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50 Halloween Skeleton Costume Ideas for Adults that are both Terrifying and Awesome

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Every year, manufacturers and designers come up with the best Halloween skeleton costume ideas for adults that reflects the changes, fears and norms of society. Hosting or attending adult Halloween parties is becoming popular among friends and colleagues. The occasion is not limited to little children going trick or treating anymore. These days, Halloween brings a different kind of sensation. Unlike other holidays, adults are not expected to bake turkeys, clean the house, serve food or buy a myriad of gifts. All you have to do is buy candies and get the appropriate and scary outfit for the celebration.

Look no further. Our website contains 50 items that you, your boyfriend or husband and children will enjoy wearing for this year’s hair-raising Halloween. There’s a costume for everyone. The female collection includes modern outfits that glow in the dark, dresses for shy and self-effacing women, sexy bodysuits for tall and thin women, elegant skeleton dresses for plus size women, outrageous catsuits for wild women, sexy fish skeletons, romantic outfits for dreamy horror-struck women, shocking gowns for domineering matrons, and so much more. The male collection consists of tattered pirate suits, Satanic outfits, ghostly medieval costumes, dapper skeleton costumes, nightmarish latex mask, glowing or funny skeleton bodysuits, and varieties of outfits that glow in the dark. There are also very easy-to-wear and comfortable robes for those are tired because they just got out of work.

The array of costumes will not disappoint. There are unusual and tame disguises that both kids and adults can wear including a pair of unisex pajamas. Several traditional costumes for the Mexican Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos are also available. They are made materials that are high-quality. Three words come to mind when you think of them: comfort, polyester, spandex and latex.

50 Unbelievable Skeleton Costumes for Adults that will be Hot this Year

The Perfect Halloween Costume for Office Celebrations

You’ll need a costume that’s not too wild or tame with children and for office parties. This sexy and wholesome skeleton costume for women is an appealing and personable polyester jumpsuit. There’s a skeleton print on it. It’s comfortable because it’s not too tight.

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Best Skeletal Costume to Terrify

You’ll be giving people a harmless and awesome scare with this elegant, black and long-sleeved gown with shoulder cut-outs. It’s designed with a lifelike skeleton print that glows in the dark. Made of spandex and polyester, wear it for Halloween to terrify!

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Skeleton Bodysuit Costume That Looks High-Tech

You’ll get many compliments with this sleek and modern-looking outfit. It’s perfect for showing your healthy body. It’s made of polyester and spandex. There’s a zipper at the back. It features a state-of-the art X-ray image. It’s comfortable and remarkable.

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The Perfect and Likeable Mexican Ghoul

The fun ensemble includes everything senor needs to celebrate the Mexican Halloween, Dia De Los Muertos. It contains a hat, jacket, shirt, vest, bowtie, pants and a belt. White bone patterns decorate the outfit. It will transform anyone into an amiable corpse.

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Something Cute, Haunting and Glowing

This neon skeleton dress is the most likeable outfit! The black miniskirt has a lifelike skeleton. The bones are painted in yellow, mint, blue and pink. Made of polyester, the dress comes with matching arm gloves. You can wear it for other occasions.

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Licensed Karate Kid Skeleton Bodysuit Costume

Paramount Pictures approved! This skeleton costume for men is a signature Halloween piece. The jumpsuit looks like the costume worn in the “Karate Kid” movie. Made of spandex and polyester, the hood and leggings are attached. Matching gloves are included.

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A Glamorous, Vampy and Dangerous Outfit Idea

You’ll be on top with this classy, short dress. After all, it’s fun to be outre once in a while. Madame Skeleton’s dress-to-kill line is an unforgettable get-up. There’s a jacket, slip-on dress with adjustable straps and fingerless skeleton gloves.

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A Bold and Slightly Revealing Costume Idea

You bet Jennifer Lopez wants this! This Bad to the Bone costume is daring and amusing. It’s not for the faint of heart. Made of polyester and spandex, it has a skeleton print. Garters attach to the stockings to show a little skin.

