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12 Best Full-Coverage Drugstore Foundation Ideas to Fit Your Beauty Budget

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When you’re on a mission to find the best full coverage drugstore foundation, knowing what you want and finding it isn’t always the same thing. With myriad choices available, finding the scoop on cheap full coverage foundations can take leg work and plenty of time on your part digging through website after website, looking for reviews, as well as spending ages looking for a good foundation with full coverage and for products that work with your skin type and individual tone. What works best for one person may be all wrong for someone else. When you’re looking for budget-friendly, drugstore options, this guide is just the ticket to help lead you through the shelves of your corner store, where dozens of splashy displays all vie for your attention, urging you to dip into your wallet.

Full Coverage Foundations: 12 Drugstore Brands To Beautify Your Skin

Best Full Coverage Drugstore Foundation

Don’t waste your hard-earned dollars on products that won’t live up to their promises and/or won’t withstand the demands of your lifestyle! What good are cheap full coverage foundations if they can’t stay put for the entirety of your day? Are you worried about shine? Maybe you have sensitive skin and need a gentle foundation that won’t make your face angry? Are you prone to breakouts? Is your face on the thirsty side, demanding constant moisture from your foundation? Whatever your skin type, let our list of the 12 best full coverage drugstore foundations do some of the prep work for you! There is sure to be something here to satisfy the skin of every face!

1. Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

This full-coverage foundation is highly rated by users and is described as being like a “second skin,” with coverage lasting for up to 24 hours. It’s vegan and free from parabens while being certified by PETA as “cruelty-free.” This foundation comes in 23 shades, offering options for almost every skin tone. It’s a mattifying product, so it minimizes pesky shine but offers a pearl-like, satiny finish. The lightweight formula comes with a dropper applicator, unique among full coverage foundations, which helps control how much product you end up using, so the less you end up wasting. The pricing is great for a highly-rated quality product, averaging about $11 per bottle.

2. Milani Conceal & Correct 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer

Milani Conceal and Correct 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer

Just as the name implies, Milani offers a good foundation with full coverage that doubles as a concealer. This medium to full coverage foundation corrects many skin flaws, including dark under-eye circles. It is a water-based makeup and comes in a pump dispenser bottle, allowing cleaner and more controlled application. Milani Conceal & Correct 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer is sold in an astounding 45 shades, meaning you’re very likely to find your perfect match in this product line. This option has been well received by users and is often referred to as having a dewy finish, as well as being gentle on all skin types. It doesn’t clog pores or make acne problems worse and is very budget-friendly, averaging about $10 per bottle.

3. L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation

LOreal Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation

L’Oreal is a popular drugstore brand offering myriad choices for the makeup buyer. This version of Infallible, which costs around $13, is well-loved because of its 24-hour semi=matte wear and oil-free formula that sits lightly on the skin. This formula is resistant to heat and sweat, making it an ideal full coverage foundation when you’re stressed or live in a humid climate. This creamy liquid foundation never feels cakey and it offers a smooth finish to the wearer. The product is praised for making skin imperfections fade and for its ability to reduce afternoon shine. Overall, it is a highly rated product with a consistency people enjoy, not too thick nor too watery.

4. L’Oreal Infallible Total Coverage Foundation

LOreal Infallible Total Coverage Foundation

Another L’Oreal entry to the list, the Infallible Total Coverage product offers a bit thicker of a finish than the Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear. Total Coverage goes on with a natural feel while offering true full coverage meant to instantly make dark spots, scars, hyperpigmentation, and acne marks vanish. This is a heavy pigment foundation and it is available in 12 different shades, from light to dark, and offers up to a full day of wear. Many wearers say that their discoloration and blemishes were completely covered with just one application, while most claim this is one of very few full coverage drugstore brands to actually offer complete coverage. This version of Infallible foundation runs, on average, between $10-$12/bottle. Well worth it for the quality that you actually get!

5. Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation

Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation

This offering from Maybelline is a great option for beauty buyers on a budget! It retails for under $12 per bottle and has great user reviews. This 24-hour foundation is heavily pigmented to offer superior coverage in 55 shades, making it one of the products most likely to have your perfect shade. This foundation doesn’t clog pores and it’s ultra-lightweight on your skin. It stays in one place, resists heat, and stands up to sweat. It’s a perfect choice for combination skin, meaning it’s good for those who have an oily t-zone area with dryness elsewhere. This drugstore brand doesn’t accentuate pores and prevents caking and build-up, no matter how long you wear it. People with oily skin say this product didn’t cause any breakouts and they liked how smooth it stayed throughout the day.

6. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation- Matte

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation- Matte

This drugstore discount full coverage foundation offers a lot for the money, under $8 per bottle! While it may not be as long-lasting as some more expensive brands on this list, it has many of the same features that make the others appealing. This Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation actually was put to the test by the company, which included using the product under different conditions and with camera lighting to see how it would look in pictures. It was designed not to “wash out” when a flash is used in photos, as well as created to give a soft, light-diffusing effect to give your skin a perfect finish. The coverage is buildable and can be expected to beautifully last for the entirety of an 8-10 hour day. It works well for all skin types.

