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50 Unforgettable Halloween Plus Size Costume Ideas that every Women will Adore

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Bring Halloween alive with some of the best plus size Halloween costumes for women! Whatever theme or fantasy you are interested in can come to life with your choice of costume. Halloween is a great reason to dress out of the ordinary.

There are practically unlimited choices when it comes to costume options. To narrow it down a little, we have come up with a list of 50 plus size costume ideas. This list has the best costumes available online. They include cute costumes, fun costumes, and even sexy plus size Halloween costumes. There is something for everyone to enjoy!

When choosing your awesome costume, go with something that reflects your personality and interests. You should feel comfortable and confident in your outfit. Some choices on this list feature short and sexy outfits. Others are more lighthearted and playful. There are also some costumes that are a good balance of all of those things. With so many choices, you will be sure to find the top choice for you.

50 of the Best Halloween Plus Size Costume Ideas for Women Ever

Sexy Mermaid Costume with Foam Fins

This is a great idea for a woman who enjoys legendary stories that take place under the sea. Transforming into a mermaid is made easy with this cool costume. The top and bottom of this outfit are attached – complete with foam fins that serve as a mermaid tail. The shell top is especially supportive with the addition of underwire. The added details of metallic shine and gold beads give this costume a glamorous finish.

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Fun Flapper Outfit Idea

A flapper dress brings back the free feelings of the 1920’s! This is a great costume for a woman who wants to make a statement when she enters the room. The dress that makes up this costume comes with tassels along the hemline. It also comes with a headband to bring the overall look together. You can add your own accessories as well to make this look even more dramatic.

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Minion Costume with a Feminine Twist

Minions are instantly recognizable and you will be too in this funny costume! While this outfit looks like a layered ensemble, it is actually just one dress. The accessories that are also included with this costume are a pair of gloves, cute socks, and minion-style glasses. This is a great costume idea for a family-friendly Halloween party.

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A Wonderful Cleopatra Outfit

You will instantly feel more glamorous the moment that you put on this item of clothing. This is a white and colorful dress that adds a cultural spin to a normal Halloween costume. One of the best things about this tank dress is the supportive neckline with thick sleeves. This costume is flattering to all body types. Wearing dramatic make-up will take this look to the next level.

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Saloon Girl Costume Serves Up a Good Time

Anyone looking for a stylish Halloween costume will be pleased with this saloon girl outfit. This costume primarily consists of a unique dress that is made from cotton. It has a high to low hemline that increases the dramatic effect. The ruffled layers add nice details while remaining feminine at the same time. This dress also zips in the back which ensures that it will stay in place all Halloween long. If you are a woman with a sassy attitude who enjoys western movies, this will be a great costume for you to wear!

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A Sexy Spin on a Christmas Reindeer Costume

This cute costume is simple and easy to recognize. The main part of this outfit is a zipper front dress that has ears on the hood and a bushy tail on the back. There is no doubt that this definitely counts as a unique and sexy plus size Halloween costume. This outfit is a good choice for those who want to get animalistic with their costume.

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Have Some Whimsical Fun As Tinkerbell For Halloween

Tinkerbell is a perfect costume idea for every woman who feels young at heart. This popular character gets a sexy spin with this green dress. This dress in particular is a form-fitting halter dress that comes with a matching head piece.

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A Family Friendly Snow Princess Costume

Those looking for a fairy tale inspired look will be delighted by this find! Dressing up as Snow White is a good way to spend Halloween. This costume is a fully designed dress with a blue top and yellow ankle-length bottom. The colorful sleeve caps bring the entire outfit alive. The look is complete with a matching headband.

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An Alpine Girl is a Unique Costume Idea

If you are looking for a quirky and sexy plus size Halloween costume, becoming an alpine girl will fulfill both of those things. This cute costume comes to life with a short dress complete with a corset! Style this dress with knee high socks and pigtails to become a genuinely naughty mountain girl.

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A Black Cat is a Traditional Costume Choice

Halloween is the kind of holiday that inspires ideas of haunted houses, spooky ghosts, and black cats! You will fit right in with the Halloween fun dressed up as a black cat. This easily recognizable costume is a long-sleeved black dress with hood and tail accents attached. This playful dress is made of quality velvet. It also comes with the following accessories: a headband, belt, and fingerless gloves.

