Best Halloween Pirate Costume Ideas for Women

50 of the Best Halloween Pirate Costume Ideas for Women this Year

By: Andy Jones Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Coming up with the best Halloween pirate costume ideas for women is not always a walk on the plank – er, a walk in the park. It can be tricky to decide between a dress or pants, corset or no, and if you really need a sword or not (the answer is always yes). Once you start getting down to gold coins and brass tacks, you realize that there are tons of options when it comes to outfitting yourself as a swashbuckler.

This list lets you get a feel for the sea of options out there. You can order these costumes as an entire set, or you can pick and choose your favorite items to make a custom build of your pirate get-up. Heck, if you are feeling crafty, you could even use the photographs as visual inspiration and create some of your pieces.

The key to making the best pirate costume imaginable is to embrace the ethos of a pirate. You have to act a little cocky, a little rude, a bit rough around the edges – surly yet fun-loving all at once. A few bits of jargon and a touch of an accent go a long way toward making the illusion believable, too.

Of course, you couldn’t look through a list like this without asking the big question of virtually any Halloween costume for women: How sexy should you be? Well, if you’d like to be privy to a little secret, listen here: Every pirate costume is a sexy pirate costume. A tough, independent woman living a rough-and-tumble life on the seas? It doesn’t matter what kind of skirt she’s wearing; that woman is going to be a buccaneer babe through and through.

Enjoy browsing these awesome costumes until you’ve found the one that marks the spot.

50 of the Coolest Halloween Pirate Costume Ideas for Women

Beatiful Plus Size Pirate Wench Costume

If you want to be a pirate and wear a 1X and up, this costume is just right. With options to buy or rent, you can make it your own or just use it for a bit and return. The soft silky undershirt is so easy to wear all night and won’t make you itchy or too hot like some costumes. With your cute striped apron and matching headscarf, you will look fabulous from head to toe.

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Deluxe Swashbuckling Halloween Costume for Women

If you are on the hunt for a pirate costume that makes you look more like a captain than a wench, this outfit is perfect. It still maintains a feminine look with an off the shoulder blouse and tight leather pants, but you will look powerful and in charge brandishing your captain’s hat and cutlass. Find or add on a pair of sexy high-cut boots to complete the look.

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Gorgeous Thigh-Length Red Captain Dress

A great women’s pirate Halloween costume is one that incorporates at least a little color. This dress dazzles in a blood red and includes a few gold elements for a perfectly embellished look. It features large flowy sleeves and a playful asymmetrical hemline that makes it looks as though you are floating along the plank rather than walking. Wear this for a night out to a party, club, or any scene where you want to look hot but stay cool.

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Classic and Simple Female Pirate Halloween Costume

You will look like one of the motley crew with this slashed and torn pirate dress. Thanks to its jagged asymmetrical hem, you can easily show off your stems with fishnet tights and killer pirate boots. Other accessories that are sure to be a winner include cutlass, eye patch, and bandana. You can always try to find yourself a parrot, too, for a colorful accessory, although who knows what he would say! Have fun and get into the pirate spirit.

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Put Together Professional Pirate Look

This traditional look is a flattering and fun Halloween pirate costume for women. With the classic red jacket featuring tails and buttons, you will look like a classy pirate leader, one who doesn’t mess around. A large hat is a must with this look, and if you want to lean into the Peter Pan vibe, you can even add a hook for a hand. Have fun with this more polished pirate look, and enjoy your fun ruffle accents.

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Cute, Sexy, and Short Pirate Costume

Just because you are a swashbuckling scoundrel, doesn’t mean you can’t also look adorable. This look features a classic lace-up front-corseted bust, slip-on puffy sleeves, and a perfectly flouncy ruffled skirt. If you decide to go with this black, red, and gold look, be sure to add the super cute bow to the top of the boots for a sweet feminine touch. Everyone will be willing to walk the plank for you this Halloween.