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A Romantic and Scary Costume Idea

You’ll look like a ghost from New Orleans in this seductive skeleton corset with an artsy skeleton print. Made of polyester, the bodice has black shoulder straps and lace. Add a creepy hair accessory, black skirt, gloves and dark lipstick for effect.

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Best Skeleton Costume Idea For You

Imagine this glowing catsuit skeleton worn together by several women. What an awesome sight! Made of nylon and spandex, it has a zipper and scooping neckline. Pair it with high heels, and you’ll look more like Heidi Klum than Elvira.

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Lovely Skeleton Outfit for Fancy Parties

Be good a good girl for the fancy Halloween party. This maxi ball gown will happily every cultured fiend. You’ll receive a skeleton dress, black tights and gloves. The skirt is layered with tulle. Materials are polyester, spandex and nylon.

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Awesome Glowing Mask and Gloves

This fantastic ensemble is guaranteed to scare anyone. It contains a pink latex mask and skeleton hands that glow in the dark with UV paint. Wear it for other occasions to give your kids a safe scare. It will be very funny.

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Adult Skeleton Costume for Children’s Halloween Parties

This is the best skeleton Halloween costume idea for people with children. Made of 100% polyester, the jumpsuit has a hood that resembles a cuddly bear’s face. The style is unisex and baggy with an orange skeleton print that looks more like a butterfly than human bones.

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Vodoo Skeleton Costume for Women in Entertainment

If you are the Halloween emcee, this black vodoo ensemble is for you. It looks great, and it’s not controversial. The skeleton costume consists of a feathered hat, corset, jacket and a brief. It includes a skeleton print and tailcoat.

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A Diabolical Outfit Idea

Wear this to be the antithesis of everything that’s good (just for Halloween). The Ghost BC Papa Costume is a black, floor-length robe with a slick and wet finish. Don’t be surpised if evil people start worshipping you in this Satanic costume.

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Neanderthal Skeleton Costume for Men

You’re a Neanderthal stalking people in this funny costume. Made of polyester, it has a jumpsuit with a bold skeleton print and an oversized mask with an opening that you can see through. Act dumb and don’t forget to grunt.

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Marauding Pirate for the Best Skeleton Halloween Costume Idea

You won’t find this unique ghost pirate costume anywhere else. For the top, there’s the sturdy, tattered jacket with a bone, vest and undershirt. The pants have an elastic waist. The belt, skull mask, gloves and hat are also included.

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Terrifying Angel of Death Costume Outfit Idea

This angel of death costume is for shy people. Just wear it and sit quietly to terrify. Isn’t that cool? The order contains a black tunic, hood and belt. It’s made of polyester and other fibers. Mask and make-up are not included.

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Piggyback Costume for Men

Imagine you’re a zombie carried by a skeleton. What an ingeniously cool idea! You’ll put your legs in the costume’s skeleton’s pants area while he looks like he’s carrying. His head is stuffed with soft materials to protect the crotch.

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Ultra Sexy Skeleton Costume for Men

Halloween’s the best excuse to wear a Morphsuit. You know, it’s what Superman wears. It covers the body from head to toe. Admit it, you’d always wanted to see your man in a hot skeleton suit. There’s another plus, it glows in the dark.

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The Great Medieval Death Phantom

Come as the awesome death personage that everyone fears. This is a good choice if you want to wear something comfortable. The black tunic arrives with a hood, mask and red sash. There is a giant bib. It’s made of 100% polyester.

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Hot, Hot, Hot Skeleton Costume for Women

Get out of your comfort zone, show them your perfect figure and have fun in this seductive tongue-in-cheek Bare Bone Skeleton Babe Costume. The adult skeleton costume contains a pullover top, see-through skirt with leggings and skull/floral headpiece. It’s made of polyester and spandex.

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Giant T-Rex Skeleton Halloween Costume Idea

Your kids will have a playful time in this unique dinosaur-skeleton Halloween costume. Made of polyester, it’s created for 6-12 year olds. It’s inflatable with a built-in air pump. Hand wash for care. The AA batteries aren’t included.

