for babies includes lovely little elements to make her feel pretty. The bright pink tutu and bow come together with the printed bodysuit to complete this absolutely precious look!

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Epic Pterodactyl Fossil Costume for Creative Kids

Have a budding history buff in your midst? Consider this creative pterodactyl costume for kids! The outfit comes complete with an easy-close velcro jumpsuit with a matching hood that will have him feeling just like the fossils he sees at museums. For a creative and fun skeleton outfit, consider this pterodactyl fossil idea!

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Boy’s Skeleton Gentleman Costume for Upstanding Kids

This adorable skeleton gentleman costume can change your young one into a classy, dead character. The polyester bodysuit includes a large, standing cape element for added flair and drama. The skeleton mask helps pull the look together and create a cohesive, skeletal look to the whole outfit!

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Day of the Dead Costume for Young Men

A day of the dead outfit is one of the best skeleton Halloween costume for kids. This outfit comes complete with a bodysuit, hat and lovely little accents. The accent color is bright red, for a brilliant pop of color. If you need something creepy and classy for your young one, consider this day of the dead outfit!

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Elegant Day of the Dead Lady’s Look

If you need something lovely to wear this Halloween, consider this elegant day of the dead look. It includes a multitude of eye-catching colors in the design to create a beautiful aesthetic. The printed sugar skull skirt helps pull this look together. And if you’re in a pinch, this makes a good adult skeleton costume, too!

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Kid’s Maxi Dress Halloween Bodysuit

Looking for something really creepy, but in a dress style? This maxi dress skeleton kid’s costume might be exactly what you need. The white print of the skeleton is very well put together, and the flowing skirt makes this outfit absolutely lovely to look at. The skeleton print goes all the way down the arms and into the hands, as well. If you need a complete feminine skeleton look, this could be an ideal choice for you!

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Empowering Bionic Women’s Jumpsuit

This technological bodysuit features a human skeleton with bionic elements intertwined. You can add a bit of personality to this costume by choosing from a multitude of high-resolution, bright color schemes. For a truly unique and awesome look, this bionic woman jumpsuit could be the top idea for you!

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Children’s Demon of Darkness Costume

This terrifying costume includes a full-length black robe with a cut-out in the chest. The cut-out reveals a three-dimensional, tan-colored rib cage. The plastic mask is shaped like a demon, and is very dark in color. For a truly scary look, consider this demon of darkness costume!

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Skeleton Surgeon Outfit for Future Mayhem Makers

This skeleton surgeon idea features a classic blue and white surgeon’s outfit, splattered with blood! Underneath the white lab coat, you can see skeleton bones poking through. The story behind this outfit is yours to tell! For a creative and scary costume look, consider this skeleton surgeon idea.

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Colorful Skeleton Bones Toddler Outfit Idea

Need something for the little one on Halloween? Consider this colorful skeleton bones toddler outfit! It comes complete with an easy-to-close velcro bodysuit and adorable little hat. The skeleton is printed in blue, orange, green and pink for an extra element of Halloween fun!

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Pink Punk Skeleton Costume for Girls

Have a little girl in your life who loves pink and black? This punk skeleton Halloween costume is probably the right choice for them! It features a full black bodysuit with bright pink skeleton print. The frilly pink tutu is an added element of fun and style that completes this adorable look!

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Brilliant Lego Themed Skeleton Costume

If you’re on the hunt for a unique idea that incorporates one of America’s favorite toys, consider this Lego skeleton costume! Complete with a three-dimensional tunic, mask and gloves, this outfit is truly awesome to look at. The funny tunic is even shaped like a Lego character, and helps create a bit of depth to the outfit. Consider this look if you need something easy and fun this Halloween!

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Rainbow Skeleton Girl Costume for Lovely Ladies

This cute costume includes a colorful skeleton bodysuit, arm warmers and a tattered tutu. Colors really pop against the black fabric, and make this a unique skeleton costume. The layered tutu is also multi-colored, bringing the entire fabulous look together. For a colorful and cute costume, consider this rainbow skeleton outfit!

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Ornate Girl’s Lady Skeleton Costume

If you have a kid who wants to bring the drama this Halloween, consider this lady skeleton outfit. This costume features a full-length dress with skeleton print and a full skirt. The full skirt adds the drama in this outfit, because it makes your little girl look like a true lady! For a fun, overdone look that will impact all the kids in the room, this lady skeleton dress could be the right choice for you.

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Colorful Dinosaur Skeleton Bodysuit Costume

This dinosaur costume includes an awesome color scheme for maximum impact. The dinosaur skeleton suit is brilliantly printed with white, gray and brown to create a creepy look. The added skeleton hat and hand claws on this outfit make the entire thing truly look like the fossil of a dinosaur!

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Elaborate Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Costume

This elaborate T-Rex skeleton costume includes awesome elements, like a fully bodysuit with inflatable tail and an intricate skull helmet. This kid’s skeleton costume also includes gloves and feet covers, to make it an incredible head-to-toe look. For something that stands out of the crowd, consider this elaborate idea!

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Funky Punk Bones Costume for Colorful Kids

This cool, colorful costume is a great choice for feminine kids who love to dance! The multi-colored tutu, printed bodysuit and arm warmers come together to create a smashing look. The colors included are bright primary colors, including purple and green. There’s also a pop of pink in the mix, for an added feminine element. For a little girl who loves dancing and Halloween, this punk bones look might be a great choice for you.

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Day of the Dead Red Costume

Celebrate the holiday in style with this perfect full-length dress costume! It includes a large skirt with lovely sugar skull detailing on the rim. The red accent colors and three-dimensional faux roses help complete the awesome look of this dress. If you want to celebrate Dia de los Muertos this Halloween, this creepy outfit could be a fantastic look to choose!

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Skeleton Bride Costume for Lovely Kids

This kid’s wedding-themed dress with a skeleton print is a brilliant combination of lovely and creepy. The outfit includes a dress and headband with veil, and has a strong black and white color scheme. An awesome full-length skirt with alternating bright and dark colors make this skeleton bride costume an awesome choice for cold Halloween nights.

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Toddler Jack Skellington Suit Costume

Have a small one who enjoys the animated Disney film Nightmare Before Christmas? Do you want to dress him up like the main character? This is the best gift for you! A toddler-sized costume featuring a striped bodysuit and one size fits all skeleton cap. The bow tie on the bodysuit completes the look, and will have your young one walking around like the most awesome Disney character in Halloween history.

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Cute Dancer Skeleton Costume with Tutu

This cute dancer costume features a skeleton shirt with a big pink heart underneath the rib cage. The frilly, bright pink tutu makes this costume fit for a ballerina who’s ready to dance! Little added elements, like little cute pink bows on the shoulders, help complete the lovely look.

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Weird Piggyback Skeleton Costume for the Oddball Kid

This cool piggyback skeleton costume features a skeleton print on the bottom that can be stuffed with newspaper to resemble a human form. The red top makes the oddball kid in the costume look like he’s riding on the back of a skeleton. If you’re in the market for a creepy and silly outfit idea, this piggyback skeleton costume might be a great choice for you!

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The Top 50 Skeleton Costume Ideas for Adventurous Kids

The best skeleton Halloween costume idea for kids include an element of creepy and a dash of your kid’s personal style. Kids who enjoy the creepy side of life might like a skeleton gift that includes a bit of blood and gore. Other kids might like a feminine dress that includes frilly elements. Whatever you choose, we hope this curated list of the best skeleton costume ideas for children has helped you find the ultimate look this Halloween!

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