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Rowdy Ruffled Brown and Black Pirate Wench

Featuring a super short hemline, the best Halloween pirate costume for women is one that you can feel comfy in all night. If you are going to a warm indoor even like a house party or a club, this outfit is a great choice. You will keep cool all evening and still look smashing. If you do decide to wear this outside, be sure to pair it with some cute and warm tights to keep yourself comfortable.

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Brazen Buccaneer Women’s Pirate Halloween Costume

Not every women’s Halloween costume is a dress. This hip outfit idea looks amazing with a pair of vertically striped pants and an off-the-shoulder blouse. The corseted vest over the top gives the whole thing a feminine finish, and the belt and sash make for great accent pieces. If you want to give the look a sense of humor, you can always add a funny wig or talking parrot to your look.

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Sexy Ghost Pirate in a Gray Dress

A unique and clever pirate Halloween outfit for ladies is this ghost-themed outfit. It takes the pirate idea one step further and all but guarantees you a look that no one else will have. It features all the classic pirate elements – tattered skirt, corset, puffy blouse – and turns them into something you would find on a haunted ship. With a cool gray finish and great lace train, you will make it look like the trip to Davy Jones’ Locker was a good one.

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X Marks the Spot Treasure Map Costume

This is one of the best pirate costume ideas if you are looking to stand apart from the crowd. The untraditional trench looks super cool with its spectacularly patterned fabric that you cleverly crafted from your latest treasure map. That is one way to make sure you stay on course! The gold coloring looks great with any skin tone, and this look is easily styled up or down based on where you are headed.

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Cool Plus Size Lady’s Pirate Costume

If you’re a curvy lady looking for the top pirate costume, this is a winner. With a roguish feel, you can saunter up and down the gangplank feeling confident and chic with fun ruffles, a gartered skirt, and a beautiful off-the-shoulder lace-up bodice. Take this look to the next level with the addition of a sword, a hat, and some killer boots. Be sure to include a bunch of pirate attitude, and you will rock this look.

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Fight for the Treasure Pirate Costume

If you’re ready to take on some scallywags in a sword fight, this getup is just right. Featuring individual pieces that are easy to move in but still super cool, this outfit gives you plenty of mobility to defend your booty. The simple design of this look pairs well with thoughtful accessories. You can even consider bringing along a treasure chest so that you have something to fight over. Of course, this outfit doesn’t come with a sword, so be sure to find one to add on.

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Be Bold in a Strong Female Pirate Costume

It doesn’t always have to be a sexy pirate costume to be super awesome. This pirate costume is the pinnacle of cool and doesn’t include any of the cliché wench features. You will stay comfy and warm in a pair of lightweight pants and traditional long-sleeved shirt and vest. There is something super playful and flirty about the layered belt and scarf, and it gives you an easy place to store your sword.

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Classy Pirate Regalia in White

A good pirate Halloween outfit for women is one that looks feminine and classy yet strong. When you are brandishing a sash that holds three revolvers, no one will mess with such a fine yet deadly beauty. Without the guns and classic hat, you may have been a governor’s daughter, but the seas called your heart and you are now a swashbuckler through and through. Play into this part with pirate accessories paired with feminine hair and makeup.

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Proudly Wave your Pirate Banner Flag Skirt

This lady’s pirate Halloween costume features awesome stripped leggings, a tight black corset, an off-the-shoulder ruffled top, and, best of all, an amazing Jolly Rodger half skirt. The long slit of the skirt allows you to show off your cool tights or leggings, and the fullness of the skirt’s fabric still shows off the entire flag design. It may seem almost funny to have a flag for a skirt, but with this look, it really works.

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Tavern Wench Women’s Pirate Halloween Costume

If you are looking for an outfit idea that can say pirate this year and Renaissance woman next year, this is your choice. This is a versatile look that you can dress up with boots, a sword, and a headscarf and instantly be a rowdy and ready pirate princess. This dress is available in plus sizes and comes with the amazing pictured belt that works to hold your skirt while you boogie on the dance floor.

