Best Halloween Pirate costume ideas for kids

The 50 Best Halloween Pirate Costume Ideas that Kids will Go Crazy For

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As the scent of pumpkin spice fills the air, Halloween displays begin to erupt when you decide to get the best pirate Halloween costume for kids this season. If yours are like other kids, they’ve told you weeks in advance what they wanted to be for Halloween this year.

What if there was a way to save you some time from scouring the city looking for the best pirate costume your town has to offer? Stress doesn’t even begin to explain the adventure of bringing a tiny tike into a Halloween store where there are things that distract them, frighten them, and frankly, just slow you down. Here’s a huge list just for you. Scroll down to see the top outfit ideas for the 2019 Halloween Season.

50 Pirate Costume Ideas for Kids for the Best Halloween Ever

Cute Black and Pink Toddler Pirate Outfit

The perfect costume for the sassiest sailor of the seven seas. This dress gives your toddler room to run while roaming the neighborhood ringing doorbells to collect hoards of candied goodies for her treasure trove. It allows your toddler, sizes 24 Months to 4T, to be the best dressed Halloween goer around.

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Cool Zak Storm Pirate Outfit for Boys with Calabrass Sword

Nothing is cooler for your Zak Storm fan than this pirate outfit. Shirt, pants, sash with a plastic slide, and a 2 piece sword all come with this awesome costume. Your pirate loving Trick-or-Treater will love this costume idea and you will too.

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Awesome Captain Hook Boy’s Pirate Costume

While some boys may dream of becoming a Lost Boy, or even Peter Pan, there’s the special instance where one dreams of becoming Captain Hook. This is one of the best pirate Halloween costumes for boys. Reviews say it’s a great fit for teens and made with quality material. Find a great fit today.

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The Unique and Extravagant Pirate Captain

Does your boy have a flare to be debonair? This might be the best option for them. This seven-piece ensemble comes with everything they need to be the perfect pirate. Dressed to the nines and ready to stay up until nine.

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Cute Girls Pirate Halloween Costume

The princess ruling over the seven seas has no time to waste and leaves no candy behind. This Girl’s Princess Sea Pirate Costume brings out the red in royalty. It’s playful, yet beautifully made and little girls, ages 3 and 4, really love it.

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A Fun Blue Piratess Halloween Costume For Girls

This deluxe pirate costume will bring out the blue in your pirate’s eyes when she twirls in this velvet-like blue dress with a feather in the hat. It’s a good night to go hunting for candy treasure. Regardless if they’re a big kid or tiny tike, the costume fits a wide range of sizes from 5-12-years-old.

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A Good Look for A Fun Captain

Your heart will melt when you slip any baby into this jumpsuit they can’t just wiggle out of. This costume idea is bound to be a hit both on land and at sea. You can even dress it up with some face paint of a curly mustache to make it a night to remember.

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A Funny Pirate Costume for Babies

This baby boy’s pirate costume is an outfit idea people will just fall in love with. This costume comes with a coat, trousers, sash, hat, and boot covers. It can even grow with them as sizes range in age from 1 – 3 years.

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Totally Adorable Toddler Girls Pirate Halloween Costume

Shiver me peppermint timbers! From the red and white striped tights to the dress with a belt attached, and a tiny bandana to top it off, this little pirate will be ready for fun with her mateys. Moms have fallen in love with this set, and your toddler will too.

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The Perfect Little Boy’s Pirate Costume

While the sword isn’t included with this set, this Toddler Ahoy Matey Pirate Costume is an awesome shipwrecked look for little ones, running from sizes 2T – 6. Whether it’s for a night of festive fun or playing pirate at home, this outfit is bound to become one of his favorites. It’s in top consideration as the best pirate Halloween costume for boys.

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A Unique Twist for the Neverland Pirate

If you’re not completely enthusiastic about your little one carrying a sword or a hooked hand, this costume is an option you’ll both enjoy. It comes with a hat, neck scarf, pants, and a jacket vest combo. Accessories may be purchased separately, but this is a fine choice for the boy in love with Neverland.

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An Upgraded Look for Captain Hook

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier than other versions of this costume, this might be the one for you. The little boy in your life should prepare himself to be showered with compliments as the coat and hat truly scream PIRATE! It’s suggested to wear a shirt underneath to enhance the look of the vest and shirt piece, but overall it’s a great look. The hook can be purchased separately.

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A Good Bundle of Joy’s Brave Pirate Costume

Another entry for the best pirate Halloween costume for kids comes with this cute outfit. A onesie complete with boots, beard, and hat will have everyone wide-eyed with adoration. The cuteness is abundant in this little pirate look and you’ll want to smother them with a treasure trove of kisses.

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Colorful Girl’s Pirate Halloween Costume

Sweetness overloads this pirate getup with bursts of light blue, pink, and black in this dress, scarf, and boot cover combo. The little girl in your world will look just as sweet in this Salty Taffy Girl’s Pirate Halloween Costume. The candy-like colors will draw in a bounty of tricks and treats for the cute, but still fierce pirate of the seas.