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A Sexy Version of a Ghostbusters Costume

Hunt down some ghosts and look sexy while doing it! This Ghostbusters costume is not the traditional jumpsuit. Instead, you get a dress that comes with a belt, hat, and proton pack! The dress has a zipper down the front and lace trim accents. It is a nice choice for a woman who wants a feminine take on a recognizable symbol in pop culture history. There is even an authentic Ghostbusters logo that can be found on the dress and hat!

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This Short and Flirty Mouse Costume is Sure to Turn Heads

This bold mouse costume is cute and sexy at the same time! This red dress is decorated with white polka dots and black trim along the layered skirt bottom. It features a dropped waist as an added style detail. This short and tight dress remains plus size friendly with a supportive bustline to keep everything in place. You can dress down this sassy costume with flat shoes or make it sexier with heels.

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Being a Pirate Wench is Fun for Halloween

Sexy pirate style is easy to achieve with this cool costume. Wearing this plus size Halloween costume idea turns any woman into a sassy mate for a pirate. This costume is comprised of a layered dress with off the shoulder mid-length sleeves.

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Oktoberfest Fun on Halloween

Combining two holidays is possible with this costume! Representing Oktoberfest during Halloween is a great option for women who like to be a little bit unique. This costume is a mid-length dress with off the shoulder details. The real Oktoberfest style comes from the added corset and red velvet apron. To get really into the costume, be sure to keep a glass of beer nearby!

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This Dorothy Costume is Classic Style

Those looking for an easily recognizable look will be pleased with this cute costume. Dorothy is a sweet character with girl-next-door charm. This is one of those plus size Halloween costumes for women that really stand out! This dress is blue and white with a layered appearance. Be sure to add the appropriate accessories in the form of low pigtails and iconic red shoes.

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Become a Creature of the Night in this BatGirl Costume

Get ready to fight crime and look good while doing it! As BatGirl, you can don a mask and be the star of the show. This costume dress comes with everything you need to complete the look: a cape, yellow belt, mask, gloves and more! Additional features on this costume include the shiny material it is made of. Plus sized ladies will also appreciate the extra room in the chest area.

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Feel Like A Saloon Madame In this Costume

A saloon madame is the type of woman who likes being in charge. Wearing a costume such as this one is great for a woman who has an upbeat and sassy attitude. This plus size Halloween costume idea comes with a long and sexy draped dress. It has a supportive bodice and includes a choker, brooch, and hat. This deep green dress is form-fitting, thanks to the ruched waist design. There is no mistaking the feminine look of this detailed costume.

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This Supergirl Costume Will Turn Heads

Supergirl to the rescue! This is the perfect plus size Halloween costume idea for any woman who likes to have an enjoyable time role-playing. This blue and red Supergirl outfit is easy to recognize as a super hero costume! This costume comes in two parts, with a cape being attached to the top portion. It also comes with boot tops to complete the look from head to toe.

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Red Riding Hood is a Classic Costume

Little red riding hood gets a glamorous upgrade with this sassy costume. This dress comes with a adjustable slit so that you can choose how much skin you want to show. The bust is also adjustable to help ensure that you get a perfect fit. This outfit idea also comes with a long cape that brings this classic fairy tale character to life.

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Dames Like Us is Classic Flapper Style

Flappers represent a time in history when women were free to express themselves however they wanted to. This v-neck dress has a delightfully free design. The fringe elements will make you stand out as you have fun on the dance floor. The sequins really help this sassy dress sparkle and shine.

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Bring Out Your Dark Side as a Cute Devil

Your inner bad girl will shine in this plus size devil costume. This red dress stands out with flirty design elements and a jagged hemline. The added corset brings everything together in a playful way. This costume also includes a coat and headpiece. This is a perfect costume for a woman who likes to keep it hot with her style!

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Inspire Goodness in this Perfect Angel Costume

Bring heaven to Earth in this ethereal costume. Being an angel is a sweet way to celebrate Halloween. This white dress is long and attractive which makes this outfit appropriate with a variety of crowds. It also comes with a cape, wings, and headband. This is a good choice for a woman who wants to stand out on Halloween!

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Travel Back In Time as a Cave Woman

Your primal instincts will come to life when you are dresses as a sexy cave woman. This short and sexy costume is reminiscent of prehistoric times. The suede trim is a unique contrast to the animal patterned fabric that makes this dress. It also comes with boot covers and a headband to complete the look. This straightforward costume is ideal for a woman who is comfortable with her sex appeal.

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This is a Cool Version of a Tin Woman Costume

This shiny costume has futuristic vibes! Silver is an unmistakable color that will stand out in any room. This costume comes with a bow tie, gloves, and boot covers. The style of the skirt portion stands out with pleated design elements.