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Classy Black, White, and Lacy Pirate Outfit

In your search for the best Halloween pirate costume for women, you don’t have to compromise your modesty; it is okay to leave a little more to the imagination. With a skirt that reaches mid-calf and a traditional corset top that features modest ruffles, you will still get all the powerful and playful impact of a great pirate costume but will stay a bit warmer. The cute hat perfectly matches the lace accents and classic red and black color scheme.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Women’s Angelica Costume

Who wouldn’t want to dress up as Penelope Cruz’s amazing Angelica from the Pirates of the Caribbean? Her character has it all. She is tough, feminine, and, of course, super stylish. Even if you have never seen the movie, this amazing costume with its unique gold paisley print will definitely win you the best dressed pirate award. The unique hat strays away from the traditional pirate shape for something a bit more interesting.

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Captain Hook Pirate Halloween Outfit for Ladies

If you have it out for an immortal boy and had your hand bit off by a crocodile, this costume is just for you. This is also a good choice if you simply love one of the most famous pirates in literature and film, the inimitable Captain Hook. His composed and almost regal clothing choices translate perfectly into a women’s costume, and the crushed red coat is sure to look stunning. Don’t forget your hook for a hand!

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Dia De Los Muertos-Inspired Pirate Look

Impress everyone with this beautiful Mexican-inspired Day of the Dead pirate princess look. Featuring an incredible skull and rose corset top and hauntingly beautiful gloves, this is a fun look when you want to bring a bit of a Latin flair into your pirate look. It still includes the classic off-the-shoulder ruffled pirate shirt, but it adds so much more personality and style. Go all out with face makeup or keep it simple for a toned down look.

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Ready for a Battle Women’s Pirate Costume

The best pirate costume has to include an amazing jacket. This piece takes this costume from basic to bomb and really exudes a sense of control and power. The dark leather of the coat and books is sure to look good on anyone, and it balances the red vest perfectly. Since this comes with the hat, boot covers, and belt, you will only need to pick up your trusty cutlass and maybe a revolver to complete the look.

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Super Sexy Pirate Costume in Red

They say that it used to be bad luck to have a woman on board a pirate ship, but in this female pirate Halloween costume, no one is going to kick you off their ship. With a super sexy short lacy underdress and a long red buttoned coat, you will look like you slipped the captain’s jacket over your little black dress for a late night moonlit stroll on the upper deck.

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Comfy and Cozy Tavern Lady Outfit Idea

If hanging back at the pub to greet the weary sailors when they get home sounds more your speed than suffering through the waves, this is a good costume. Featuring an easy-to-wear lightweight under dress, this costume will make you feel totally fancy free to mingle, dance, and have a good time. The corset and skirt overlay give it a much-needed pop of color. Try going without shoes to really embrace the free-spirited look.

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Beautiful Plus Size Halloween Costume for Women

If you are a busty and curvy lady, this dress will perfectly hug your lines and totally flatter your figure. Thanks to a pretty cinched corset featuring gold strings and a lovely flowy skirt with a red-and-black stripped overlay, you will look fabulous. Combine it with a pair of your favorite black boots and gold jewelry for a complete look. This costume comes with a headband, so there is no need to worry about a hat mussing up your do.

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Pretty and Sexy Pirate Costume

This adorable outfit has a little naughty and nice rolled into one. It features a cute and flouncy skirt that is accented if you choose to add a petticoat, along with a devilishly low-cut top for a blend of styles. The off-the-shoulder arm cuffs provide that classic white ruffled blouse without having to deal with a full shirt, and the big belt perfectly accents the waist. This makes for a fun look for any party.

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Dark and Ghoulish Pirate Outfit

With a gray and macabre feel, this awesome costume will give your friends and fellow party goers chills as you pass by. Channel the ghosts of the deep for this tattered but gorgeous haunted sea spirit look. The delicate lacing resembles spider webbing that perhaps you have gathered from centuries of defending your sunken treasure. Have fun playing up the theatrics with this unique and gorgeous look. Don’t forget the deep and dark eye makeup.

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Long-Skirted Bar Wench Costume

This look would be appropriate for the bar back home or as a crew member on the high seas. The long skirt is easy adjustable to make it easy to wear for swashbuckling or for serving brews. To make the look even clearer, you can add pirate accessories such as hat, scarf, sword, or belt. However you decide to dress this look, you will have fun with the flowing skirt and adorable green and yellow corset.