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A Funny Swashbuckling Pirate of the Carribean

What’s a list of pirate costume ideas without the always outrageous Captain Jack Sparrow? This boy’s pirate costume comes with the tunic, pants, jacket, sash, boot tops, and hat to turn the kid you adore into the pirate every pirate loved to chase. Have a bit of fun and pop on a five o’clock shadow to offer a funny take on this outfit idea.

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Lacy Swashbuckling Halloween Costume for Girls

A little daintiness for a fiercely fearsome pirate to roam the seven seas or the surrounding neighborhoods. Dressing up any older girl in this outfit will bring a smile to her face as she twirls in this period piece showing that it’s okay to mix a little elegance with a swashbuckling adventure.

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A Cool Boy’s Pirate Costume

This could be one of the best pirate costumes for a pirate’s first day pirating. While the reviews suggest this particular look runs a bit small, it doesn’t take away from the comfort. With a variety of pieces to complete the ensemble, it’s a great take on a traditional costume with sizes ranging from 3 years to 12 years old.

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Treasure Hunting In The Best Pirate Halloween Costume for Little Boys

There’s nothing wrong with waking up to put on your favorite El Capitan costume to hunt for buried treasure. Whether it’s hidden somewhere in the house or sprinkled around different neighborhoods full of goblins and ghouls, this outfit will be perfect for the occasion. Your little Conqueror will conquer all the candy he can eat in this costume for little boys.

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The Cute Cutthroat to Command A Vessel

While this pirate Halloween outfit for girls screams merciless maiden, it also wields the air of superiority embodied by the girl wearing it. She takes no prisoners, knows exactly what she wants, and says exactly what she means. After all, this beautiful red outfit commands attention and respect from all who cast an eye her way.

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The Delicate Red Pirate Costume for Girls

A little less cutthroat and a tad cuter, this Halloween costume for girls comes with a dress, waistcoat, hat, and belt. No need for a sword or pistols because this outfit says pirate without the weaponry. Little girls, 7-9 years of age, love the look and will cherish the moment they wear it forever.

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Toddler Girl’s Pirate Halloween Costume

Who said little girls couldn’t be the best Captain Jack Sparrow? With a strong resemblance to the bumbling buccaneer, the little girl in your life will be a far better pirate than he ever was and look way better doing it. Available in sizes up to 4T, toddling tikes will make their adversaries, like nap time, walk the plank.

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A Unique Ghoulish Look For A Ghoulish Day

From little kids to big kids, the best pirate Halloween costume for boys should be this ghastly outfit. With its grey striped t-shirt and pants, people will get out of this ghoul’s way as they rule the seven seas in both the day time and the night.

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A Touch of Elegance for a Good and Beautiful Pirate

Why can’t a girl’s pirate Halloween costume be one of class and beauty? This beautiful costume allows the pirate a more princess approach as she makes her first mate swab the deck. While there are only smaller sizes left, this is still a gem to have in the wardrobe, whether it be for Halloween or slaying imaginary dragons in the backyard.

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A Perfect Beauty Bound to the Seven Seas

This Pirate of the seven seas is ready to claim her territory! An assortment of pieces makes this costume an awesome choice for girls ranging in ages of 5-12 years. Dress it up and perhaps add their favorite lip gloss to glam up the look.

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Gorgeous Look for an Awesome PreTeen Pirate

Don’t leave the TWeens out of the loop. The reviews say it’s comfortable with room to grown and arrives fairly quickly after ordering. Not only is it economical, but it’s fashionable for the Diva daring to wear this Girl’s Brown Coat Pirate Costume.

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Best Red and Blue Baby Buccaneer Pirate Costume

Regardless if they’re crawling or just getting the hang of their running legs, anything that comes in infant sizes becomes the cutest costume ever seen. The baby Buccaneer will gather plenty of treats and compliments alike.

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For the Take Charge Trick-or-Treater

This Ship Captain Boys Costume will certainly be added to the list of best pirate Halloween costume for boys! It commands respect and mutinies as the young man of your life gets excited to wear this ensemble. Tips from the review community say to put in a little work to un-squish the hat after receiving the shipment.

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A Pretty Pirate With A Funny Parrot

This outfit has it all from the waist sash and hat to a parrot with an imaginary vocabulary of over 500 words. Polly doesn’t want a cracker, she wants candy, and any girl would love to wear this costume when she goes to get it.

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For a Perfect Swaddled Swashbuckling Bundle of Cuteness

Sure the 12-18-month-old baby girl in your life is beyond being swaddled, but surely being held while wearing this beautiful costume will feel just as great. Enjoy the likes and social media engagement for posting this amount of preciousness on your newsfeed with this Toddler Girl Pirate Costume.

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A Gypsy with Just a Hint of Pirate Costume Idea

The huge skull across the skirt makes it easy to guess what any big kid wearing this Pirate Flag Gypsy Costume is for Halloween. It’s economical and won’t break the bank while making the girl who wears it still look like a million bucks.