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Be the Star of the Party in a Black Sequined Fringe Dress

You are free to be yourself in this cool flapper costume. Whether you’re at the bar or on the dance floor, you are sure to make a statement while wearing this fringed dress. This sleeveless dress has a dropped waist and a scooped neckline that is flattering on a variety of body types. This quality costume comes with a feathered headband to really set the mood.

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Have an Enjoyable Time in this Flapper Dress

Flappers represent an era of freedom for all women. You can be comfortable being yourself in this layered dress. The draped style of this outfit makes for a flattering appearance to a variety of body types. This black flapper costume comes with a cigarette holder to help complete the look.

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Become Magical as a Gypsy Sorceress

Add some mystery to your Halloween look by becoming a gypsy! Your future in this costume is clear: you will be turning heads while having an awesome time. The design elements of this colorful costume include a high waist and short vest. There is even a waistcoat to bring the entire look together. This is great for a woman who likes to play around with fortune telling.

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This Lethal Beauty Costume is Perfect for a Plant Lover

Be the sexiest plant woman ever! Poison Ivy is a popular villain known for her love of plants and her dominate sex appeal. This costume is a nice option for a woman who has an affinity for the natural things in life. This green dress is short and tight and comes with festive leggings, an eye mask, boot covers and gloves that match everything.

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A Sexy Nurse Heartbreaker Costume

This nurse costume is an awesome version of a wonderful career path. Wearing this costume will turn any nurse into a heartbreaker. Luckily, they will have you to help mend them back together again! This costume is short, sexy, and comes with a matching belt and hat.

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Have Tons of Fun as Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann is a funny costume that everyone will love. The red wig included with this outfit guarantees that you will stand out. There other style elements included with this costume that bring the entire look together. In addition to the wig, there is also a long sleeved dress and cute leggings in this package. This is a good costume for a plus sized woman who appreciates a roomy and comfortable costume.

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Cast a Spell in this Sorceress Costume

Bring some positive energy to life in this full length sorceress costume! This is an awesome outfit idea for those who live in a cool weather region. That is because this is a long sleeved costume that is complete with a long skirt.

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Become Queen of the Night as a Downtown Doll

Downtown dolls represent an era in time where women had the freedom to be themselves. This is a nice costume for a plus sized woman who is confident in her own skin. This velvet dress has a high to low hemline with sequined fringe along the bottom. It also comes with a sexy headpiece that adds an interesting element to this versatile costume.

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Look Sexy in this Interesting Mad Hatter Costume

This purple and teal outfit is a sexy plus size Halloween costume. The details included in the design make it really stand out. There are stripes and checkerboard patterns that are tastefully combined into the dress. The entire look is brought together with a jacket and top hat. A funny woman who likes to have an awesome time will find joy in this costume.

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Turn Heads As Mythological Medusa

Medusa is a scary character who is known for turning men into stone. You can make her mythology less serious in this sexy costume. As a long dress, wearing this will give you a glamorous feel on Halloween night. There is a long slit that reaches to the thigh which makes this dress even more seducing. This costume has gold trim that helps the whole outfit really stand out. The snake headband plays homage to the legend of Medusa.

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Be Instantly Recognizable As Marilyn Monroe

Plus sized Halloween costumes for women can range from extremely unique or simple and traditional. This Marilyn Monroe costume is easy to recognize as an iconic moment in pop culture history. This is a white dress with a deep v-neck. The bust area is especially supportive thanks to the well-crafted halter straps. Becoming Marilyn Monroe is an awesome outfit idea for women who like to stay in touch with their feminine side.

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A Perfect and Official Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman to the rescue! This is an officially licensed costume that really stands out from the crowd. The dress of this costume has a side zipper and the bust area is made of foam. There is also a hidden design element with shorts being included under the dress. With this costume also comes with the iconic tiara and arm band.

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A Santa Halloween Costume is a Unique Choice

If you want to be a naughty Santa, this costume has everything that you need! This short dress is not for a shy woman; anyone wearing this should be comfortable with showing a lot of skin! However, you will be warm while doing it. This red velvet dress has a Velcro front closure with white accents of faux fur along the trim. It also comes with boot cuffs and a festive hat.