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Dark and Stormy Pirate Costume for Women

If you are the kind of woman who likes to be taken seriously, this could very well be the best pirate Halloween costume for women that you find. It features dark and intense colors and utilizes a cool high/low skirt effect to add depth and dimension. The long sleeves add a sense of power while the off-the-shoulder look exudes femininity. If noir met pirate, this woman would definitely be the femme fatale of the high seas.

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Chic and Contemporary Lady’s Pirate Costume

Featuring a beautiful crushed blue velvet coat and a flowy linen asymmetrical skirt, this look is powerful and stylish. The extra-long belt adds a unique and modern feel as it serves as both belt and corset. The flash of leg on the high side of the skirt adds a little sexy flair in there as well, making a well-balanced Halloween costume. Bring out the blue of the jacket with pops of accent colors in your makeup and jewelry.

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Simple and Sweet Pirate Halloween Outfit for Women

If you want to keep it inexpensive and simple but still want to look cute, this dress is a good choice. Since it comes in just one piece, you won’t have to deal with a thousand accessories and can easily slip into this in a flash for a quick night out with your friends. The lightweight fabric will allow you to move and flow with ease, and you’ll look like a true pirate princess.

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Punchy and Colorful Treasure Hunting Pirate

This is the best pirate Halloween costume for women who are looking to add a pop of color and a little pink pizazz. Although certainly not a traditional choice, this playful costume will have everyone shouting ahoy! The matching colors of the pink hat, jacket, and bows on the socks adds to a cutesy pirate vibe. This getup is perfect for the girly girl who wants to test out the waters of pirate life.

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Classic Female Pirate Halloween Costume

Black and red stripes are a staple of pirate costuming, as is the white blouse, jagged hem, and black corset. This looks takes all those tried and true elements and combines them into one knock-out costume. To complete this look, you need only throw on a headband and lace up your tall boots. Wear this look as part of a pirate troupe with your friends or go stag and run the night as the captain of the ship.

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Colorful and Sexy Pirate Costume for Women

Although this look may be super simple, it has a few unique and interesting elements, primarily the use of a gentle teal blue color. Most often in pirate looks, red, black, white, and sometimes gold are king. However, this look steps outside that limited box and incorporates two different shades of blue in vertical stripes. This look can be easily worn with classic pirate boots, or you can change it up and throw on your stilettoes.

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Frightening Lady Ghost Pirate

A lady’s pirate Halloween costume that can strike fear into the hearts of whoever beholds her is a unique and special outfit. This short but ghoulish design makes it clear that this ghost plans to defend her sunken treasure to the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker. If you want to tone down the look and take it from scary to sexy, simply wear your natural hair and don’t add deathly makeup. However, if you want to stand out, going all out ghost is great.

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Forest Green Pirate Halloween Costume for Women

If earth tones are your thing, you will look great in this olive green pirate outfit. This look goes for a clean and bold design with a beautiful pop of color. The outfit includes the dress, pants, shoe covers, belt, and bandana, which doesn’t leave you wanting for much. And, with a price tag under 40 dollars, you should have enough left over to get yourself a decent sword. You never know when one might come in handy.

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Jack Sparrow-Inspired Ladies Captain Costume

The eccentric and lovable Jack Sparrow is an iconic movie pirate. With his constant stagger and swagger, he has all the confidence in the world. Go out for the night channeling your best Johnny Depp impersonation for a riotous night as the female version of Sparrow. The multiple layers and colors incorporated into the skit mimic his many scarves, and the classic pirate coat is the perfect addition to this look.

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Wicked Pirate Halloween Outfit for Women

This costume rides the line between witch and pirate, making it almost like a sea witch or siren look. It features billowing black sleeves and a dark purple corset for a pop of romance and color. The over-the-top ruffles add an air of elegance, and the high front to the skirt gives it a bit of sexiness. Wear this look when you are heading out to a party at a friend’s house or a local bar.