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Tacky and Unforgettable European Skeleton Dress

You can be both cute and chilling in this grotesquely colorful Women’s Day of the Dead Miss Catrina costume idea. It’s black with green, red and white accents. You’d look like you just rose from the grave. It includes a headband with roses and a sash.

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A Wicked Vodoo Man Outfit Idea

This is the best outfit if you want to make a statement. Your power to cast spells and hexes will terrify your enemies. The get-up consists of a jacket with monkey hands, a hat with a skull and a skull mask. The embellishments are remarkable and convincing.

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Tortured Vision of Arachnophia Adult Skeleton Costume

This spectacular Morphsuit covers you from head to toe with amazing details! The skeleton suit combines the skeletal bones with spiders and spider webs. The fear of spiders is the central theme of this 2019 beauty. Not even Spiderman’s outfit can top this.

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Unisex Hollywood Quality Skeleton Bodysuit Costume

This is the decade’s best skeleton outfit. The magnificent and impressive illustration of the anatomy covers the entire body. The muscles and skeleton bones are abstractly printed with other objects. Breathing, eating and drinking is possible. The spandex stretches firmly and comfortably.

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Adult Skeleton Costume of the Dead King

You’ll rule invisible creatures and have tons of fun wearing this great king skeleton suit of the netherworld. It includes a pullover tunic with printed rib cage, overshirt, cape with shoulder armors, belt, hood, mask and crown, gloves and foam boots.

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Black Mass Men’s Unique Attire

Wear this, but don’t celebrate a black mass! This Halloween outfit idea is great to wear when you are tired and want comfortable garments. As the anti-Christ and anti-pope, you’ll look manacing in a red tunic with skulls, black cloak, mitre and skull mask.

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Rakish and Dashing Costume Idea for Men

The skeleton outfit is reminiscent of GQ magazine’s 1950 Halloween edition. You’d look good in this black ensemble. The rib cage is painted on the jacket with bones printed on the sleeves and gloves. The pants show the pelvis and leg bones.

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Bodysuit: Hot for them, Cool for You

The Skeleton Bodysuit Costume is the best skeleton costume for exclusive nightclubs for Halloween. You’ll pass the bouncers with elan. The stylish outfit includes elastic straps for the leg warmers and a half-mask. A skeleton print decorates the entire ensemble.

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Outrageous and Funny Piggy Skeleton OutFit

The Piggy Skeleton Costume may seem macabre, but it’s actually cute. The outfit is cleverly designed to trick the eye. You put your legs inside the lower skeleton, which carries the upper skeleton. The mask/hood and T-shirt are included. It’s made primarily of polyester.

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Funny Woman’s Queen of Skulls Costume

This is a very nice queen of skulls. Happy colors like red, yellow and orange belie her skull face. The tunic is made mostly of polyester. Sweet and unique, it resembles an oversized T-shirt that you can wear for special occasions. It’s affordable, too!

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Playful Dragon Boys Skeleton Outfit

This is the best skeleton Halloween costume idea for photographs. Your boys will have fun. You’ll receive a shirt, belt, hood, neck drape, mask and wings. Sizes are from small to xlarge. Holes must be created on the mask for vision.

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Romantic Skeleton Dress for Getting Married

The Dead Mexican Bride Costume is for a gentle ghost. It’s a very pretty outfit. The lacy dress includes a veil, petticoat, gloves, tiara and colorful flower pins for the dress and veil. There are two cosmetic tattoos to create a ghostly face.

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Best Macabre Crypt Crawler Costume

Your flesh is falling from your rotting body in this costume! It’s the perfect get-up for a traditional Halloween night. You’ll receive a robe, tie, hood for your neck, head and shoulders, gloves with freakish fingers and an Ani-motion mask with elongated teeth.

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Upscale Skeleton Costume for Men

People will assume that you’re the Wall Street or Park Avenue type when you wear this tailored skeleton suit. Beautifully crafted and decorated with white bones, it’s made of polyester and other materials. You’ll receive stylish trousers, jacket and tie.