7. L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear 24 Hour Foundation

LOreal Infallible Fresh Wear 24 Hour Foundation

Another L’Oreal entry, the Fresh Wear 24 Hour version of the Infallible line is another winner, offering a full day of flawless coverage. With more than 30 shades to choose from and a price averaging $15/bottle, there is plenty of variety for you to love. This lightweight makeup lets your skin breathe and feels smooth throughout its wear time. It’s a moisturizing formula especially suited to dry skin types, with three oil absorbers, and offers resistance to sweat, transference, as well as water-resistance. The liquid is quite thin and spreadable, easing application. It doesn’t clog pores and is made with a built-in SPF (sun protection factor) to help prevent sun damage and premature aging. It’s highly rated by users and stays fresh even under intense conditions.

8. CoverGirl TruBlend Matte Made Liquid Foundation

CoverGirl TruBlend Matte Made Liquid Foundation

On any list of the best full coverage drugstore foundation, you’re sure to find a CoverGirl product listed. This trusted brand has been found in makeup bags for decades and shows no sign of packing it in. TruBlend Matte Made Liquid offers a non-drying formula intended to last up to 12 hours. It won’t get you through a hectic double shift, yet it’s a perfect product to prettify for a night out! It’s also cruelty-free, which is vital for some buyers. It is made to absorb oil and tighten up the pores to produce a smooth, unblemished foundation, your face’s canvas. Available for less than $12/bottle, it’s certainly worth a try and it comes in 40 shades for a flawless match.

9. L.A. Girl Pro-Matte Foundation

L.A. Girl Pro-Matte Foundation

At $10 per bottle, L.A. Girl offers a great addition to the best full coverage drugstore foundation list! It comes in 24 shades and they even offer pigments that you can mix into your foundation should your own unique tone fall in-between two shades of product! That’s a very appealing feature for any product but especially for a budget brand. The foundation is smooth, shine-free, and creamy, making it buildable to reach the coverage you desire. It feels soft as suede and will not dry out your skin, even when your wear time exceeds 10 hours. It helps control oil production, making it suitable for combination or oily skin types, and dries to a soft, powdery finish.

10. NYX Professional Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation

NYX Professional Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation

This waterproof, liquid is a good foundation with full coverage and is available in 45 shades to match your tone perfectly. It was designed specially to last for up to one full day of wear, no matter the environment you’re in. This high pigment foundation is made for full coverage and long-lasting wear and its matte coverage actually feels good on your face! The foundation is suited to most skin types, including sensitive, oily, and combination types. The oil-controlling properties keep working up to a full 24-hour period and the color stays true and smooth until your day is done.

11. L’Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Foundation

LOreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Foundation

This L’Oreal entry comes in 15 shades, so there isn’t as much variety as with other contenders in the list of best full coverage drugstore foundation options. That being said, at a price point under $14 on average, there are plenty of positives for this one! Their Liquid Light Technology gives an instant glow to your face, while it’s made of 40% water for hydration. The anti-oxidants contained in this foundation have anti-aging effects and give the skin a luminous, healthy appearance, with the vitamins C & E improving the skin texture while worn. It’s not as full coverage as others on the list, leaning more light to medium, but it does wear nice and is comfortable on the skin.

12. Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid Medium Coverage Foundation

Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid Medium Coverage Foundation

Maybe she’s born with it? Nah, it’s probably Maybelline’s Dream Radiant foundation. The title says it’s a liquid with medium coverage, yet it’s a hydrating foundation that keeps the face soft and youthful with the hyaluronic acid and collagen within this formula. At around $10, it’s an economical entry on our best full coverage drugstore foundation list, though it claims to be a medium coverage right in the title. It’s included, however, because of the great benefits it offers, as well as the ability to build up your coverage if you need just a little more than what’s on offer. It’s natural-looking and is available in 20 shades, making it one of the best cheap full coverage foundations!

Drugstore Beauty Buys: 12 Best Foundations for All Skin Types

These are some of the best options for beauty on a budget, with something for every skin tone and complexion type. There is no reason to spend a ridiculous amount of cash on a high-quality, full coverage foundation when we have so many amazing choices right here! Go and experiment, find your perfect product, in your precise shade, and take on the world!

FAQ About Full Coverage Drugstore Foundation

Is it best to apply foundation with a brush or sponge?

Both of these tools have their pros and cons, so you'll want to consider your personal needs before deciding which to use. Brushes are great for heavier products and a more natural look, while sponges are great for lighter formulas and those that don't want the product sitting on top of their skin. Remember, though, brushes can cause streaks in your makeup, and sponges tend to collect an excessive amount of product.

Do you apply concealer before or after foundation?

While some people apply the concealer before the foundation, most people will apply it afterward. The main reason for this is to stop your makeup from having a caked-on look and reduce the chances of visible creasing. Applying concealer after the foundation will give your skin a smooth and natural finish.

Should you put a foundation under your eyes?

You should avoid putting a foundation under your eyes for a few reasons. Not only is the skin in that area different than the rest of your face, but most foundations haven't been tested by professional eye doctors. Add those to the fact that this type of product doesn't do much for that area and you can see why it can be skipped!

Do you need to put powder over a liquid foundation?

It's not required to use powder with a liquid foundation and many people have amazing makeup without it. If you're someone with skin that can be easily dried out, then you should avoid powders and use a setting spray to keep the makeup in place.

What is the best way to apply foundation for full coverage?

If you're looking for full coverage, then there are a few things you'll want to do. Before starting to apply your makeup, make sure you thoroughly clean and moisturize your face. Next, you'll want to choose your tool and start applying the makeup. You'll want to work with one layer at a time and make sure everything is even. You can finish the look by using your favorite setting spray.

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