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Pirate Captain Costume for Halloween

You will be leading your crew in this captain’s costume. Complete with faux leather jacket, you will look commanding and cute all at once. The accessories really make this look and include the belt and sash, hat, necklace, and sword. Some of these come with the costume but you may want to pick up a few on your own to complete the look. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a gold skull necklace in their wardrobe?

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Classic Pirate Look with Jolly Roger Skirt

Have you considered that perhaps the best pirate Halloween costume for women is the one that mostly closely matches what comes to mind when you think of female pirates? This simple but effective design puts in all the elements you’d expect: off-the-shoulder blouse, wide and high-waisted belt, prominent placement of the Jolly Roger, and black and red stripes. Accessorize with a cutlass or spyglass to round out the look and make it crystal clear who owns the seas.

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Classic Mistress of the Seas Pirate Outfit

One of the best pirate Halloween costume for women is this red-and-white striped look. The main piece features the iconic stripes while the accent pieces keep it simple in black or white, letting the eye draw to the red and white. The skirt features a very high-to-low design, with one side reaching your ankle and the other falling mid-thigh for a varied and neat pirate-styled look.

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Gorgeous Wicked Wench Women’s Costume

A great plus size pirate Halloween outfit for ladies, this dress adds adorable ruffled flair around the hips and offers a beautiful off-the-shoulder neckline. Since this option just comes with the dress, you are free to play with wearing a scarf or a hat and deciding if you want to go comfy or sexy with the boots. Have fun and add your own saucy flair to this pretty look to make it all your own.

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Deluxe Women’s Pirate Captain Costume

This is the best Halloween pirate costume for women who don’t want to be a wench. If you are more of a captain than a crew member, this costume is for you. Including comfy and leggings that are easy to move in, you can just throw on the overcoat and look fabulous. Thanks to its regal gold trimmings, no one will confuse you with a deckhand, and if they do, you can just throw them in the brig.

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High-Quality Lady’s Pirate Costume

If you are looking for a costume that is comfy, unique, and creative, this pirate outfit is for you. Including standout crushed blue pants and matching belt, it has a different pirate feel from most traditional costumes, but it still certainly says pirate. The headscarf adds a masculine touch while the lacy sleeves keep it distinctly feminine. There is something almost space-like or desert-y about this look, so you can really take it to wherever suits you.

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Black and Gold Slick Pirate Captain

This pirate outfit has vixen written all over it. From the short skirt to the long jacket, you know this female pirate captain has something up her ruffled sleeve. You can pair this with your favorite gold or silver jewelry and maybe a pop of red lipstick to bring out the bright trim inside the coat. Once you put this costume on, you will feel transported to the days of swashbuckling, intrigue, and buried treasure.

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Glitzy and Glamorous Lady’s Pirate Halloween Costume

There is no question what you are after in this stunning costume: You want the gold. This look makes up for its lack of corset with arm sleeves that are laced up with black ties. The dress is dominated by an amazing golden overlay that extends past the bottom of the skirt for a stunning effect. Keep the accessories simple with this dress, let it speak for itself.

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Over-the-Top Orange Captain’s Look

The best pirate costume is one with a good coat. Coats almost always improve a Halloween costume, since at the end of October, you never can be too sure about the weather. This coat is particularly striking and really brings this whole look together. The ruffled shirt color gives this a sophisticated look, letting everyone know that while you may be a pirate, you still have class. The amazing sleeves add a jolt to the playfulness of this piece.

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50 Halloween Pirate Costume Ideas for Women that will be Trendy this Year

There is never a time when pirate costumes are out; they are a forever classic in the great cannon (er, canon) of Halloween costumes. This list gives an idea of some of the variety out there in the pirating world. You can choose to be a barmaid living on shore when the ships come to dock, or you can be a crewmember sailing the seas and plundering defenseless ships. Raise your game a notch higher and be captain yourself, the reckless leader of a wreckless ship. Whatever persona you take on, accessorize well, wear the costume with pride, and enjoy being a good-for-nothing scoundrel.

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