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Harlequin Costume for a Funny Halloween

Wear the black and white Harlequin costume and be ready when people expect you to entertain them with ghoulish jokes. The product comes with a shirt designed with a clown collar, trousers, fool’s cap and skull mask. You’ll be the life of the party.

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Adorable Skeleton Dress for Young Ladies

Zombies will fall in love with you in this charming Day of the Dead Senorita outfit. It’s strapless with an artsy illustration of your rib, skeleton and heart. The layered skirt is orange, blue and yellow. There’s a choker, headpiece and arm gloves.

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Best Skeleton Costume for Dainty Women

The Bones-n-Roses costume is a work of beauty. Red, caramel and blue flowers are masterfully painted on the skeleton on this short black dress. The scarf depicts the bone structure of the nose and mouth like a bandana so that you can see clearly.

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Fashionable Maxi Skeleton Dress

This plus size, black, pullover maxi dress is beautiful and flattering. A lifelike skeleton print decorates the front. The style is shoulder cutouts. The bones glow in the dark after exposure to light. It’s made of polyester and spandex.

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Cute Day of the Dead Costume

When you’re young, you can wear lovely things even on Halloween. Count Dracula will ask you for a date in this short dress with red, blue and white flowers, white skulls and a picture of the rib cage. Sizes range from small to xlarge.

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Endearing Skeleton Bride Costume Outfit Idea

This Halloween wedding outfit is perfect for tall and thin women. It contains a long-sleeved gown with a skeleton print and skirt ruffles. There’s a headband attached to the veil. Made of polyester and other materials, the product has very clean lines.

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The Funniest Skeleton Costume for Men

Everyone will be laughing when you wear this adult costume for men called Skeleboner Men’s Costume. An inflatable “weenie” hangs from the crotch. There’s a mask to hide your face. Wear this polyester suit, have lots of fun, but don’t let anyone know you wore it!

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The Best Halloween Mask of 2019

This is what nightmares are made of! You’ll terrify when you wear this awesome latex mask. It features long, pointed bones that protrude from your face to hide your nose and mouth. The hideous item comes with a black hood.

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Gilded Bad to the Bone Costume Idea

This is a golden improvement to the original outfit. Made of nylon and spandex, the black jumpsuit is decorated with a golden skeleton from the chest, arms and legs. A pair of leg warmers shows your thighs thru the garters connecting the bodysuit.

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A Blood Red Costume Idea

Middle-aged women can have fun on the Day of the Dead. This red and stately gown is the perfect get-up for matrons who want to look like grand and imposing ghosts. It includes a headpiece and choker. The quality is excellent.

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Sexy Fish Skeleton Costume for Women

Do you want to be a vampire and a mermaid at the same time? Then wear this alluring black gown with a giant fish skeleton print. You’ll also receive a headpiece and arm warmers with fins. It’s made of polyester. Wash by hand.

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Unique Skeleton Latex Chest Garment

Here’s a simple, no-fuss skeleton costume for men. The Adults Skeleton Latex Chest apparel is worn under an unbuttoned dress shirt. It depicts a giant skeleton on your chest. You’ll feel like Clark Kent before he changes to become Superman.

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Cool Unisex Animal Skeleton Pajamas for Adults

Your young kids will be delighted if you wore this playful pajama animal costume for Halloween and winter nights. The hood has eyes, nose and teeth. Tails and chest complete the attire. Made of polyester, the jammies are comfortable with pockets. Wash by hand.

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50 Cool Halloween Skeleton Costume Ideas for Adults

After reading the items and their descriptions, you’re bound to find something that you like very much for yourself and your family, which makes you and everyone else anticipate Halloween with glee and a feeling of wanting to be scared because you know it’s all dress up and pretend. So come on, bring it on!

Remember that these Halloween costumes are terrific investments. You won’t need to put make up on some of them. The care is often easy. You can wear it again. Your kids too! Or you can sell it on ebay after having a good time.

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