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Go Back In Time as an Olympic Goddess

This long slip dress costume makes it easy to tap into your inner goddess! Women who like to keep their style modest will appreciate this goddess costume. A long dress such as this one is flattering to many different body types. It is roomy and comfortable, with an established waist and supportive bustline. While this dress is designed with only one wide strap, there is an extra clear strap that you can wear for a little more support. A costume this lovely is perfect for a woman who likes to be treated like a queen.

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The Best Ghostbusters Deluxe Costume

Ghostbusters fans will love this official costume! Get ready to hunt down nefarious ghosts in this outfit. Here you have a jumpsuit with long pants, which makes this a good costume for cold weather Halloween nights. There is even more to enjoy with the inflatable proton pack.

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A Bold and Red Queen Costume

Be prepared to have an enjoyable time in this queen costume! This is a nice plus size Halloween costume idea for a woman who finds joy in saying “off with their heads!” This outfit is unmistakably bold and daring. The design of this royal costume is made of red satin with red ribbons in a corset style up the front. It also has a layered look that is accented with a high to low hemline. Included with this costume is a tall crown to bring the entire look together. Be ready to rule the night in this outfit!

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A Cultural Catrina Costume

A cultural spin on a Halloween costume can be found with this Catrina costume. Paying homage to the Day of the Dead is a fitting way to spend Halloween. This beautiful dress is dark and colorful at the same time. The base pattern of the dress is decorated with lots of mini skulls. That fabric pattern is found in the mid-section of the dress and featured prominently in the back. This costume is made even more bold with flower accents and black lace trim.

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A Traditional Pirate Costume

Arrrgh Matey! Be ready to sail the high seas in this cool pirate costume. This costume has a sexy v-neck design with a white top, corset, and jagged hemline that really stands out. It also comes with a red velvet headband and skirt overlay. This is a nice costume for a woman who likes to have a good time while celebrating Halloween.

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The Perfect Hippie Styled Costume

Hippies are an iconic figure in pop culture history. This costume is great for a woman who wants to represent free-spirited love and self-acceptance. The base of this costume is a short dress that has the addition of long tassels that go down to the floor. The top is colorful with a supportive bustline. This plus sized Halloween costume also comes with a belt and flowery headband.

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This Naughty Nun Costume Will Turn Heads

A sexy costume like this one shows that it is okay to be bad sometimes! Become an independent nun in this short dress. The upper portion of this costume has a traditional black and white design with long sleeves. The bottom hemline has lace details along the sides. A matching headband and veil is also included with this costume to complete the look.

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This Cop Costume is Officially the Best

Anyone wearing this police officer costume is sure to turn heads. This short dress has a buttons down the front and ends with a skirt with ruffles along the bottom hem. This is a nice costume choice for a woman who appreciates an all-inclusive outfit. It comes with a short-sleeved dress with a belt and tie. Also included is a adjustable hat, fingerless gloves and even a walkie-talkie!

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Be the Fan Favorite as Princess Leia

Any Star Wars fan is sure to love this Princess Leia costume! This long-sleeved dress is instantly recognizable. You will be sure to turn heads in this sexy outfit that comes styled with bell sleeves and a belt to bring the entire look together.

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This Funny Jailbird Costume Comes With Handcuffs

Halloween is the right time of the year to become someone else. With this jailbird costume, you can bring your inner bad girl to the party! This short and sexy outfit looks like a skirt and shirt but it is not. This is actually just one dress with a side seam zipper. The striped design makes this instantly recognizable as a fun-loving costume. It comes with headband, choker and handcuffs.

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This Elvira Costume is Great for a Sassy Woma

Elvira is a popular character who is known for being sassy and classy. You will be too when you wear this costume! This is ideal for the woman who enjoys a hint of danger with her costume. With this outfit, you will receive a floor length dress that has bell sleeves and a seductive neckline. Danger becomes fun with the dagger accessory that is also included.

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Cast a Spell as a Black Magic Mistress Witch

Dressing up as a witch is one of the easiest Halloween costumes to do! It is always enjoyable to play around with some black magic. This costume makes it easy to appear like you have mystical forces on your side. A square neckline is one of the stand-out design features of this glittery dress. The high to low hemline makes this dress extra flirty and feminine. This is a quality costume with a supportive bustline. The look is complete with the hat that is included.

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50 Amazing Halloween Plus Size Costume Ideas for Women

In summary, it is easy to see that there are tons of options for plus size Halloween costumes for women. From fantasy characters, popular movie stars, practical costumes and more, you can be sure to find a costume that represents your personal style accurately. Try something out of the ordinary and you will not regret it. Happy Halloween!

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