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Beautiful Red and Blue Infant Girl Buccaneer Outfit Idea

While only available for little girls 1-2 years old, this costume will get them all the buried treasure they’re searching for. Whether it’s in the cupboard or the stroller, tiny tikes this size always find the treasure they probably left there weeks ago.

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Jake of the Seas Boy’s Pirate Costume

There can be a list with the best pirate Halloween costume for kids without talking about Jake and the Neverland Pirates. The show they love to watch with the theme song impossible to forget runs from 1 – 6 years of age.

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A Deluxe Edition For Your Awesome Pirate of the Caribbean

A few extra pieces bring this outfit idea to life. While only medium and large sizes are left, the bigger kids would love to take on the persona of Captain Jack Sparrow that comes with pants, a tunic, a hat, and two kerchiefs.

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A Unique, Yellow, Bandit and Buccaneer

This bright spot on the list lets your big kids and preteen boys flash their candy confiscating grin with this flashy yellow getup. They’re sure to love it for Halloween or any other swashbuckling performance.

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Building A Band of Bandits for a Great Ball

Whether it’s for Trick-or-Treating or a Private Pirate Party, the big boys will be comfortable in this Battlin’ Buccaneer Costume for Boys. 8-year-olds like it and its many pieces, and their moms like it too.

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Awesome Ruler of the Seven Seas

This costume delivers on an ethereal look for tween pirate queen. A gold applique screams royalty while your princess screams, “Trick or Treat!” Ranging from 3-9-years-old this could be the best pirate costume for the little girl in your life.

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Rule The Seas With Good Room To Grow

This girl’s pirate costume runs to an XL, a size up from the typical size 14 cutoffs. So with plenty of room to grow, the sailor of the high seas of your life and take on every adventure with style.

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Beautifully Unique Pink Jewel of the Seven Seas

Bouncing bundles of pink joy can never disappoint in this baby’s costume. The dress is free-flowing for your baby girl to bounce around in. She’s bound to love it.

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A Scurvy Pirate Outfit and Treasure Hunt

This a great item that comes with an abundance of accessories to complete the look. Let any 5-6-years-old boy’s imagination run wild with this getup that features a map, telescope, and treasure chest.

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For the Perfect Pint-Sized Parrot

Don’t the little one’s repeat everything they hear? This is an amazing costume that suits the little recorders of our lives. The sizes run from a 2T-4T and an X-Large. Polly didn’t want to be a Pirate.

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For a Cute, Tiny, Tot, Ready To Take Over

Let the little boy who commands lunchtime like a pirate ship be the captain he’s always been. This Caribbean Pirate Toddler Costume lets them dress the part while wielding their tiny powers to make their stuffed toys walk the plank.

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Meaningful Minions of the Deep Outfit Idea

Is it truly Halloween if you don’t have at least one Minion dressed up like a banana or a pirate? While the sizing runs from 3-years-old up to 10, there’s no doubt this pirate is more on the playful side.

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Making Awesome Waves In The High Seas

This Captain’s look can be worn by any 5-7-year old and let them embrace the leader inside. Commanding a ship full of sea dogs can’t be as hard as scouring the neighborhood for tricks and treats.

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A Perfect, Posh, and Proper Pirate

With a little more pizazz, this costume lets the older girls have some fun filling their bags of pirate booty full of candy. Tweens will take no prisoners in this Girl’s Posh Pirate Costume.

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Cute Baby Bandits and Buccaneers Unite

This absolutely adorably Red Pirate Costume for Babies will let them get a taste of their first Halloween out and about with the other Trick-or-Treaters. This one-piece suit makes it easy to slip on and off any 10 Month Old ready to celebrate.

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For the Best Cool Handed Captain of the Seas

Were there Hipster pirates? If so, this might be right in line with that outfit idea. This costume is sophisticated and hip to be worn by the coolest 8-12-year-olds around.

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Perfectly Pretty in Pink Pirate Princess Costume Idea

When a princess demands to be a pirate, this is probably what they have in mind. Perfectly pink in this pirate Halloween outfit for girls, she’s bound to rule her high court on the high seas with prestige.

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Daring to be Beautifully Unique

This costume stands out from the pack with its brown and red shabby chic blouse, skirt, belt, boots & bandana. Running from 5-9-years-old, there’s room for little girls to grow from this Halloween to the next making it a good pirate Halloween outfit for girls.

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Playful Pirates Scavenging for Great Treasure

A playful take on a zombie pirate will let the little boy in your life celebrate Halloween and many other occasions with this skin and bone costume. Splatter it with some fake blood to really help him get into character and make this a ghoulish night to remember.

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50 of the Best Halloween Pirate Costume Ideas for Kids

Take your pick! If you ever thought that picking out a pair of shoes for the kids was hard, imagine sorting through their idea of the perfect pirate costume. Hopefully, this list helps narrow down the choices. Happy hunting and Happy Halloween!

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